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Best Memory Training Courses

We all live with a thousands of memory everyday, and there is one place where all of that gets stored, it is our mind. A human mind is complex and yet it is one of the most important organ that controls our thoughts and activities. Strangely, our mind is also the “storehouse of our memories”, which is why we never forget anything, our memories keep on flashing back at uncertain times. Like your skills, memory also needs honing, whether it is remembering a day or an even from the past, or memorizing answers for your examination, memories are inseparable from our lives.

But memory is just not a mere thing, it is rather a vast, complex topic that has Science and Psychology running parallel with it. There are people who want to dive in deeper into the world of memories, and improve their learning and memorizing skills, if you are one of them and are seeking for the right resources that can help you with understanding, here are the best online courses on Memory that are designed to meet all your requirements.

1. Become a SuperLearner® 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory by Udemy

A memory-enhancing course by Udemy that will boost your learning and remembering skills, and will introduce you to the strategies of world’s fastest learners, and how they do it. This course has been recently upgraded by the expert instructor which means it now contains up-to-date information. This course is known to have brought satisfaction and positive change in the lives of more than 50,000 students and has helped them become a SuperLearner.

This course will introduce students with many learning hacks,memory skills, quick and effective ways of “speed-reading”, and important techniques that will make them learn anything faster. Whether you are a student or a professional, you can learn a lot ofadvanced memorizing techniquesin this course that will remain a part of your lives forever. If you are worried about your slow pace of learning and easily forgetting habits these days, this course is your ultimate guide.

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2. Learning How to Learn by Coursera

A course presented by DeepTeachingSolutions in Coursera that will let you explore the most invaluable techniques of learning. These memory and learning techniques can be applied in any discipline, and can help you with memorizing even the toughest subjects.

If you struggle to learn and memorize, and are looking for a course that will introduce you with intuitive tips and techniques that will make learning a lot easier for you, then the instructor of this course will provide you with just what you need. This course will mainly focus on learning and mindshift to give you the best experience of improving your skills.

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3. The Secret Techniques to Become a Memory Champion by Skillshare

Now the secret of becoming a “memory champion” is unveiled in this course by Skillshare, which is going to provide you with a brief introduction to memory, Neuron, Neuroplasticity tocontrolling and improving your memory.

This course comprises of 23 Video lessons and its total duration is 1 hour and 23 mins. The speciality of this course is it will begin with diving in deeper into the science of memory and explore areas of mind, and then proceed to techniques and strategies that will make you forget less and eventually have a better memory. You can get started with this course for free and learn a lot from this informative course.

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4. The Ethics of Memory by EdX

Next on our list comes a free course on edX provided by BrownUniversitythat will focus on the Ethics of Memory, and let you explore all the dimensions of it. From understanding memory from the core to exploring its various types, there is a lot of interesting facts to learn in this course, and by the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of memory and its impact on our everyday lives.

Some of the major areas that this course will focus on includes personal memory, collective memory, conflicts of memory and the memorial culture. This course will prove to be very intriguing for students who are Psychology and Literature enthusiasts or anyone who wants to dive deeper into the world of memories and know what happens inside our minds.You will come across SigmundFreud’stheories, examine poetries fromWWI and the HarlemRenaissance, and reflect on many other monuments of memories. This course is truly an unique one!

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5. Understanding Memory: Explaining the Psychology of Memory through Movies by Coursera

Wesleyan University’s UnderstandingMemorycourse is going to be an absolute fun learning experience since it will present major concepts and ideas tostudents through movies. This course is basically for those students who are curious about the science/psychology behind memories, and want to dive in deeper to understand it comprehensively.

The instructor will be using clips from numerous movies to depict the different aspects of memories. Since every student is not into video lectures and study materials, this course is specially designed this way to take away that boredom and help students learn important things with the help of movies. This is undoubtedly the most unique course on memory, and a wonderful way of learning about our minds and how we can focus on learning and memorizing.

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6. Your Guide To Memory and Learning Skills by Udemy

This course on our list by Udemy is the ultimate guide to enhance your memory and learning skills. A course ideal for students who are looking for opportunities to develop learning and memorizing skills, this course will help them overcome their difficulties and bring improvement.

The course will cover everything from understanding the science behind memory to understanding its different types, different laws and guidelines, applying strategies and so much more. This course is specially for those who want to improve on memory and learning skills, Parents who want to help their children, and anyone who wants to understand how memory works.

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7. Courses from Brain Academy

If you want to dive in deep into the human mind, and in a way discover yourselves, then courses by Brain Academy is all you need to take your memory and understanding into a whole new different level.

The aim of the courses are to serve your curiosity, provide answers to all your queries, and give you a better understanding of memory and human brain. Students of Psychology, or Parents who want to understand human brain and memory in a better way to guide their children, Teachers, Managers, anyone interested in exploring the human brain are welcome to this course and access its 300 video lessons, insightful blogs and articles, and many more interesting things. With Brain Academy you can improve your mind, memory and in a way your life.

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8. Improving Your Memory Course by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning’s Improving Your Memory course is another great option to gain some memorization skills. If you are facing problems remembering things, recalling events, or simply forgetting the lessons you learn, this course has been designed for learners of all ages to improve their memory.

In this course you will be learning to adaptmany tricks including mnemonic devices, rhymes, stories, and alliteration. With the best methods and techniques you learn throughout the course, your memorizing and learning skills will reach next level. This course will mainly be focusing on areas such as Introduction to memory, Memory Principles, Memory Techniques, using Numeric Peg System and Situational Methods.

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9. Memory Essentials: Level 1 – Develop A Perfect Memory (A System To Recall Absolutely Anything) by Skillshare

Learn the “Memory Essentials” and develop “A Perfect Memory System” recall everything in your lives with the help of this course offered by Skillshare. This course is for learners of all levels, and features Hands-on Class Projects to provide you with the best learning experience.

If you are a student who wants to perform better in examinations, or an adult who want to have a better grip on their memory, this course is for you all. In this course you will come across some interesting things, and some common everyday things will be used to improve your memory such as, how you can remember names and faces, numbers and dates, names of U.S capitals and much more. This course undoubtedly offers the easiest way of improving your memory.

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10. Superbrain Course by Mind Valley

The Superbrain course by Mind Valley provides the best way to unleash your brain from all limitations and enhance your memory skills in just 30 days. Jim Kwik the instructor, takes students on an amazing quest of learning that will cultivate limitless potential, and help them have a focused mind and bulletproof memory. Professionals, Students, Parents, Entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for a course that can make a difference in their life is welcome to this course. Kwik is a top-class instructor, and also trains Hollywood Celebrities and many popular personalities, he is a wizard of mind and memory hence, what can be better than learning from an expert like him?

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