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Top High School Football Recruits

Now that it is halfway through May, it is time to take a small field trip to the United States High schools to pick up the litter from class 2022. Though some recruits have made verbal commitments to the NCAA programs, most of the recruits remain undecided with their college. Nevertheless, the commitments would spike over the summer. The list enumerates the top recruits from various states of the USA who have gotten off with a good twitch and built great groundwork. The 2022 champs are shaping up to be better than the 2021’s crop of prospects with their skills and firepower.

With enormous talent spanning across the west coast to the east coast and the recruiting cycling looming, let us look into the elite high school football recruits of the present year 2022.

Jeremiah Alexander

Jeremiah establishes a good pursuit and active hands. An early Alabama commits, Alexander reopened his recruitment last fall. Concerning his commitment, Clemson and USC are two teams outside the SEC which is still in the deciding stage.

The 6foot 2 lad from Alabama weighs 235pounds. Jeremiah comes among the top defensive performer from Thompson High School. He is in the No1 ranking in the weak-side defensive end and tops Alabama. Jeremiah has the ability to be consistent with the battle of leverage and he is known for his violent shed blocks.

Walter Nolen

Nolen is known for his disruption he creates once the ball is snapped. He is 6foot 3 in height, and weighs 300pounds. The robust player is from Tennessee and did his schooling at St. Benedict High school. Nolen makes an instantaneous impact on initial quickness and has the ability to play with power and leverage.

Walter is a unsettling edge rusher with an enormous power and speed. He has the ability to have a better length than Davis and his key feature is his overall size to have a sturdy defense. Walter was a great contributor for the Tigers with a five-star.

Will Johnson

The Michigan lad is one of the finest in the cornerback position. Will weighs 190 pounds and 6foot 3 tall. He is from the Grosse Pointe South High School. Johnson is known for his speed and agility and maintains great consistency.

He is agile in his movements and capture a great speed and has the ability to create havoc in the field. Will Johnson can violently shed blocks and have a knack for his instant use of mind.

Shemar Stewart

Stewart, the 6foot 5 guy from Monsignor Pace High School, started off with the greatest expectations as he was named as the ACC Co-Newcomer of the Year. Stewart was quickly transferred to the college level for defensive end position. The guy weighs 240 pounds and established himself as the top prospect of the class 2022. Stewart is one of the greatest defensive linemen from his state with exuberant talent and skills.

He was also a five-star under 2020 class prospect. The overall expectations were so high since he set a great standard for the position of defensive end. He was signed off by Clemson. His wide frame has a mammoth impact against the opposition and  Stewart maintains great explosiveness throughout the game.

Deuce Zimmerman

Deuce, the East High School lad is one of the supreme recruits from Alaska. He is acknowledged for his edge speed at the athlete position and has a powerful presence and flexibility. Deuce can work past blockers and has an edge for powerful sturdiness for his position.

Deuce is 6foot 1tall and weighs 185pounda. He is envisioned as a greatly skilled and best player from Alaska with a heavy 5star prospects.

Domani Jackson

Domani was a re-classified 2021 prospect and made his strong presence this year through absolute strength and sturdy. The California chap is 6foot 1 and can contest physical 50-50 ball receivers. He did his schooling from Mater Dei and had huge upside to become one of the top recruits of 2022.

He was also a 5star prospect of class 2020. He made a transition to the corner position and within 2years, he proved out to be the finest player for that position from California. He is poised to step on the field for USC as a freshman.

Antony Lucas

Antony from Arizona is well-known at Chaparral for his position at defensive tackle. He has a flamboyant presence weighing 279pounds and 6foot4.5 tall yet incredibly fast. Antony’s awareness of man-to-man coverage is prodigious and has a really good range with all-around talent. He is a natural route runner and has a bigger window for a defensive tackle.

Joe Brunner

From Whitefish Bay High school, a prominent and efficient offensive-tackler has a height of whooping 6foot 6. The Wisconsin player is a menacing and explosive pass rusher. For his body presence, Joe has an astonishing quick feet and upright range. Joe has a natural bend and has significant presence in the field.

Joe has active hands and he is very quick. He can definitely create trouble for the opposition. Joe weighs 300pounds which clearly creates a stout presence in the field.

Jaedyn Lukas

Jaedyn Lucas is a well-rounded playmaker from Mauldin High School, South Carolina. The 6foot1 guy is an elite edge rusher and a protruding player at tall physical corners with length. Lukas possesses great speed and range and no wonder he is acknowledged under the top recruits of 2022.

Luther Burden

Luther with his raw abilities as a wide receiver has a significant presence in the field and fruitful at coverage as well. Luther is from Cardinal Ritter College Prep, Missouri. Luther has chosen Oklahoma College and will arguably have a greater upside for his skills and leverage. Luther is college football’s one of the top tackles.

Ty Chan

Ty Chan from Massachusetts has a sturdy presence with a shooting 6foot 6 in height and 275pound weight. Offensive tackle is one of the challenging positions since the job of the player is not only to cover but also tackle. Ty is fast and a great receiver. Ty has an established defensive muscle and can flip field position feasibly. He is from Lawrence Academy High School, Massachusetts.

Gavin Whimsatt

The Kentucky Quarterback hero from Owensboro High School weighs 200pounds and 6foot 3 tall. Gavin Whimsatt is celebrated for his ability to turn a 5-yard catch into an 80-yard touchdown. Gavin establishes a good body quickness and great prospects for developments too.

The Quarterback position has been unsettling in the recent seasons, but players like Gavin seems like a promising signal-caller.  Gavin is a player who can provide steady productive presence for the game-changing position.

Travis Hunter

Through various skills like jet sweeps, bubble screens, and underneath routes, Travis hunter is the top recruit from Georgia. He positions in Cornerback and has explosive sturdiness and speed. Travis has quick feet and demonstrates high effort. He is known for his great high-point skills which transition very courteously over the defense.

Xavier Nwankpa

The lad from Iowa is one the finest from the safety position. He is from Southeast Polk weighs 190 pounds and 6foot 2 tall. He is a stronger arm for his position and has the ability to buy time and extend plays. Xavier is a driver of football with his significant arm range.

Xavier is a coveted prospect for his ability to chase down quarterback instantaneously. He is a gifted route runner, and an elite separator from the Southeast Polk High School team.

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