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Best Courses at Western University

The Western University in Canada is one of the most reputed and prestigious universities in the country that has been ranked number 1 among all the Business Schools in Canada. There are approximately 400 courses offered at the university and has a wide array of classification of departments and specializations. The Western University is standing with pride in London, Ontario, for about 100 years and has been maintaining its historic reputation with its academic success till the modern-day. 

Location: 1151 Richmond Street, London, Ontario, Canada.

Contact Number: 519.661.2111

Here are the list of best courses available in the university:

1. Bachelor’s of Arts Honors in Classical Studies

The first degree on our list is very interesting and is ideal for students who want to study Language and Literature, history, and archaeology of the Greek and Roman world. The B. A in Classical Studies is a 4-year interdisciplinary course that will introduce you to a wide array of topics in relation to mythology, religion, philosophy, art and much more. This course is best fit for students who have an interest in fields of Literature, Mythology and History, and are hoping to build their career in relation to it. Since the course is interdisciplinary, it can be associated with both the fields of Arts and Social Science, which would also open doors for many job opportunities in varied fields. 

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2. BESc in Biomedical Engineering

The 2nd popular course on our list is the Bachelor’s program in Biomedical Engineering, which deals with Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Imaging and Mechatronics. This specialization course is also interdisciplinary and shares its links to Engineering, Medicine, Health Science and many others. An interdisciplinary course has its perks as you get a wide array of opportunities from varied fields to work on so, if your interest lies with Biomedical Engineering, then there is no better option for you than to pursue it under the guidance of the expert faculty of Western University.

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3. BMOS in Human Resource Management

This Bachelor’s course in Human Resource Management is best for students who want to build their career in management. The Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) in Human Resource Management focuses on introducing students to the discipline of human resource and how it deals with human communication and behaviour. The course will also introduce several evidence-based studies, ethics and values, and other essential information based on research and practices that will help you completely understand the role of a Human Resource manager. 

This course is aimed to develop skills among students so that they can pursue their career in Human Resource Management; the university also has several internship facilities to support its cause. 

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4. B.A in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research

This course is ideal for students who are interested in the fields of Women Studies and Feminism. This Bachelor’s course is designed to enhance your knowledge about gender equality, sexuality, and the concepts of Feminism. This course can be very intriguing as it will cover the celebrated works of women in the field of Literature, who have changed the perception of the patriarchal world through their powerful words. Students (particularly women) who want to expand their knowledge on Feminism and understand the worth of literature produced by women with an aim to grant equal rights and how these works have succeeded in their fields. 

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5. Master of Laws (LLM)

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in Law and are hoping to pursue a Master’s degree from the best university in Canada, then Western University is your ideal destination. The LLM program in the university is highly ranked for its academic and student’s professional success. The course is designed to engage students in advanced scholarly research that will help them to prepare for the professional field. If you want to establish yourself as successful advocates, then this course is the best fit to hone your skills. 

There are two options available in the choose from, one being Thesis-Based and the other Project-Based, and both of its duration is 12 months. The first option is for students who want to enhance their academic career and expand their theoretical knowledge of Law, and the other course is for practitioners who want to enhance their professional life. 

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6. Master of Management of Applied Science (MMASc)

Number 6 on our list is a Master’s degree program that will help you develop management skills in Applied Science and Global Health Systems. With the help of the right education covering applied sciences and professional level training, this course aims to develop skills required in a professional. You will be provided with case-based learning and a professional environment where you can enhance and learn your business managing abilities. 

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7. Master of Business Administration

The Ivey Business School of Western University is popularly recognised for its various academic and professional management courses to help the students have a bright future. The MBA program is designed to help students gain expert knowledge in business administration; the course will teach them to develop analytical, leadership and problem-solving skills throughout their session, which is essentially required in a business environment. After completing the course, students can opt for various prestigious managerial positions in diverse fields. 

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8. Master of Engineering in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

For students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical or Biochemical Engineering, this master’s degree course offered by Western University is a great opportunity to expand their knowledge in both fields altogether in a single course. This course can be the best option if you are planning to build your career in desired fields, as this course will not only cover a wide array of topics related to both biochemical and chemical engineering but also open many opportunities for your career in different fields. 

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9. Master of Arts in English

A golden opportunity for students who have a Bachelor’s degree in English to enhance their knowledge more. The Master’s degree program in English is ideal for students who want to build their career in relation to the world of English Literature. Apart from literature, the course will focus on reconciliation, criminal accountability, post-colonial legacies, legal reconstruction, the environment, human rights, economic justice, healing circles, democratization, and many more disciplines. The interdisciplinary nature of this course will help you choose your career amongst various fields. 

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10. M.Sc. in Geophysics

Geophysics is a part of the Department of Earth and Science at Western University; this unique, intriguing field has two options to choose from, one being Thesis-Based and the other Project-Based designed to meet your requirements. 

The thesis-based program is designed to help young scientists conduct independent research in the field of Geophysics. They develop problem-solving and data analysing skills required to conduct research. The main aim of the program is to prepare students so that they can conduct research accurately and independently in the future. Whereas the project-based program is designed for professionals in applied Geophysics to help them in their career. 

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