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Best D2 Football Schools

Well when it comes to football, it is very important that the person joins the best school with great guidance and support to ace football. Whether it could be for your son/daughter or if you are a student who is looking for the best university with great support for division 2 football coaching, you have come to the right place. Usually, it is not usual to find students after high school having an interest in playing football after they join university since most of them are drawn to sports for the scholarship. But finding the best universities with great d2 football programs is itself a great step to a kickass future.

Playing football for universities beyond high school requires great passion and commitment. Moreover, it is not necessary that we have to join D1  large schools to have great athletic programs, the following universities mentioned below have won a lot of titles against the d1 universities and have massive athletics programs for football players. In this article, I have enlisted the top d2 football schools/universities which offers great athletic program and has a good track record. All these schools are chosen after in-depth research into each and every school’s curriculum, athletic infrastructure, academic pressure, affordability, and performance history. isn’t it exciting? Without further adieu, let us get into the game!

1. Bentley University

Considered to be of the top ivy league universities, Bentley University is a top-class university for d2 football athletic scholarships. It is a private urban university that has an enrolment of 4171 full-time undergraduate students. Usually, the university is 48,000 dollars.

The highlight of the university is having a 98 percent job placement rate. Bill Kavanaugh is the head coach of the football team of this university. If you are a running backs and tight ends specialist, you have a great spot on this football team. They also offer popular streams like Finance, Corporate Finance/Accounting, and Marketing.

Founded In: 1917
Tuition: 48000$  (After Aid)
ACT Avg: 26
SAT Avg: 1380
Acceptance Rate: 46.7 %
GPA: 3.79
Rank: #1 of Best D2 Football Schools
Contact: (800) 523-2354
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Women’s Leadership Award and Program: 10,000 $- Educational Fund.
RaiseMe micro-scholarships: Merit-Based Fund.
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships: $5,000- Merit-Based Fund.

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2. Truman State University

Called the Bulldogs, Truman State University has top-class recruitment of football players for playing for the university team. The team is coordinated by the best team which includes Jason Killday who is known for his excellent coaching in Offensive Coordinator & Recruiting.

There are other sports offered in this university such as Jiu-jitsu, Youn Wha Ryu, lacrosse, paintball, powerlifting, roller hockey, rugby, running, skiing and snowboarding. When it comes to academic programs, business administration and engineering have a wide scope too. Located in Missouri, Kirksville you will have a great atmosphere and also an excellent campus life.

Founded In: 1867
Tuition: $7425 (Before Aid)
ACT Avg: 27
SAT Avg: 1420
Acceptance Rate: 62.6%
GPA: 3.79
Rank: #1 of Best D2 Football Schools.
Contact: (660) 785-4114
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Truman Merit Scholarship: $7194- Educational Fund
Transfer Recognition Scholarship: $3,500- Award Based Fund
Phi Theta Kappa Automatic Scholarship: $1,000- Educational Fund

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3. Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines is a great public, the sub-urban college which is located in Golden which is just nearby Denver and Colorado. Although the college has a below-average gender distribution of males dominating 70 percent of the college, the academics are great in this university. Students live off-campus 57 percent of the time which is pretty great for someone who is into sports and other activities.

When it comes to Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering programs, the Colorado School is very famous for its exclusive and quality delivery of the subject. It is a best division 2 football college with a great head coach Gregg Brandon. The rank of the university is 103 in the overall chart.

Founded In: 1874
Tuition: 18,386 $ (Before Aid)
ACT Avg: 28
SAT Avg: 1450
Acceptance Rate: 53.1 %
GPA: 3.78
Rank: #3 of Best D2 Football Schools
Contact: (303) 273-3000
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Hispanic Scholarship Fund: Culture-Based Scholarship
Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide: 10,000$- Educational Fund
Air Force ROTC scholarships: 5,000$- Stipend-Based Fund

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4. Grand Valley State University

Founded in the late 1960s, Grand Valley State University is famous for its football coaching. They have an average academic excellence chart yet they offer top-rated programs like Business Administration/Management, Nursing, Biomedical Science in their university.

The University is located in Allendale which is located on the outskirts of Miami.  The campus is very huge and it is considered to be very diverse. The university focuses more on football coaching but to get into it, there is a minimum requirement of 2.0 GPA, 820 SAT and 17 ACT scores to get into the football training. The athletics and sports clubs are very strong in this university.

Founded In: 1960
Tuition: $17,762 (Before Aid)
ACT Avg: 24
SAT Avg: 1230
Acceptance Rate: 83%
GPA: 3.6
Rank: #4 of Best D2 Football Schools
Contact: (616) 331-5000
Financial Aid: Below is some of the best funding programs.
The Robert and Ellen Thompson Scholarships: Educational Fund
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): 6,000- Federal Grant

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5. Augustana University – South Dakota

Located in South Dakota, Augustana University is completely known for its football coaching for division 2. Their team has the best tight ends and linebackers. They have great clubs for athletics and other sports activities such as soccer, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and rugby.

It is a very old University founded in 1860. The university is affiliated with the Protestant religion. There is only a limited enrollment of 1679 students in the university. It is a 100-acre campus with a great atmosphere and loving community which will make you feel welcomed.

Founded In: 1860
Tuition: 31,960$ (Before Aid)
ACT Avg: 25
SAT Avg: 1290
Acceptance Rate: 66.9%
GPA: 2.9
Rank: #5 of Best D2 Football Schools
Contact: (605) 274-5516
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Augustana Academic Scholarships: 24,000$- Educational Fund
Family Tuition Grant: 500 $- Family Member Grant
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Scholarship: 2,000$- Educational Fund.

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6. Ashland University

Ashland University is a private, suburban university located in Ohio. With an average diversity, Ashland has a great community-based lifestyle for you. you will feel welcomed with its beautiful atmosphere. The majors offered with this program include management, nursing, and law.

Men’s Swimming, Men’s Tennis, Men’s Track, Softball, Women’s Basketball, Women’s Diving, and Golf are some of the greatest sports clubs the university offers. The football coaching for division2 is also excellent. Players like Alex Gabbert are alumni of Ashland University’s football team.

Founded In: 1878
Tuition: 20,700 $ (Before Aid)
ACT Avg: 23
SAT Avg: 1180
Acceptance Rate: 71.2%
GPA: 3.42
Rank: #6 of Best D2 Football Schools
Contact: (800) 882-1548
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Ashbrook Scholarship: 2,000$- Merit-Based Scholarship
Athletic Scholarships: Educational Fund
Legacy Grant (Formerly the Alumnus Grant): 1,000$

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7. University of West Florida

With a population of 6906 students, the University of Florida is a big, heavily populated university with great reliance on sports like football, soccer, basketball, and softball. There is great gender distribution in participation in sports as well as other clubs/ organizations.

Players like Khalib Gilmore, the class of the 2019 University of West Florida are products of this university. They have intensive training with Pete Shinnick being the Head Coach of the university. Elementary Education, Communication Arts, and Psychology are some of the popular programs offered at the University of West Florida.

Founded In: 1963
Tuition: $19,241  (Before Aid)
ACT Avg: 1240
SAT Avg: 27
Acceptance Rate: 31%
GPA: 3.58
Rank: #7 of Best D2 Football Schools
Contact: (850) 474-2000
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Admissions Academic Merit Scholarship: 20,000$(total) – Educational Fund
Pace Presidential Scholarship: 50,000$(total) – Merit Scholarship

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8. Assumption University

Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, Assumption University is an excellent university when it comes to sports, athletics, and extracurricular activities. This university is ranked number eight in having the best football division 2 college for student-athletes.

The university has a decent gender distribution of both male and female balance. Moreover, the university is very diverse and has a great community-based atmosphere. The only disadvantage is the stress the university has on students. About 90  percent of the time will be spent on campus by the students.

Founded In: 1904
Tuition: 38,850 $ (Before Aid)
ACT Avg: 22
SAT Avg: 1170
Acceptance Rate: 81.1%
GPA: 3.0
Rank: #8 of Best D2 Football Schools
Contact: (508) 767-7331
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Transfer Student Academic Scholarships: 2,500$- Educational Fund
Scholarship for Catholic High School Graduates: 2,500 $- Educational Fund
Light the Way Scholarship: 27,000$ for 50 People- Merit-Based scholarship

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9. West Chester University of Pennsylvania

The West Chester University of Pennsylvania has a very famous football team and coach. The Running Backs/Run Game Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator Osagie Osunde is one of the coaches of the university team. They have a great set of head coaches for nurturing top football players.

The public suburban university is situated in West Chester. It is a highly crowded atmosphere with 18000 people. There is a domination of the Caucasian population in this atmosphere but there is a fair balance in the population. There are sufficient Coed dorms, Fraternity housing, and Single-student apartments for students of this university.

Founded In: 1871
Tuition: $10,111(Before Aid)
ACT Avg: 26
SAT Avg: 1210
Acceptance Rate: 75.3%
GPA: 2.9
Rank: #9 of Best D2 Football Schools
Contact: (610) 436-1000
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
FAFSA First Year Merit Scholarship: 2,000 $- Merit-Based Fund
Auger and Auger’s Disabled Scholar Award: 5,000 $- Educational Fund
James Rhio O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund: 2,000 $- Educational Fund

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10. Central Washington University

This Central Washington University is located in the main area of Washington- Ellensburg. It is a small 350-acre campus with a very decent diversity. The student-faculty ratio of the university is 19:1 which is comparatively really good for a university that is focused on sports activities.

Life at the campus has really gotten good reviews. Students live off-campus for more than 66 percent of the time. Apart from sports, majors like Elementary Education, Business Administration, and Law/Justice are pretty popular in this university. The tuition of the university is 7,903 dollars.

Founded In: 1891
Tuition: $7,903  (Before Aid)
ACT Avg: 24
SAT Avg: 1100
Acceptance Rate: 84.9%
GPA: 2.00
Rank: #10 of Best D2 Football Schools
Contact: (509) 963-1111
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG): Educational Grant- 900 $
Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship: 2000 $- Educational Fund

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