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Best Life Coaching Online Courses

A career option that can be of great help to those who are suffering or in need anyway, to make them remain happy and healthy, is what a life coach can do after completing life coaching courses. They can be of help in various aspects. It may be either for an addiction, career guidance, sports coach, mental and spiritual coach, or family or financial coaching. Life coaching surely makes life easier and improves relationships.

There are different approaches that can be accepted to provide help. The reasons for difficulty will be different from one to another. They are able to pick out the strengths and positives in a person, and therefore can be improved on it. Following the instructions can bring about alterations that remain for a lifetime.

Specific area coaches and general coaches are mainstream careers. Some examples for life coaching are cited;

  • Addiction
  • Leadership   
  • Career
  • Relationship
  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Life proficiency
  • Mental health
  • Spiritual
  • Sports

The life coach will be able to lend a helping hand in changing the perception of a problem and to remove the negativity that is blocking the way to success. A life coach can very effectively change the outlook of a suffering person, and they act a connection between the past and the peaceful future.

The affirmative result of being with a life coach will bring about the following changes in life;

  • Balancing of work and life
  • Freeing from fears and worries which had been with us for a long time
  • Improved creativity
  • Secured finance
  • Better intercommunication
  • Superior connections with family and companions
  • Better listening

The character requirements for the job should be;

  • Sociable
  • Pleasant
  • Welcoming
  • Cooperative
  • Compassionate
  • Keen

 Blush, Tracey Ward, Tony Robbins, and Micheal Legge are some of the distinguished life coaches.

The salary range of this rather relaxing and flexible job may vary from $1,000 to $3,000 according to the time period.

Some of the courses in different life coaching areas are provided by various institutes in the USA;

1. Therapeutic Recreation (Advanced) (Live Online) by Ashton College

The course is led by a leading therapist, Johnathan Pathmanathan who is a graduate of Therapeutic Recreation. The program is planned in such a way that it uses activity analysis while working with people who are in need of therapy to improve their quality of life. The course is taken in a very simplified manner in order to improve participation and involvement in the class to get the most out of sessions. The learner will be ready to; carry out the risk assessment, alter the requirement of the program based on the needs of the person in need including various activities for leisure as part of therapy to increase the level of success of the healing process.

Topics included for the study;

  • Professional communication
  • Patient-centered care
  • Risk management at work place
  • Professional and ethical judgment

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2. Master of Professional Studies in Addictions Counseling by University of Minnesota

The course is a very important one in the present scenario, as there are various ways for a person to get addicted to anything that they feel would give eternal happiness.  The program is executed with a strong theory and practical base. They also get to know the various methods of treatment and abilities of clinical activities, ways to encourage the patient, the responsibilities that should be maintained efficiently and morally. All the different factors of biological, societal, and psychological origin are given prominence.  

Counseling theory is explained with the help of real-life experiences, which makes them more thorough of the topic. The addiction issues are always considered along with mental health issues, and the course is created with a far insight to help the varied and assorted society.

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3. Chef Coaching Beyond the Basics by Harvard

The program provides the patients to be the operator of their self wellness routine. The course has received accreditation from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine Skills. A deep understanding of the science of cooking and other important aspects of the topic through methods for making them strong enough and confident to take up self-cooking at home is the main aim of the study. They make use of out-of-the-way reserves of culinary science, to facilitate the cooking performance of doctors and patients. The method of study is also intended at progressing the self-assurance and proficiency to smoothen the enhancement of individual wellbeing. The course fee is around $495.

This life coaching is mainly focusing doctors of special departments, nurses,s and those practicing as nurses, health coaches, occupational and psychotherapists, dental physicians, community workers, and registered dieticians.

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4. Health and Wellness Coaching by Goerge Town University

The course is oriented to provide a program leaning towards wellness and is accredited by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). There are several concepts and ideas to be followed for becoming a wellness coach. They have to be updated with the health issues faced by the majority of the people around, and also the differences in conduct and character which has a psychological basis.

The course intends to create experts in the field, by scrutinizing the impact of serious diseases, if any that affect the person who needs help. The people in need are to be employed with exercises of the mind to keep it active and positive, individually as well as in groups. The practical application of the developed techniques should be done initially under serious direction.

The method of learning is adopted from the core value prospects of Georgetown University, which gives importance to the person as a whole, taking into consideration every minute detail of the mind, body, and spirit.

The course is carried out in 8 portions for the duration of 6 months, with a course fee of $8,500.

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5. Leadership Master of Arts in Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership by Messiah University

The coaching program is a wide-ranged course aimed at an integrated career as a coach in sports marketing and communication. It can help to take administrative careers too in the sports field.

The degree gives a deep understanding of coaching and management abilities in the structure of higher education. The course is available online for the flexibility of study for the learners. It ensures job responsibilities as; a coach, scout, sports director, and publicity marketing manager, official manager of athletes, or mediator.

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6. Online Certificate in Mental Health and Spirituality by University of Redlands

The course is intended to create a spiritual life coach, giving them an insight on awareness about spirituality and in-depth understanding about how to be spiritual, and how to understand what is within one’s self and to bridge with others who belong to any faith or belief.

The learners are given a thorough proficiency on spirituality in order to allow them to share the sufferings of others, of those who need the help, especially when during a time of struggle.  

There are 6 courses in the program, individually priced at $625 each. The program is rather supple that it for those who are busy with their schedules, and profession.

The program emphasizes complete involvement as it mainly bridges spirituality with mental wellness, moving in-depth into problems like serious prolonged illness, intense grief, healing, and practicing it clinically.

The programs include the following courses that have to be taken during the study;

  • Spirituality in mental health
  • Paradigms of Healing and Wholeness
  • Integrating Spirituality in Clinical Practice
  • Bipolar Faith
  • Spirituality in Bereavement
  • Spiritual Journeys in Chronic Illness

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7. Family Life Education and Coaching by NC State University

The program from NC University is a specific life coaching course for family issues, and getting along well among the members of a family. The learner gets an opportunity to work closely with families helping them as well as educating them on various specific matters of concern. They should develop the quality of strength, as they should be able to handle the adversities within a family. They are provided with proper knowledge and evoke the thinking ability of the learner. The career scenario can be either as an educator for families, parents, or young professionals.

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8. Relationship Coach Training by Loveology University

To develop into a successful life coach specializing in relationships, he/she needs to be learned. For that, the University provides a certification program to improve the relationship status between people. A proper loving family or partner is a dream of every individual. So a relationship coach can provide tips and practices to maintain it strong and healthy. The course provides techniques to maintain the love, trust, and emotional feelings intact between partners.

The career possibilities are very high, as the essentiality of a life coach is unavoidable in the present world scenario. It is a rewarding career and something which is always at a premium. The help of a coach can also be utilized by a firm to improve the interrelations among the employees thereby improving productivity in business. There are courses for related issues too, where the generalized fee maybe around $100.

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9. Coach Training Program by College of Executive Coaching

The course is a certified program exclusively for professionals and graduates. The aim of the program is to create efficient leaders who are already professionals. The classes are complicated and aimed at development at the personality level. Practicing and positive criticism is regularly done during the coaching. The program also encourages working as a team, and the need to work productively.

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10. Adaptive Leadership by Niagara Institute

The program is an extremely dependent one with colleagues and is aimed at inculcating the power of leading a company or an association in a complicated and competitive industrial field. The course is equipped with a structure that may cater to the change in leadership qualities. This is a peculiar kind of advancement adopted from Harvard University. The students become so much capable of leading after the course, that they will be able to cope with any adverse and disastrous situations in the organization and lead them to success.

Leaders in an organization are inevitable, as there are chances of a lot of hard times to take place, like getting used to the customer interests, people who are trying to pull down the new ventures, modernization of technology, and universalization.  The leaders should be capable of handling such situations with ease and find solutions for the arising struggles.

The general course fee is $1,995 for each candidate.

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