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Best Professional Courses in Commerce

If you are a commerce student and have completed high school, then congratulations! You are about to walk into a plethora of opportunities to build a successful career. Commerce students have a wide range of career options, but they will also develop a sense of financial security as they will be good at handling their own money. The main factor of commerce is the diversity that it offers. You have to passionate about numbers and calculations if you want to get into this stream. Without clear direction and an aim, you will stumble contrary to popular belief; commerce is not an easy subject. Your entire career will revolve around calculations and numbers, and if you are someone who does not like math, this probably is not the career option for you. You will have to be familiar with subjects like Finance, accountancy, business studies etc. If you are looking forward to a career surrounded by numbers, then there are a lot of course options for you to choose from. We have compiled a list of the most popular and sought-after courses in the commerce stream. So go ahead and pick your choice. 

1. Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com is regarded as the fundamental course for commerce students. It’s the basic course that allows you to cement a solid base before pursuing other degrees. You can even choose to work after your If you complete from reputed universities, they will offer you jobs while also allowing you to study. After B.Com, students can opt for a course like M.B.A and vocational courses or go for masters, which is The 2-year master’s program helps students to be proficient in their selected stream of study. Even if you do not want to pursue masters, B.Com students have a wide variety of job opportunities in the government and private sectors. Just make sure you get your degree from a highly reputed university. 

2. Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant is one of the most popular and most highly paying career options for commerce students. Successful chartered accountants have their life settled for them as they won’t have to worry about financial difficulties much. But it is also one of the toughest jobs to get placed into. You have to clear a series of exams to start practising as a certified chartered accountant. These exams usually take students a number of attempts to finally clear. But with the rapid growth in the economy, opportunities in the finance sector has been skyrocketing. To Become a Chartered accountant, you have to go through has 4 stages. The common proficiency test, the integrated professional competence course, the 3 years articles and then the final CA exam. After completing all of this, you will find a plethora of really amazing career options in front of you in the private sector as well as the government sector. 

3. Company Secretary

Every Company needs a qualified and highly efficient company secretary to look after its proceedings. The commerce stream is full of high-profile jobs, and a company secretary is one of them. It is one of the most sought after and respected career options. But it is also one of the hardest. As a company secretary, you will be assigned a lot of responsibilities which you will have to carry out efficiently. The CS course is conducted by the Institute of company secretaries of India. Apart from studying the fundamentals of being a CS, you will also have to master skills like time management and leadership. The CS course is divided into 3 levels. The foundation course, the intermediate course and the final professional course. After completion of the final course and then another 15 months of training, you will officially be a member of the ICSI and will be able to work as a CS. 

4. Cost Management Accountant

A cost management accountant helps to maximize the profits of a company by managing its revenues and keeping track of its expenses. It is one of the most important positions in a company as the whole future of the company rests on the shoulders of the calculations of the cost management accountant. CMA’s can make or break a company and are responsible for always maintaining the company at a profit while regulating cash outflow. Due to this, companies always look for the best candidates for the position. To be a top-class CMA, you will have to develop proper leadership skills and time management skills. The Institute of Cost Accountants India is one of the best institutions which offers this course. The cost accountant course is divided into 3 segments. The first stage being the CMA foundation training, and then comes the CMA intermediate stage and finally the CMA Final. After successful completion of all three stages, you will be able to work as a professional CMA. CMA students will have a lot of opportunities in the government as well as the private sector. 

5. Bachelor of Business Administration

Almost everyone who has a commerce background must be familiar with this course. That’s because it is one of the most popular bachelor degree programs available. The career options for students who complete their MBA are many because of the sheer versatility of this course. After BBA, students can opt to do an MBA, which is one of the most popular degrees out there. Even students from other fields like engineering and science pursue an MBA after their degree. Completing a BBA before taking an MBA will ensure that you have a solid foundation in the course, and you will be miles away from all the other competitors. Students having a BBA degree are eligible to start in high paying positions in companies. If you pursue an MBA after your BBA from a reputed university, your job spectrum widens even more. You will be able to work in top positions in many reputed companies. Just be careful that you do your MBA in a good university as many below-average universities also offer MBA degrees which will not do you much good. 

6. Bachelor of Hotel Management

Hotel Management is one of the most popular courses available now. It has been rising to the list of the most sought after courses for a while now. Earlier students used to avoid this course, but now they are aware of the wide range of career options of this course. This is a 4-year degree course, and after completion, you will have the opportunity to work in hotels and restaurants abroad and India. You will also be able to start your hotel abiding by the different protocols. You can also serve in a lot of government sectors after completion of this course. Hotel Management is one course that provides a lot of scopes abroad. Restaurants and fine dining are part of their culture in many countries. Hence highly qualified students are always in demand In countries like France and England. So, if you are looking to settle down abroad, this course is one of the best options for you.

7. Certified Finance Planner

Finance planning is one of the best courses for commerce students. The course is perfect for students who have an affiliation with finance and money related subjects. The course makes you an expert in managing finances and other topics like taxes, insurance and estate planning. It is a very important post in many companies as, without proper Financial planning, any company can be brought to ruin. Many students opt for this course after their studies because of the plethora of opportunities it provides. 

8. Journalism and Mass Communication

This is a course different from the commerce stream obviously but Is an ever-popular course among students. If you think pure commerce jobs are not your cup of tea, then this is one course you can shift your focus to. The media and entertainment industry have always been booming. With the advent of the Pandemic, OTT platforms have taken over the people’s screens, and the industry has been utilising this opportunity. Also, journalism can be one of the most exciting and satisfying jobs that you can do. If you do not like doing a desk job and always want to be on the move, then journalism is the perfect option for you. For students who want to deviate from the commerce stream, this degree is the perfect option. 

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