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Best iPads for College Students

After the great surge in the Covid-19 cases, colleges have been forced to conduct offline classes for a year now. The hybrid mode classes have evidently paved its path to great gush in technology for educational prospects.

Though laptops have always been a must-have school item for college students, IPad’s have proved to be more of an indispensable classroom tool. It’s a portable workstation with more flexibility, easy-to-use software, with great quality webcams.

Further, iPads are relatively cheap than laptops in the Apple ecosystem. It is lightweight and a good investment for college students. The battery life of Ipads is significantly longer, which means you really don’t have to search around for chairs in cafes to put your laptop for a charge. If you’re a student, hands down, iPads are the best bet you could ever put the money on.

1. Apple iPad Pro Space Gray 12.9-Inch with AppleCare + Bundle

After the announcement of the iPad pro 2021st model, there was a huge spike in sales which was completely sold out within a week. The performance nearly equates to Macbooks and iMac. With a 12.9-inch liquid retina with a Silicon M1 processor, this is the handiest iPad one could have for educational purposes.

It comes with storage options 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2T and a battery life of 10hrs which is very convenient for learning from online lectures and presentations. It is easy to use and great value for money. For, $1028 it is a perfect deal If you aren’t looking for a bargain but would rather get the best iPad you can for your money.

2. iPad Mini 5 Space Gray with 7. 9-Inch Retina Display

If you prefer the most advanced features to the screen size of the iPad, the Mini 5 is the best choice. It is the most user-friendly gadget where u get the same features as iPad Air 3 but with a smaller screen and relatively a lesser price.

The super-compact screen size of 7.9 inches comes with an A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine and retina display. This increases the performance and makes the educational lectures more lively and engaging. The best feature of Mini 5 is it goes up to 256GB and supports even the 1st gen apple pencil. The major drawback is, it is not possible to access smart connector keyboards, yet we could replace them with smart connectors like Bluetooth keyboards. Nevertheless, it is a good product on a budget, and it is highly recommended.

3. Apple iPad Space Gray with 8MP Back Camera

If the iPad Pro series, Air series are way out of resources, don’t worry iPad 8th generation is best on the budget. With a vast 10.2- inch retina display, it is relatively big for reading, reviewing, marking notes, and annotating documents.

The major setback of the 8th generation model is it does not have the new-fangled features like compatibility of a second-gen pencil. Moreover, it still uses the older A12 Bionic chip, which is about two generations behind. Nevertheless, It is well compatible with college purposes and has a smart connector for a smart keyboard and more. It also supports 1st generation apple pencil. If the comprises isn’t a concern, 8th  generation with the smart connecting keyboard is a great productivity booster and good affordable iPad to buy for University commitments.

4. iPad Pro with Type C USB

If you’re willing to spend some chunk of money, the iPad Pro is a great choice. It has a more powerful processor, A12Z, and far better cameras, i.e., 12Mp and 10Mp twin back cameras, and 7Mp TrueDepth front camera, and supports second-gen apple pencil. Students can bet on this because this is a treat for college purposes as well as gaming purposes. If you could trick your parents into getting an iPad Pro, you have clearly contained two tigers in one mountain. The gaming processor with a bezel-less design is great for college projects and presentations. Moreover, it comes with a face ID. If money is not a problem, this is a great choice for buying.

5. iPad Air with 10.9 Inch Space Gray 256 GB

Comparatively, iPad Air 10.9 is much larger and has a better quality screen than the standardized iPads. It is a good optimal for college purposes because it not only has the standard A14 chip, it comes up to 256GB storage facility.

iPad Air 10.9’s added powers help students edit videos or need to transfer files regularly. It is a great choice for students. The price is reasonable at a modest price. As of iPadOS 14, Apple Pencil support is expanding thanks to a new Scribbles feature that lets you write in text boxes, with the tablet converting your handwriting into actual text. Air 10.9 is highly recommended if you’re looking for a compatible tablet at a very reasonable price.

6. iPad Air 4 with A14 Bionic Chip

iPad Air 4 has pro-level features which are exactly compatible for college students since it is the right yield for taking notes, sketching them out, work on reports and presentations.

The iPad Air 4 tops the rank because it has literally all features of the iPad Pro but for a relatively cheap rate. The cost of iPad Air 4 costs just $599. Moreover, It has a smart connector with Magic Keyboard Support which would undoubtedly make it a mini laptop. With my eyes closed, I would bet on iPad Air 4 for college purposes because not only it comes with a 2360-by-1640 pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (PPI), but it also has an A14 Bionic chip, supports Apple Pencil 2, and operates WiFi 6. The only drawback of the iPad Air 4 is it does not come with Face ID, and it only comes at 64Gb or 256Gb storage options. Nevertheless, it is well-suited for college purposes.

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