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Best Entrepreneur Books

To start with, an entrepreneur is a person who is ready to take risks in the financial sector, hoping to gain profit through investment or business. A successful entrepreneur always helps bring about change with new creative ideas, and with aptitude helps to create wealth, thereby improving the standard of living. This indirectly improves the business by introducing new products to enhance the current market strategy.

Reading, as always, help us to grow mentally and attain a mature level of thinking. So, reading habits can also benefit an entrepreneur too. Books always inspire those who read. Especially, for entrepreneurs reading might be of help for getting improvement tips. Books always are truthful, inspiring and regulate the thinking pattern of an individual.

Depending on the type of books, the attributes attained also vary. By repeated reading, some ideas may become thorough and tend to prove useful in the respective fields. For an entrepreneur, reading such kinds of books imparts values of managing time and resources and other significant matters to always remain on the top of the mind to reuse when needed. 

Reading always affects the perception of matters around us. It improves memory, logical thinking capacity, taking important supervisory decisions, and largely our communication and usages, which reflects in our writing and speaking contexts.

Here is a list of books available for online purchase, which emphasizes the various entrepreneurship, business, and management skills. 

1. Rework: Change the Way You Work Forever by David Heinemeier Hansson

The book authored by David Heinemeier Hansson is a purely business-based one, showing the reader several ways, which seem to be improved, quicker, and relaxed to succeed in business. The book guides the reader through the right way and advising to avoid competition and to leave the idea of outside investors, and to give up the idea of planning. The best thing to be successful in business is to stop talking and start working. The book is filled with ideas and thoughts that would revoke a new sense of thinking inside the minds of the reader. It improves the creative side and imparts value points to prevent money wastage. 

The way of rendering is very simple, so it’s easily understood by anyone going through it. It motivates people to start something of their own. There are enough and more guidelines that come in handy to people in all phases of society.

2. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

The book showcases the experiences and life of the renowned owner of NIKE. He gives us an insight into how he started off to start his company by lending $50 from his father, soon after he passed out with a business degree. His focus was on athletic shoes which would cost less but of superior quality. He made a gross profit of $8000 in the initial year, which has led to sales worth $30billion to the present. The brand has become omnipresent and globally familiar. The growth was revolutionary. But the brain behind the industry remained a secret.

In this book, he has described his business empire formation from the time he started at 24. The portrayal seems frank, modest, cynical, and insatiable. Not all phases of life gave him success, but there had been menaces and unnerving obstructions during the journey. 

He also reminisces the bond developed between the partners, turning out something inseparable.

The book is a perfect lesson for those who plan to start from nothing and overcome the hurdles without losing heart to race towards an achievement worth reaching to preserve a spot in the world.

3. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

The book throws light on the methods and steps to keep up the hooking of products in the market. It is very familiar to us that not all products remain in the field with recognition and want from the customers. The author tries to bring out the reasons and requirements to hook a new product in the market. He explains the shopper’s interests and ‘hook cycles,’ which helps take the customers back to the desired product, keeping aside marketing practices like advertising.

The book is based upon the author’s experience for years, his study, and referring with customers. He wants it to help budding businessmen who would have something to turn back to when in need of reference in the practical aspect.

The book targets product managers, marketing and designing professionals, and anyone who desires to create a product and marketing it. The readers are provided with life examples of products that had been a huge success in the market.

4. Elon Musk

As the saying goes, ‘the name says it all. The very person who has done a whole lot of things ranging from creating popular apps like PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity to trying in making a colony on Mars for human inhabitation. He is someone who would like to get noticed along with monetary benefits from the matter. He had even been the true encouragement for the famous IronMan series of movies.

The personal life of Elon Musk is rather inspiring, even though he had to go through a ton lot of suffering from his childhood onwards. Even with the brightly thinking brain, he was very badly tormented at school and by his father. He had to overcome the extreme racial discrimination in his country too. His life becomes inspiring because he rose from these adversities by getting educated himself from the University of Pennsylvania and finding out the credits. He had turned his own home into a club to earn money for his studies.

The outcomes of his life are more of a technological base, but still, he is considered a success in the business arena.

5. The $100 Startup

The book can rather be considered as a manual to those yearning for a new way of living. Most people are leading a normal life working for 9 hours a day, striving hard to give proper education to children and save up for an annual holiday. Some of these commoners might be in a struggle, trying to start something for themselves. The author gives ideas to earn a living by starting something wherever and whenever required. It would have been great if the people could work on something based on their interests and earn money out of it. It also is enriched with real-life visions from people to inspire the readers who had started their business with less than $100. The book inspires me to live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment of it, and not by working to earn something in life.

6. High Output Management

The author is the former chairman and CEO of Intel. He shares his views on how to start a company and run it successfully. Managing has been explained simply as creating and maintaining the newly developed business. The book seems to be appropriate and guide to managers in sales and accounts, teachers, CEO, and initiators of startups. The book promises to generate exceedingly creative groups at work. It serves as an influential administration philosophy to reform the working culture.

7. The Unusual Billionaires

A magnificent book about lessons of advantage to enable the ability to concentrate on business as well to have control over the top management. Various instances of taking over and succeeding in business have also found a place in the book in order to create inspiration. The victory of Hindustan Lever by buying back the company again after few years of losing it would be an excellent example. This book, in many such ways, makes it a must to be read for all business bests to take into action.

There are stories of 8 rare billionaires who put forth commendable performance in their corresponding business activities, beating the real tycoons who had been having a substantial profit for long periods.

8. Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

The title ‘RANGE’ is what the book is completely based upon. The author believes that success lies not in any single entity but through a range of experiences obtained through; broad selection, brave bypasses, persistent trying outs, and altering comforts.

By analyzing various categories of succeeded individuals, the author reaches an inference that it is the multi-talented who succeed rather than experts of a single trade.

The book appears to alter the way of thinking. It makes us think wider and to grip to assorted understandings. It strengthens the mind to face difficulties and learn from failures to help succeed further.

9. Measures What Matters

The book is a helping hand to help take difficult picks in business. It is an innovative method to set up targets for the future. The best example to quote here is the growth of GOOGLE. The company started as a start-up with 40 people, progressing to around 70,000 with an exceeding profit outcome of $600 billion. Various factors are to be considered to make sure the company will be profitable. They range from the satisfaction of the employees to maintaining the transparency of targets throughout the hierarchical order. The book also throws light on the requirement of trailing the appropriate statistics improvement to quantify, in turn helping the company to aim high and to succeed.

10. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

The author is one of the most appreciated and veteran entrepreneurs, and he tends to advise regarding the relevance of running and constructing a startup and managing the probable issues that are bound to arise during the progress. The reality of starting a business is stressful and pertaining to 100% commitment. The author tends to provide help in finding solutions to issues that may come up daily.

The way of rendering is conventional and simple, filled with wit and humor, as they are a depiction from his modest experiences.

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