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Best Minors for Law Schools

Minors may be called a “mini-major” because they are normally a little more than half of the number of units required for a major. Minors are a perfect way to incorporate another field of focus to a degree in a defined area of study and they consist of the most fundamental skills of a major. Although some minors are provided to encourage you to obtain insight into the subject-matter of law, adding a law-related minor won’t place you at an advantage over another candidate who is seeking a non-legal minor. The underlying rule of choosing a minor is the same as choosing a major; pick anything that you enjoy and do well with it.

Many students studying for Law School may feel that their path is a long and treacherous one to become a lawyer. There are lots of ways to get your dream career as a lawyer, it’s all about choosing the best path for you. Your emphasis should be on what concerns you and what field of law you hope to work in while deciding on which minor you expect to learn at college. In all areas, now is the time for you to brush up on your talents and show your intellect.

The distinguishing characteristic of any Law School application would be your final grades, so picking a minor that will show your intellect would give you a better chance at getting into any Law School. In this regard, we have made the following list of the best minors to take for law school. Hope this list helps you find the minor that is best suited to your likes. Good luck!

STEM Minors

Some of the highest acceptance rates to Law School come from undergraduate degrees based on Mathematics and Physics. This is due to the basic idea that it is significantly more difficult to take a STEM-based minor, or major, than most classes. This serves to reinforce the perception that you are academically qualified and talented as a student, which is, of course, what every law school is looking for in their applicants. As these applicants are much rarer, at the most reputable law schools, they are almost guaranteed a space. The foundation of this point comes from proving your own interests and how they would help you in your line of work, such as an outstanding chemist, a student minoring in chemistry, so they could be a genius lawyer for a drug manufacturer.

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Political Science Minor

For students hoping to further their academic expertise through Law School, the advantages of minoring in political science are very rewarding. This topic trains students in a professional capacity, massively improve their confidence in public speaking and reading and writing skills. By focusing on political science as a minor, you demonstrate your interest in government systems, increase your understanding of the Constitution and understand the development of court systems and procedures, all of which highlight a huge advantage for your admission to the Law School.

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Psychology Minor

At the undergraduate level, taking a psychology minor can be just the edge that rewards you with acceptance into many law schools. Since psychology is the study of human behaviour, you can provide informative knowledge about law, human behaviour, and laws concerning humans by selecting this subject as a minor. By getting an in-depth knowledge of society, their attitudes, and their activities, the law forms society. These subjects really go hand in hand to provide a complete understanding of the legal system to those going through it.

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Criminal Justice Minor

A minor in Criminal Justice will give you some useful insight into legal knowledge and jurisdictions, plus it helps in understanding the viewpoints of both offenders and victims to grasp the notion of justice. For someone trying to get to Law School, getting a degree in criminal justice is a big move forward. This minor will also help you mould precisely which area of law you want to concentrate on by being subjected to the opinions and trials of both suspects and offenders, you can find it easier to concentrate on a particular aspect of the law. When you apply for Law School, this may be very helpful since you will have a definite path with hopeful opportunities for potential jobs.

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English Minor

As in every minor or major, the most important rule to pursue is to work on what you love or like, so you can actually do it, as it is not as testing or challenging. It will help you train for the LSAT and the overall rigour of Law School by relying on an English-based minor. By engaging with literature, minoring in an English-based subject helps you to concentrate on developing your writing and analytical skills. There are transferable qualities that can be used while you are operating on something that involves reasoning and logic. Students with a strong understanding of English are statistically better at making coherent claims and transmitting their main points, which is a big advantage for those contemplating Law School after college.

Pre-Law Minor

Choosing Pre-Law as a minor reveals that you have already been committed to being a lawyer for years. Compared to those applicants who have concentrated on another subject, this is a benefit. After all, they apply for Law School because they are unsure about what to do next. Another bonus of choosing Pre-Law in college would be that, since you have already had this experience, the shock of Law School and the structure of lessons and tutorials would be minimized. In selecting Pre-Law as a field of study, there are certainly good aspects, but this does not guarantee your entrance to Law School or place you above someone else who has not studied Pre-Law.

Business Law Minor

The business law minor can offer a basic legal understanding of substantive business law subjects and existing legal issues to students. In personal and corporate settings, the minor offers skill sets to define and handle problems including litigation, contract law, employment and human resources, real and personal property law. Students are introduced to subjects such as commercial transactions, constitutional law, internet, and online commerce; intellectual property and entertainment law; bankruptcy and securities law; business and non-profit law; and international law. It also trains students in management, technology, and politics for job opportunities. The minor’s preparation for further legal studies is outstanding.

Human Rights Minor

It has been a matter of international importance to protect human rights. Flagrant crimes occur on a regular basis across the world, prompting extensive media reports of breaches. Human Rights Minor gives an in-depth knowledge of different human rights to students. The theoretical basis of human rights, past and contemporary developments, case studies, and policies will be addressed by this interdisciplinary minor. In addition, with an internship or teaching human rights in the environment, in many educational institutions offering this minor, students will also be expected to take their learning outside the classroom and may be invited to join similar student organizations working towards human rights.

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Law and Society Minor

This interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on the effects of laws on society and the aspects in which the legal system is affected by social factors. The theory is that if we go beyond “law on the books” to “law in action” we will understand the statute. The analysis of key legal institutions such as the legal profession, the judiciary, juries, police, legislatures, and administrative agencies is therefore significant. Moreover, the minor exposes students to judicial policies such as plea bargaining, the death penalty, and the fundamental values that underlie these policies’ legislative disputes, such as equal rights, due process, and privacy.

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