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Best Community College Courses

Community colleges are educational institutions which are slightly different from normal colleges and universities. They are a crucial presence in the higher education sector in United States. Several important investments from the government have been done in community colleges which indicate their impact on American economy. They are the main employee development centers and engage in providing educational training, experienced trade programs and skills for students to prepare them for job positions in various sectors or for the creation of a foundation to pursue higher education in colleges or universities. The financial requirements for enrolling in such colleges are also comparatively better when compared to universities especially during the current pandemic period. There are more than a few positives like getting enrolled to any course regardless of the previous academic history, and lesser tuition and other fee prerequisites. The curriculum and the scheduling of the class hours are also lithe, comfortable for those who are in need. The fee of these colleges is rather than half than that of the public universities. So an enormous campus area and high-end infra structure would be unaffordable.

The admission procedures and other formalities are simpler so that joining up is just based on the course type, area and the cost of the program. Most of the community colleges in California are funded by the municipal corporations and are good at serving the needs of its residents.

The main difference between a university and a community college is that, they won’t provide with a Bachelor’s degree and the coures can be completed in 2 years time, whereas in a university it would take 4 years. Other major advantages include; an encouraging learning environment, reasonable, smaller classes, more career opportunities, increased course selection and many more.

Some of the community colleges and the well sort after courses they offer are listed below;

1. Gerontology Program by Santamonica College

Santa Monica is the 1st ranked college in California since 30 years. It offers an education with superior quality and provides infinite promises. The college is considered as one of a kind in education and a major contributor to the wellness of the community. There are a variety of departments with unique selection of courses.

The study of Gerontology and the chance to work with the older adults would really make a change in every learner’s life. They develop professionally and as a human being. The course completion provides a gerontology certificate by the college which acts as a support for primary level jobs such as caregiver, companion, social and human services assistant, and resident care provider.  It also gives the eligibility to apply for the State of California Senior Caregiver Training. The support is extended beyond college and helps to try for an basic career in the field of gerontology.

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2. Nursing Assistant by College of the Desert

The course is offered by the School Of Health Sciences And Education department of the College of the Desert. The college is a brilliant community college which has developed considerably through years with addition of courses and increase in the number of students. The institution is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC. The course in Gerontology is approved by the State of California Senior Caregiver Training. The course is offered in every semester and is a 6 unit course.

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3. Biology by Foothill College

The college is considered as the most stunning and flourishing community college in the United States. Foothill College has been founded by President Calvin C. Flint along with a Board of Trustees and is known for its outstanding fineness.

The program in Biology is designed to outline every single learner by the expert training faculty in the department. It is basically the learning about living beings and their interrelationship between each other and its surroundings. The career opportunities open to becoming professionals in domains of health, teaching, forestry, agriculture, environmental protection and conservation, wildlife biology, biotechnology, and basic research. The learners can also extend their study to higher education prospects.

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4. Mandarin by De Anza College

The college is at the top position with regard to the transfer of students to universities. The courses provided are diverse and closely interwoven with the interest of the learner. The college also provides extensive activities and students service programs.  

The course on Mandarin is interesting and unique in its way as the number of people who can Mandarin is roughly 15%. The course also helps to understand the relation of America with China, Chinese culture, and art, and also to improve the communication with the Chinese acquaintances, or business associates. About the course; it is effortless, exciting, and fascinating. The characters in the Chinese language closely resemble exclusive artworks and are interesting to learn. Along with the intermediate course, advanced courses are also available.

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5. Microbiology for Funeral Service by the American River College

The American River College is a medium-level public community college with a total of around 6116 students enrolled for under graduation.  The 100% acceptance rate makes it even better enough. Popular majors include Police and Criminal Science, Liberal Arts and Humanities, and Social Science Research Methods.

The course on Microbiology specialized in funeral service mainly covers the fundamental concepts and ideas of microbiology. It gains significance because of its application in sanitation, disinfection, public health, infectious disease, and embalming practice. They are associated with the Funeral Service Education. The student would be proficient enough to identify the basic morphology and physiology of microbes, the relationship between a host and a parasite, procedure of disinfection and sanitation, basics of infectious diseases, body defense mechanisms, transmission methods of pathogenic organisms, distinguishing of pathogens, and normal flora, and control and prevention methods of diseases pertaining to humans.

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6. Advanced Culinary Arts by Santa Barbara City College

The course presents with an Associate degree in Science (AS) by the culinary department of Santa Barbara College. The college is known for its building of a communally aware group of people who would be empowered citizens capable of altering the world for good. The principles followed by the college are education, association, and modernization.

The course provided in Advanced Culinary Arts makes the student ready for a career in the amiable business. The students get an opportunity to test their skills in theory in the college itself. The cafeteria, coffee shop, and Gourmet Dining Rooms provide space for the practicing of skills. The department of the Culinary Science and the college supports the learner to attain a certificate, and gain enough and more proficiency for a career or for the transfer to universities for further studies.  The career openings may be as chefs, managers at the cafeteria, dietary centers, food and nutrition service centers, bakery, dietary helper, food specialist, baker, and so forth.

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7. Respiratory Care Program by El Camino College

The college of El Camino is a sharing out of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).

The course on respiratory care is approved by the CoARC and it projects the creation of highly efficient professionals through the specifically designed curriculum. The program is set for the deployment of technology and specialized competency which ultimately leads to the victory of the leaner. The student would become an expert in the variety of areas of the care to be provided as a respiratory therapist. The learner would also be thorough in all the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains of the subject. The understanding of the subject along with the practical techniques and the attitude to be presented to the concerned person is also given preference. The students are provided with real-life experiences to handle every situation in any sensitive and serious condition. The course promises them to be registered respiratory care practitioners inside California and once after completing all the necessary requirements can move to other states too for higher prospects.

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8. Forensic Technology by Green River College

The program helps the students to have an opportunity to mingle with experts in investigation, toxicology, DNA, and autopsy procedures. The requirement for professionals in the field of forensics is constantly on the rise. The course is rather an interesting career that can be either pursued soon after the course completion or can go for further specialization in the field through transfer to universities. Forensic technology is surely an interesting yet risky field but can surely be fascinating. The choice of career are; forensic specialists, working in labs, and crime scene units, state highway patrol crime laboratories, federal law enforcement crime laboratories, or private crime laboratories.

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9. 3D Animation by Victor Valley College

The 3D animation course by the Victor Valley College is recognized by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The college encourages having a commitment to society, and an urge to reach success with its innovative outlook of equity and societal righteousness. They involve superior quality education, developing of work culture, and overall development of the learner.

The course is specially crafted for attaining the ability to get an upper hand in topics such as modeling 3D objects, creating realistic textures and materials, and camera and lighting techniques. All these help to bring out the ideas of the creator to life. The course is a special one with vivid applications in fields of the entertainment sector, business, architecture, mechanical designing, medical domain, and even in the courtroom and even for space investigation. The specified animation sector is highly competitive and provides lucrative job offerings. The creativity and imagination of the learner play a crucial role in the career.

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10. Speech-Language Pathology Assistant by Orange Coast College

The college is the best one in providing experienced teachers with unique teaching techniques. They are also providing online courses, honors classes, and other certificate programs with degrees. The institute aims at helping learners to accomplish their targets in life and reach an interesting career. The kind of knowledge provided to the students is really an inspiring and long-lasting one. They are motivated to work towards the goal in life and to reach up to the passion.  

The course of Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program professionally trains the learner to support the pathologist during the running of services in the specified area. They have to develop a sense of patience and proper communication in order to deal with patients, clients, and people who need assistance regarding the therapy, treatment, and the progress of recovery. The completion of the graduation ensures the granting of the State licensure through the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Speech-Language Pathology, and Audiology Board.

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