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Best LSAT Review Courses

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test, which is an entrance test very popular among students of High School who want to pursue their higherstudies in Law, and choose is as their specialization. In order to get an admission in Law Schools, students must to go through a standardized entrance examination administered by The Law School Admission Council, the entrance examination is very competitive in nature and requires rigorous preparation to succeed.

The entrance examination is divided into 4 parts, such as Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension question, Logic Game, and Writing Sample, that helps colleges to determine which candidate will be the best fit for pursuing Law as their higher studies. This entrance examination eventually makes the selection process easier.

If you are a student who want to begin with your preparation for LSAT, and are seeking for the best courses in the market, then here are the best LSAT Review courses that will be your best guides and lead you towards success.

1. Princeton Review LSAT Prep Course by the Princetown Review

Princeton Review comes first on our list for its uncompromising student support in over the past years, Princeton Review has helped uncountable number of students prepare for competitive exams and achieve success.

There are a number of courses available on the official website of Princeton Review that are designed according to students’ requirements, and with a purpose to bring satisfaction and success to all. You can choose among the Self-Paced course,Fundamentals course, LSAT165+ course and lastly Private Tutoring. These courses are led by the best instructors in the industry, and will provide up-to-date contents, practice questions and help you score 165+.

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2. Kaplan LSAT Review Course by Kaplan

Kaplan is another trusted name when it comes to LSAT prep. For over a decade, Kaplan has guided students to achieve their desired scores on the examinations and made prepping easy for them. The expert LSAT prep instructors aim to provide the best experience of learning for students along with an uncompromising support to solve all their queries and problems.

There are a number of LSAT Prep Course options available for students such as the Live Online Course, On Demand Course, Tutoring+ Live Online Course and Bootcamp course. These courses are specially designed keeping in mind of the types of learning options and the durations students may prefer, every student will find a course of their types in Kaplan. There is always a money-back guarantee, but there is no way you wouldn’t get satisfied with the prep courses by Kaplan.

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3. LSAT Prep by Magoosh

The LSAT Prep Course by Magoosh is all you need to improve your score by at least 5 points. This prep course can be easily accessed from anywhere on any device including PC, Mac, , and iOS. You can learn at your own pace and get e-mail assistance wherever you get stuck.

The LSAT Prep Course comes with in-depth video lessons, up-to-date learning materials and prep tests. With Magoosh, your prep for LSAT is going to become a lot easier and assure good results. This course has helped thousands of students get into the best Law of America such as HarvardUniversity Law School, Yale Law School, Stanford Law School and many more!

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4. LSAT Review Course by Alpha Score

Alpha Score offers a LSAT Prep Course to students that covers all the sections of the main LSAT examination, and prepares them for the best. These courses are fun to watch and learn, and features Video Lessons, Practice Games and Advanced Ordering Games. Alpha Score without any doubt, will provide the best learning experience to students and indulge them in fun games that will accelerate their learning and make it easier to understand even the complex portions.

This course will be covering all the important sections such as Logical Reasoning, Logical Games, and Reading Comprehension to help students develop strength in each of these sections. You can begin with a free trial and then proceed towards the original course, and become a top scorer in LSAT.

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5. LSAT Prep Review by Blueprint

The LSAT Prep Review Course by Blueprint is another great option for students to prepare for their entrances, for it offers carefully crafted learning materials and the best funny and engaging video lessons. Blueprint gurantees student satisfaction and most of its learners have scored 170 or higher in the main examination.

Since cracking LSAT is not easy and scoring high very much depends on the way and type of your prep, Blueprint adapts the best teaching methods to make a big difference in the students’ scores. Learn from LSAT experts, manage your own schedules, and get access to online interactive video lessons from anywhere, anytime.

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6. LSATMax Prep Course

What can be better than a LSAT Prep course for free? Yes! LSATMAX provides students the opportunity to learn and prepare for their LSAT without having to worry about any cost. The prep courses by LSATMAX are comprehensive and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. These courses are designed in a way to help students score high, and once you register yourselves with LSATMAX, you get access to all its 90 Prep Tests, 400+ hours of Video Lessons, Textbooks,personalized support from experts and much more. LSATMax is your ultimate destination if you want to prepare in the best way without having to spend a penny.

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7. Official LSAT Prep by Khan Academy

A renowned name among students, Khan Academy’s LSAT Prep Course is absolutely free of cost and effective. Khan Academy is one of the best learning online resource for it aims to provide free lessons to every student around the world. With this amazing mind-set, and a hardworking team behind, Khan Academy brings you the best free prep course to reach your LSAT goal score.

The LSAT Prep Course is designed with care for students to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses. The course instructors will help students deal with their problems and develop skills with the help of interactive lessons, problem sets, timed practice tests, strategies, tips, videos and more. With focused skill practices and full-length practice tests, Khan Academy assures your success along with a high score.

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8. LSAT Review Course by Power Score

Everything you need to prepare for LSAT lies within the courses offered by Power Score. The most comprehensive prep courses of Power Score are available under many options, and are designed with practice tests, personalized online resources and the best students support.

You can choose your prep course among InPerson, LiveOnline, On Demand, LSAT Private Tutoring and Advanced courses, and prepare accordingly to your preference and schedules.

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9. LSAT Prep Courses by Manhattan Review

An internationally recognised institution, Manhattan Review is one of the best option to prepare for your LSAT. The LSAT Prep Home course is available in both online and offline mode, and has helped thousands of students achieve their dream course. The students who have been tutored by Manhattan Review have secured their admissions in some of the top colleges of the United States including Yale University, Harvard University, University of California-Berkeley and many other popular ones.

The course is designed in such a way that it helps students develop strength in all the sections of the main examination, and also develop some skills to score better than most of the students. Get access to the best study materials, prep books and video lessons, and prepare at the comfort of your home with the guidance of Certified instructors.

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10. 7 Sage LSAT Prep

The last one on our list is the LSAT Prep Course by 7 Sage that has been chosen by plethora of students for its most advance prep courses. 7 Sage’s LSAT prep course has been highly rated by its students and have provided full satisfaction to them. It has also been noticed that students who chose 7 Sage as their ultimate guide have shown an average 11 point improvement from first to best scores.

The LSAT course is packed with powerful methods of learning and overcoming tough questions, easy-to-learnHD video explanations, and all the required materials to offer students the best learning experience. Students of 7 Sage have not only shown improvement but also success. The LSAT course is developed by two Harvard Law School grads, and the video lessons are designed in a way that students can control its speed. The LSAT course by 7 Sage is much affordable as compared to any other courses in the market, you can create a free account and begin with the prep anytime.

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These 10 courses on our article are all you need to begin with your LSAT Prep and score high. Our list is comprised of courses that will fit every student’s requirement and will help them not only crack the main examination but also score high and get into the best Law Schools of the country. We have also provided with free courses to help students who are hesitating to spend a lot on prep courses in the fear of being unsatisfied. Choose the best course for you and pass your LSAT easily.

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