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Best MySQL Online Courses

A relational database management system (RDBMS) working on the principles of Structured Query Language is termed MySQL. It has a vivid range of applications in various sectors. Data warehousing, e-commerce, and logging are some examples if to name a few. The use of MySQL for the application of a web database is the most significant purpose of MySQL. SQL is actually an inquiry language that is the basis for MySQL. It aids in the storing of data, modification, and its management all in a tabular arrangement. It is software mainly employed in the database management system. The system was developed by Oracle based on SQL. The managing of the software is relatively simpler through Cloud. It is licensed under GNU and is a free and open-sourced one. The software is feasible to run on any platform as Linux, UNIX, and Windows.  It has remarkable advantages too; like being faster in processing performance, no need for superior coding abilities to use it, the language is consistent and interactive, and it is convenient.  Because of its open-source nature and ease of use, most of the popular and thriving companies like Netflix and Twitter depend on MySQL for strengthening their business activities.

The derivation of the name of the software seems rather amazing. It is the joining of the name of the co-founder’s daughter (My) and the short form of Structured Query Language (SQL).

The average salary of a professional after completing a course related to MySQL database development can earn up to $140,000 per annum in the U.S. The medium earners can gain in the range from $92,500 to $124,500 every year.

Courses to learn the basics and fundamentals of MySQL are offered via the online platform; have a look;

1. Learn SQL Basics for Data Science Specialization by University of California on Coursera

The course aims at helping the learners to understand the developing methods of SQL for data science applications. It is intended especially for those who are not fluent in coding basics. Topics of data wrangling, SQL fundamentals, AB testing, dispersed computing using Apache Spark, and Delta Lake, and certain others to improve the creativity of the SQL analysis. The learner also becomes proficient in writing queries, generating data analysis data sets, and machine learning toolsets, and the use of SQL for unstructured data. The skills of analyzing data, data science details, predictive analysis, generation of metrics, and data exploring are all provided with excellent precision by the instructor Sadie St. Lawrence who is the AI Strategy Consultant for Accenture Applied Intelligence at the University of California.

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2. The Complete MySQL Developer Course by Udemy

The program delivered through Udemy has been used for the understanding of MySQL and PHP to work with databases used for web applications.  The medium of language is English, so it is suitable for learners in the United States.  It ensures the learning being acquired in 4 weeks. It is found to be suitable for those who are generally interested in MySQL and Database expertise, for those who would like to pursue a career as a developer of MySQL, or for those who are preparing to shift the career to the Technology sector. The course is very much suitable for building a strong foundation in the development of databases by using MySQL, developing applications using PHP, HTML, and CSS, and a complete quality-assuring team for constant support. The development of basic development skills surely goes on par with the fundamentals of MySQL.  The understanding of database development is one of the most essential skills to be acquired for working with MySQL. All this ensures surety in the work and building of applications where MySQL is the base.

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3. Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) by the University of Michigan via Coursera

The course is developed by the University of Michigan and administered through Coursera and instructed by Charles Severance.

The topics included in the study are; PHP and SQL installation, basics of SQL language, designing tools of the database, modeling of many-to-many relationships, and JOIN operation. The various uncertainties of single tables, the basic syntax language of the SQL language, and dealing with foreign keys are the best part of the program.

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4. MySQL Learning Subscription by Oracle University

The course ensures a complete guide about all the information that the learner needs to know about the installation process of MySQL. The database MySQL has become the acclaimed open-source database. It has the default storage engine InnoDB and makes the software the highly incorporated, transaction-safe, ACID-compliant database.

The professionals who are dealing with MySQL require to understand the layout of the installed server, client and server executables, running and evaluating queries, database design and structure, and the ways of protecting MySQL. The modules provide a detailed understanding of the management, growth, safety, and high accessibility.    The course follows an online pattern and has experts to guide the learners through the accurate path.   

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5. MySQL Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning

The course is an intermediate one and is delivered via LinkedIn. It is one of the well-known database management systems from undersized to standard-sized projects. The instructor Bill Weinman is much precise with the topics dealt with and guides through generating and sustaining a MySQL database created by the learner alone. The basic syntax, the language statements for insertion, updating, and deletion of data from tables, and the development of the new database from the initial states, and working experience with operators, and mathematical functions. The most highlighted portion of the course is to make the learners make out the dissimilarity between standard SQL and SQL as executed by MySQL.

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6. MySQL Query Optimization and Performance Tuning by Pluralsight

The course is instructed by Pinal Dave who is a Pluralsight Developer and centers on the Query Optimization and performance alteration of MySQL. Application is expressed the most attractive way through the performance. The server performance-enhancing and the maximum presentation is what every website owner’s requirement. The program is intended to measure the progress of the basic techniques of optimization and the practical requirements for the tuning of this performance.

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7. MySQL Online Training by KITS Online Training

KITS online training institute is involved in providing the perfect online training for MySQL. The teachers are extremely talented and experts in the sector. They are even certified to train aspirants in the topic. The site has a wide outreach and has been used by a lot of aspirants, showing excellent results. It has become really famous; as it has been of help and support to a vivid range of miniature and intermediate-sized organizations as their service has been dependable, quick, and reasonable. They are well known for the development of web-based software applications and it uses the convenient MySQL Open Source Relational SQL database management system.

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8. MySQL Database Development Mastery by Tutorials Point

The course is itself termed as the conversion from zero to a hero. The basics of the development techniques for database development using MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench are intended through the program. There are basically no requirements needed prior to enrolling in the course. The basic concepts of Databases and Queries are the highlights of the course.

As it is very evident that the popularity of MySQL is at the upper limit when compared to others of the group, knowledge to handle it is sure to increase the market value of the learner. It has been proven to perform in an easier format and established as the most consistent one. The high profile web page holders like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube are depending on MySQL for their web applications because of all this positivity.  The fine performances for database development utilizing MySQL server are also investigated during the course. The course is delivered online and makes it easier for the learner to take up the program. The completion of the course enables the learner to be proficient in writing queries for multiple circumstances and information.

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9. Introduction to SQL by DataCamp

Mastering fundamental skills of querying tables in relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL is the key highlight of the course. A data scientist has to have the ability to convert underdone data into practical understanding.  The raw data is analyzed from the whole of the globe can be seen managed into a compilation of tables called relational databases. The enriching, cleaning, and extraction of data from the databases are done using languages such as the SQL language. Syntax in SQL by different databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle are also considered in the course. The completion of the course would surely make the learner be all-time ready to handle data processing from the very next day onwards.

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10. Learn Online MySQL & Database Design Tutorials for Beginners by Coursesity

The most important factors involved in the designing of the database for those who are so much interested in learning the basics of MySQL. The program is intended at educating in the database design with proper gradation. All the essentialities of the designing technique along with the instructions and actions to make the learning more appropriate along with the SQL basics, data storage methods, intro on storage engines, MySQL installation, database design, structural mapping, keys, and junction table usage.

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