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Best LSAT Prep Books

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test, an entrance test that is very popular among high school students and Colleges who want to study Law as their specialization. In order to get admission to law schools, students have to go through a standardized entrance examination administered by The Law School Admission Council, which is very competitive. 

The entrance examination is divided into four parts Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension question, Logic Game, and Writing Sample, which helps colleges determine which candidate will be the best fit for pursuing Law and makes the selection process easier. If you, too, are willing to appear for LSAT in the coming years and are willing to begin your preparation, then here are the list of top-10 books that can be your ideal guide:

1. The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide for the Self-Driven Student by Mike Kim

 Our first book by Mike Kim is a perfect LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide for the Self-Driven Student that will help students improve their performances and make them more confident. Kim has received much praise for its advanced strategies and solutions that have led students towards success. 

The content of the book is divided into three parts based on the three sections of LSAT and includes questions of logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Logic Game designed to help develop the required skills. The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide for the Self-Driven Student is undoubtedly the finest learning tool available for students who are self-motivated and hardworking. 

2. Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus 2020-2021

Kaplan has proven to be the best guide to students preparing for various entrance examinations, be it OAT, SAT or LSAT. The LSAT Prep Plus 20-21 edition is the ultimate guide you will need to successfully clear the entrance. 

This book contains up-to-date practice questions and many learning strategies, and also you get access to their online LSAT Prep course for the whole year. The online prep includes informative video instructions, online workshops, and everything required to prepare you for the digital examination. From practical tips to tips on practice time and time management, Kaplan’s guide will help you out with every vital issue. 

3. The Princeton Review’s LSAT Premium Prep, 28th Edition

Another committed publishing behind student’s success for about 40 years, Princeton Review’s LSAT Premium Prep, is an updated all-in-one solution that one needs to crack the digital LSAT with a high score. This guidebook contains instructional materials, practice tests, step-by-step examples covering all four sections of the main examination. From the Prep Tests available on the guide that is licensed by the Law School Admissions Council, you will not only gain confidence but also score higher in the main examination. Princeton Review will help begin your prep in the right way.

4. LSAT Prep Books 2021-2022 by Mometrix

The recent edition of Mometrix is your ideal solution to LSAT prep. Keeping in mind the competitive nature of the examination, Mometrix has designed its guides to gives students the best experience of learning. 

This study guide provides practice test questions, tips and strategies, and a complete review of all the three main sections of LSAT, including Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. With prep tests and in-depth solutions, Mometrix is the best investment for your future and a key to your success. 

5. 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI by LSAC

Number 5 on our list is a prep book by the Law School Admission Council itself and contains 10 Actual, Official PrepTests. The best way to understand the real LSAT is to solve its previous questions that will not only help understand the pattern but also help to develop required strategies, mainly time management. These tests also include solutions through which you can understand your position of progress, your strengths and weakness. 

6. LSAT Prep Books 2020-2021: Study Guide with 2 LSAT Practice Tests for the LSAC Law School Admission Test by TPB Publishing

Another comprehensive study guide by TPB publishing contains prep tests and detailed answers. This guide features LSAT review materials, practice questions, solutions, test-taking strategies, and a complete guide to help you prepare for the original examination.

Since this book is not accredited by LSAC, it does not contain actual test questions of previous years; however, it can be a great source for self- practising, developing strategies and getting used to the patterns and styles of questions that usually come. It is rigorous practice and a complete understanding of the examination that will help students successfully pass LSAT, and TPB publishing has not failed to provide that to students through their guides. 

7. PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible by David M. Killoran

David M. Killoran provides a complete guide on each section of LSAT through a single book. Your preparation for LSAT will only be complete if you access the trilogy altogether. A single book for a single section makes it easier for students to emphasize all the sections; hence The LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible is the best, to begin with. This guide contains every details and strategy required to attempt the Logical Reasoning section, including practice tests and solutions. A comprehensive understanding of Logical Reasoning will help you proceed with the second and third section, respectively, in the same way, and as a result, you will have complete knowledge of every vital section of the exam. This will not only improve your score but also make you confident for the real day. 

8. The LSAT Tutor by Apex Test Prep

Apex is another renowned publisher that has helped students over the years in preparing for entrances with the best prep guides. The LSAT Tutor maintains a high standard to prepare the student for the competitive nature of the examination and provides them with practice questions, detailed solutions, testing tips, useful instructions and much more. 

This LSAT guide by Apex is so comprehensive that it will prevent students from skipping any questions in the main exam and help them become the highest scorers. An excellent resource to begin with your preparation, Apex Test Prep will lead you to success for sure.

9. Manhattan Prep’s LSAT Strategy Guide Set

A complete guide set by Manhattan Prep is your ideal solution to LSAT. These three books focus on each section to help you with understanding them thoroughly and include practice tests and drills along with detailed introductions and explanations. For students who are willing, to begin with, their LSAT preparation in a full-fledged way, and want to become top scorers through standardized and advanced guidance, then Manhattan Prep is a perfect choice for them. 

10. The Road to 180: The Ultimate Guide to LSAT Prep by LSATmax

The last prep book on our list is a beginner-friendly guide to successfully crack LSAT with a high score. The book is written by a Harvard Law School alumni who have designed a useful guide to introduce students with strategies to score at least 180 inthe LSAT.

Since the path to Law School is very competitive and requires a lot of hard work through practice, the book features important information to help you embark on the journey from preparing to passing the examination successfully. This book has been a huge success and has shown an increase in score among students. The Road to 180 can prove to be your reason for success too.

Our top 10 LSAT books are easily available on the website of; we hope these guides will make your journey towards LSAT easy and help you succeed. 

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