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Best iOS Programming Courses

iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple for Apple devices. The iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV all run on iOS. There are multiple gestures that iPhone users can make use of to interact with other devices using their phones. These tasks are usually carried out on multitouch capacitive touch screen displays, which have a quick reaction time and can receive input from a variety of fingers. Most iPhone apps are becoming increasingly popular among mobile users. They are thought to be of excellent quality and may help businesses generate income. Entrepreneurs and small businesses especially, those who are looking for a quick return on investment rely on iOS Application Development.

These IOS online courses can assist you in obtaining employment with any IT organization. According to current mobile technology trends, each organization is concentrating on developing unique applications to meet the demands of its customers. The availability of a customer-friendly application facilitates communication between the consumer and the firm by facilitating troubleshooting and giving customer contact options.

 Below are ten online courses you can avail to learn iOS programming from any part of the world.

1. iOS 11 & Swift 4 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp by Udemy

This terrific course that Angela Yu has created will teach you how to develop iOS 11 apps from scratch. XCode 9 and Swift 4 are among the languages she used. Complete ARKit and CoreML Modules are also included in the program. So far, this is the most popular iOS course. The instructor is a skilled iOS and WatchOS developer who is very skilled in Swift and Objective-C. Angela has been programming since she was 12 years old, and through the years, she has produced over 70 applications and games. Her classes are in high demand because of the fun yet intelligent personality, and quickness with which she responds to the students’ questions. This is without a doubt the best iOS programming course accessible on the internet. This amazing course is available in multiple languages including Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. What is even more amazing about this is that you can begin this course even if you have zero knowledge about programming.

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2. Developing iOS 11 Apps with Swift by iTunes

Stanford is offering an iOS course to assist you in designing iOS 11 apps using Swift. This course is available for free on iTunes U. Apart from that, after completing this course, there are various learning programs on designing iOS applications that you may pursue. The topics of user interface design for mobile devices, memory management, and multi-threading will be covered in this course. Other than this, you will also cover other topics, such as networking, animation, and mobile device power management. Experience with the C programming language and an object-oriented programming language is required. In order to do this course, you are expected to have surpassed the level of Programming Abstraction. It is also required that you have finished the Programming Paradigms course. This contains multiple class sections, which includes video lectures and articles, all of which are available for free. This is one of the main reasons why so many people rely on this training to create Swift apps.

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3. iOS 12 & Swift 4.2 – Complete iOS Development Bootcamp by Udemy

This Swift 4.2 course is the result of three years of in-person Bootcamp experience in London. The sessions will teach you how to code and create iOS 12 apps for the iPhone and iPad. Learn all you need to know to become a successful iOS app developer in this course geared mostly at novices. The program’s material is updated on a regular basis, allowing you to keep up with the current trends. This course will provide you with hands-on experience and allow you to impress potential employers with well-crafted applications. You’ll be able to create whatever app you desire and create your own app-based company. You will also develop an app portfolio to apply for junior developer positions in a technology firm. Working as a freelance iOS developer can help you become a digital nomad. With this course, you will master app marketing so you can get your apps out there and get people to download them.

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4. Introduction to iOS 11 Development: Swift 4 and Xcode 9 by Udemy

This course will teach you how to create two entire iOS applications from the ground up using the Swift programming language. This means you may include it in your portfolio and present it to a prospective employer. Furthermore, you will learn all you need to know about creating iOS apps and will be able to effectively complete each step of the process. This course was created by Udemy specifically for students interested in learning and understanding the iOS mobile app development process. With HD quality video and high audio quality, you can get all of the benefits of this free course. If you want to study Swift and the iOS development process, you’ll need a Mac and you will need to enrol.

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5. iOS Certification Course: App Development for Creative Entrepreneurs by Coursera

This is a certification course that is available on Coursera. This will help you develop a foundation in iOS and make you go from Objective-C novice to iOS app developer in the blink of an eye. This course was developed by the University of California – Irvine. The course is highly rated and recommended by students who are attendees of the university as well. Since this is an online course on Coursera you can take this from any part of the world and enjoy the many benefits of such an incredible course from the comfort of your own home. This Specialization concentrates on the fundamentals of iOS app development. You’ll learn how to use networking, security, audio, video, location, and sensor frameworks to build your own app, as well as how to leverage networking, security, audio, video, location, and sensor frameworks. This Specialization focuses on the foundations of developing iOS apps.

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6. Basic Swift Programming and iOS by Udemy

Being the perfect beginner’s course, the Basic Swift Programming and iOS by Udemy is created in order to assist developers who are just getting started. If you’re new to mobile app development and the Swift programming language, this course is a great place to start. This course contains a total of 26 lessons, which you may complete in 2 hours and 23 minutes. A quick introduction to the installation of XCode 9 and how to install iOS 11 Beta on iPhone is also included. As a result, you can quickly install XCode 9 and learn how to use it to create iOS apps. This course also requires you to own a Mac and you will have to enroll for the same. Because this is a beginner-level course, no prior experience is necessary to begin. You’ll be developing real-world apps like Pokémon Go, WhatsApp, and Quiz Up, among others. you will work on advanced ideas such as augmented reality and machine learning models in addition to normal skill development to create clever apps. You will learn all there is to know about object-oriented programming, networking, software design, and more.

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7. The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course – Build 20 Apps by Udemy

You will learn to utilize XCode 9 and Swift 4 to create actual applications like Uber and Instagram in this iOS 11 training program. Signing up will help you obtain AWS Credit and much more. Rob Percival and Nick Walter, the authors, are well-known for their online courses, having educated thousands of students all over the world! One of the biggest pros of this course is that no prior experience with iOS programming is necessary. No paid software is required for this course, all coding is done with the help of XCode 9 (free). The classes are taken by extremely experienced Trainers who will teach you to build Instagram Clone, Tinder Clone, Super Mario Run Clone etc…

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8. The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course – Beginner To Advanced by Udemy

This is the best-selling iOS 11 Developer Course which will teach you how to build genuine apps from the ground up, such as Instagram and Foursquare. It is the most thorough training program available and is highly suggested by over 20,000 students who have already completed it.

 You will be able to learn swift 4 and iOS 11 even if you absolutely zero knowledge or experience with programming. Through this course you will learn to Build applications like IMDB Api, Instagram Clone, Travel Map, Foursquare Clone, Image Recognition and much more. The course will cover the basics of Swift 4.   you will need either a Mac computer or device compatible with a Mac operating system in order to do this course.

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9. Free iOS 11 Development Course: Create Your First App by LinkedIn Learning

Prepare to put your thoughts into action and design your own app. This course covers the code, tools, methods, and framework needed to create iOS 11 apps. Learn how to set up XCode and the SDK, as well as how to publish your first project. Tod Perkins, the instructor, also guides you through the fundamentals of development, such as how to deal with storyboards, manage a button hit, and update a label using code. Todd also assists you in breaking down your ideas into phases and creating a plan before building the app.

 The teacher displays the techniques and frameworks and assists in the effective completion of the required installations. There are several opportunities to put fundamental real-world solutions into action by following the programming instructions provided in the classes. . One major benefit is that you can also view the lessons online as well as offline and the fact that the program can be availed for free.

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10. Intro to iOS App Development with Swift by Udacity

This course will provide you with a basic understanding of iOS application development using Swift. It will be easier for you to grasp the development process if you have learned this programming language. This course will teach you how to create an iOS app that captures a discussion between two individuals and alters the voices to sound like Chipmunks or Darth Vader. You’ll need a Mac running OS X 10.11 at least, as well as prior programming expertise and knowledge of programming fundamentals like variables, if statements, loops, functions, and classes. This course will teach you the fundamentals of iOS application development, as well as include interactive quizzes, self-paced learning, and high-quality learning materials.

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