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Best Early Childhood Education Courses

It has become very normal in a family to hire an early childhood educator. Some families prefer having a private tutor to look after their kids as well as help the kids grow emotionally, physically, and cognitively. This post-pandemic situation has been sending off both the parent in a family to work. In this inflated economy, two breadwinners have become quintessential to run a family. It is not an easy task to look after a kid while you’re busy with work. So having a professional early childhood educator is the best thing a family can do. Moreover, the lockdown has caused to increase in a huge toddler population since well, you know; people were very free in this lockdown.

There has been a huge demand for early childhood educators and the rampant modernization of our country will only lead to more and more job opportunities for child educators. One can start their own business or work at a privatized early children’s education firm. The pay is really good and if you are passionate about raising kids, this is like a win-win situation: you can earn as well as enjoy your work. The following courses are the top 10 early education degree certification programs that are accredited by the state, affordable, and rated the highest. So what are we waiting for? Let us jump right in!

1. Kendall College

Kendall College is considered to be the number one college for online schools for childhood education. If you take a certificate from this college, you will be accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education Degree is just a 180 credit program that consists of topics like childhood nutrition, infant and toddler caretaking, and special education. Usually, most of the schools consist of 120 credit hours. So this course is highly recommended.

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2. Early Childhood Education Bachelor’s Degree at Kansas State University

The Early Childhood Program from K-State Online is primarily designed for individuals who look for a career path in this journey. It is the curriculum for looking after a child from birth to kindergarten.

 It is not often you find universities offering this comprehensive program for special kids. In this course, you will learn how to take care of kids with developmental delays, disabilities, autism, and other special characteristics. You will get classroom experience through this live program offered by Kansas University.

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3. Early Childhood Management at Florida State College

Florida State College offers this associate program for just 6,293 dollars that will comprise 60 credit hours. The Early Childhood Management course is a top-rated course primarily focused on the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social needs of younger learners.

The program is divided into two parts. You have to choose at the beginning which journey you are going to pursue. The former is the management and the latter is focused only on education. In this course, you will also learn How to plan for culturally sensitive instruction.

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4. Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Science at Florida State College at Jacksonville

Before you get here, if you are ready to spend a huge chunk of money to get the best education facilities, you can go ahead with this article. The cost of their high-rated program is 12,586 dollars which consists of 120 credits. They provide a student learning internship facility to give you some hands-on practical knowledge.

The program is tailored for children not only till kindergarten but till third grade. It is a hands-on learning course that will give you live classes with around 150 hours of work in the classroom.  It is designed in a way where you can learn How to instruct young students in public schools, private schools, preschools, and child development centers.

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5. Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education program at Arizona University

The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education program is a five-week top-rated course that can take through online. They do not stick to one teaching style, for different types of kids, they offer different teaching strategies for appropriate young learners. They provide 90 transferable credit points.

Throughout the program, the participant will learn about early childhood development, plan and deliver appropriate instruction, and create programs for young learners. You will also learn how to observe and assess the student’s progress and learning.

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6. BA in Early Childhood Education at Brandman University

Brandman University offers a different program which most of the educational providers won’t do. They offer programs for raising 8-year-old kids. Upon completing the program, the student will also receive a Bachelor of Arts in early childhood education certification.

Starting from health, nutrition, and safety to language and teaching classes, the caretaking program will prepare you for the entirety of your childhood. The Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education program offered by Brandman University is offered at 500 dollars. Well, sorry for breaking the excitement, it is 500dollars per credit score.  This program is available at 19 campuses as well as online.

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7. Online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Administration Program at Purdue University Global

The Online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Administration Program is the perfect course for individuals who are looking for a leadership role in childhood programs. The program is based on an administration point of view.  It is broken down into a 10-week course.

The program comes with 180 duration credits. But anyway, it is a very expensive program that comes at 371 dollars per credit score. Well, you do the math. Nevertheless, you will learn How to prepare for a future as a childcare center director, preschool teacher, preschool director, after-school program work, and many more.

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8. Early Childhood Education in a Mobile Society at University of Missouri

At 33,818 dollars, the University of Missouri offers the Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Family Science, emphasizing Early Childhood Education in a Mobile Society. The course is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (one of six regional institutional accreditors in the United States) and it is delivered completely by high professionals in this field.

The course content is delivered fully online. It comes with in-house practical courses for applying their learning to young children. You will be ready to nurture kids who are from civilian communities as well as on military installations.

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9. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Early Childhood Education Online at University of Alabama

The Early Childhood Program offered by the Alabama University is a top-rated program offered to raise from toddlers to 8year old kids. The program will help you nurture the kids emotionally, physically, socially as well as cognitively. Moreover, this course is ranked number 3 in the best schools for childhood programs.

They come with a one-semester internship program which will give you hands-on experience on this subject. The total cost of the program is 365 dollars per credit. Through your coursework, you will understand parent/child relationships, as well as the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of young children.

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10. Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education at Liberty University

The 120 credit hour program is an 8-week in-class 8-week program that is offered completely online. The credit hours are also transferrable up to 75percentage. The highlight of the course is that it is accredited with NCATE through CAEP. So the credibility of the course is rocket high.

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies degree can equip you to achieve your goals and succeed in a Christian school, private school, and home-school settings, as well as public child care facilities and churches, and in the public school as a paraprofessional. So what are you waiting for? Pick this highly recommended course already!

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