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Best K-12 Schools in Florida

Are you a resident of Florida? Or soon residing to shift into this glamorous neighborhood to live your life, but are worried about which Schools will be the best for your children? Then you have come just to the right place. In this article, you will come across the top-10 Schools in Florida that offer classes from Kindergarten to the 12th Grade and are believed to mold the bright future of youngsters.

Too many Schools with equally fashionable Campus makes it a lot tough for you to choose the best ones; well, this article is here to help you out in choosing what’s the best for your kids. Of course, we are also going to focus on Tuition or budgets to make it a lot easier for you. Here are the best Schools in Florida that can decide the future of your children.

1. Pine View School

Constantly ranked among the top-5 Schools in Florida, Pine View School is undoubtedly one of the best options to enroll your child in. You will be glad to know that once again this year, Pine View has ranked number 1 School in Florida, number 1 Elementary School in the United States, and number 6 in Magnet School in the United States. With this good reputation, Pine View prepares little ones from Grade-2 and remains as constant support unless they have completed their Grade-12.

Pine View aims to provide a qualitatively different learning environment that nurtures a passion for intellectual curiosity, encourages risk-taking, independence and innovation, and tries its best to encourage intellectually gifted students in grades two through twelve on a broad-based campus.

Founded In: 1968
Tuition: Up to $ 29,000
Rank: 1st
Contact: +1 941-486-2001
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2. iPrep Academy

iPrep Academy is a Nationally Certified Magnet School known for its education innovation, disciplines, cultures, and economic standing. At iPrep Academy, children get to explore their curiosities and are encouraged to think “out of the box,” which makes them more intellectual and creative. iPrep Academy offers classes from Grade-K-12, along with many learning and growing facilities, including Labs, Playing Ground, and so much more.

Founded In: 2012
Rank: 2nd
Contact: +1 305-995-1929
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3. American Heritage Schools, Broward Campus

American Heritage Schools are one of the oldest and most prestigious Schools in Florida. American Heritage prepares students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 and introduces them to top-class learning and growing facilities.

Constantly ranked among the top-10 list across the country, the American Heritage Schools have been regarded as the number 1 Private School in the United States. The American Heritage has two campuses, including Broward and Palm Beach, both of them in Florida, so you can choose to enroll your children in any of these convenient locations.

Founded In: 1965
Tuition: Up to $34,900
Rank: 3rd
Contact: +1-954-472-0022
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4. Saint Andrew’s School

Situated in Boca Raton, Saint Andrew’s School is another best option for your kids. A non-profit, independent, co-educational school for grades Pre-K – 12, Saint Andrew’s School is a private day and boarding school where students come across the best learning environment.

This vibrant School is home to an 81-acre campus, where learning and personal growth are a top priority, and friendships last a lifetime. This School also offers a unique student-faculty family program, where new resident students are matched up with a “Faculty Mom” and/or “Faculty Dad” and “Residential Brothers and Sisters” for their comfort.

Founded In: 1961
Tuition: Up to $59,850 (including meals, laptop, and other facilities)
Rank: 4th
Contact: +1 561-210-2000
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5. Stanton College Preparatory

Among the oldest Schools in Florida, established in 1867, Stanton College Preparatory School has ranked number 7 among the top-10 schools in Florida. Stanton College Preparatory School is 1 of 45 high schools in the Duval County Public Schools and encourages many Extracurricular and Athletic activities amongst its students.

Situated in Jacksonville, Stanton Preparatory School began as an elementary school serving the African-American population under the then-segregated education system during the 1860s, but now stands tall with its historical pride and provides the best of education to its students.

Founded In: 1867
Tuition: $9,454
Rank: 5th
Contact: +1 904-630-6760
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6. NSU University School

From Pre-school to Grade 12, Nova Southeastern University trains students in the best environment and classrooms ideal for academics and development. Here, academics is a wonderful combination of arts, athletics, and community service, and students are encouraged to develop their talents. Students here are trained in such a way that they shine brighter in their upcoming future.

NSU also offers transportation facilities and financial aids for needy students.

Founded In: 1971
Tuition: Up to $34,000
Rank: 6th
Contact: +1 954-262-4506
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7. School for Advanced Studies –Wolfson

Situated in the glamorous neighborhood of Miami, the School of Advanced Studies is undoubtedly the best option for your grown-ups to begin their studies of 11-12th Grade in the best way and proceed with their higher education further.

School for Advanced Studies (SAS) is a nationally recognized collegiate high school of excellence, a combined effort between Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) and Miami Dade College (MDC) hence; you get to obtain a two-year Associate in Arts degree from Miami Dade College after completing your High School. SAS takes pride in its diverse student population, nurturing learning environment, and commitment to providing all students with a rich and rigorous liberal arts education, with many of its students specializing in STEM.

Founded In: 1988
Contact:+1 305-237-0510
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8. Lake Highland Preparatory School

A trustworthy Preparatory School where your children feel at home, Lake Highland has the reputation of providing a homely, learning environment where children not only feel comfortable but learn and grow. Lake Highland paves the path for students to discover their talents and discover their intellectual abilities, which is necessary for a brighter future.

Lake Highland offers classes from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 and focuses on inspiring students to bring a positive change in the world through the hands of education.

Founded In: 1970
Tuition: Up to $24,400
Rank: 8th
Contact: +1 407-206-1900
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9. Riviera Schools

Situated in Kendall, Florida, Riviera Schools are home to an exceptional learning and growing environment, where your children are offered self-enhancing opportunities to obtain their full potential. Established in 1950, Riviera Schools have molded thousands of young minds to become the leaders of tomorrow.

With a vast campus and many more indoor and outdoor activities, students at Riviera get to follow their passion along with maintaining a good academic stand.

Founded In: 1950
Tuition: Up to $30,900
Rank: 9th
Contact: +1 786-300-0300
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10. West Shore Junior/Senior High School

The last one on this list, West Shore School, is ideal for both Juniors and Seniors to achieve the best of education and many more opportunities that come along. At West Shore, students study in an environment free from any discrimination and engage in many playful, creative activities apart from obtaining top-class learning.

West Shore has ranked number 3 in Florida for its quality education and other facilities that help students to follow their passion; you wouldn’t regret enrolling your children here for sure.

Founded In: 1998
Tuition:– N/A
Rank: 10th
Contact: +1 321-242-4730
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