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Best Public Universities in the United States

Want to study in Europe? As a prospective student, are you looking for a public university that balances academic rigor with a student experience rich in opportunities? Look no further!

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the Best Public Universities in the U.S., based on data collected by Times Higher Education US College Rankings.

If you want to study at one of the leading public universities in the U.S., chances are that you can make a choice through our list given below. In the list, read further and learn about the top-ranked public universities in the United States.

University of California, Los Angeles

Founded in 1919, the University of California—Los Angeles is a public institution offers opportunities for inquiry, discovery, and education. The university is organized into six undergraduate colleges, seven professional schools, and four professional health science schools. It offers 337 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines and provides housing to over 10,000 undergraduate and 2,900 graduate students. The 2018 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges report ranked UCLA first among public universities.

UCLA is committed to helping students finance their educations, the Financial Aid and Scholarships office works closely with all students who need financial assistance. Tuition and fees for most doctoral and master’s programs are about $16,818 per year for California residents and about $31,920 annually for non-California residents.

Rank: 1st tie
Acceptance Rate: 18%
Tuition & Fees:

Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 310-825-4321

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California was founded in 1868, is the No. 1 public university in the world. Berkeley offers 106 Bachelor’s degrees, 88 Master’s degrees, 97 research-focused doctoral programs and 31 professionally focused graduate degrees. Berkeley’s 130-plus academic departments and programs are organized into 14 colleges and schools in addition to UC Berkeley Extension. Colleges are both undergraduate and graduate, while Schools are generally graduate only, though some offer undergraduate majors, minors, or courses. Total All Fees and Tuition (2 semesters) for undergraduate $45,014 and for graduate $33,734 (Does not include professional fees).

Rank: 1st
Acceptance Rate: 17.5%
Tuition & Fees:
Undergraduate $45,014 and Graduate $33,734
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: webmaster(@)

Best Public Universities in the United States

University of Virginia

Established in 1819 by Declaration of Independence author Thomas Jefferson, UVA offers 48 bachelor’s degrees, 94 master’s degrees, 55 doctoral degrees, 6 educational specialist degrees, and 2 first-professional degrees (Medicine and Law) to its students. UVA’s academic strength is broad, with 121 majors across the eight undergraduate and three professional schools. The University of Virginia is one of only two public universities in the United States that has a Triple-A credit rating from all three major credit rating agencies, along with the University of Texas at Austin. The Jefferson Scholars Foundation offers four-year full-tuition scholarships based on regional, international, and at-large competitions.

Rank: 2nd tie
Acceptance Rate:  28.9%
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $16,781 Out-of-state: $46,634
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: (434) 982-6000

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Founded on August 26, 1817, the University of Michigan is a large, four-year, residential research university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Its four-year, full-time undergraduate program comprises the majority of enrollments and emphasizes instruction in the arts, sciences, and professions with a high level of coexistence between graduate and undergraduate programs.

Its comprehensive graduate program offers doctoral degrees in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as well as professional degrees in architecture, business, medicine, law, pharmacy, nursing, social work, public health, and dentistry. Out-of-state undergraduate students pay between $36,001.38 and $43,063.38 annually for tuition while in-state undergraduate students pay between $11,837.38 and $16,363.38 annually.

Rank: 2nd
Acceptance Rate: 28.6%
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $14,826 Out-of-state: $47,476
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: +1 (734) 764-1817

Best Public Universities in the United States

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Established on December 11, 1789, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is one of three universities that claim to be the oldest public university in the United States. It is the second largest university in North Carolina, offer 71 bachelors, 107 masters and 74 doctoral degree programs. The most popular majors at UNC-Chapel Hill are Biology, Business Administration, Psychology, Media and Journalism, and Political Science. UNC-Chapel Hill also offers 300 study abroad programs in 70 countries. In the university, the cost of attendance is In-state: $25,407 Out-of-state: $50,990.

Rank: 3rd
Acceptance Rate: 26%
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $9,005 Out-of-state: $34,588
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: (919) 962-2211

Purdue University

Founded in 1869, Purdue offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in over 211 major for undergraduates, over 69 masters and doctoral programs, and professional degrees in pharmacy and veterinary medicine. It offers 19 master’s degree programs offered exclusively online, including for subjects like aviation management, communication, computer science, construction management, education, economics, and engineering. It is well known for its competitive engineering curricula.

Rank: 5th
Acceptance Rate: 55.8%
Tuition & Fees:
Resident $20,022 and Nonresident $38,824
Finance and Adm. Office Contact:  765-494-4600

Best Public Universities in the United States

University of California, Davis

Founded in 1905, The University of California, Davis has 102 undergraduate majors and 99 graduate programs that offer you the breadth and depth of opportunity to get an excellent education at one of the best public universities in the nation. Students have more than 100 majors to choose from at UC Davis, including sustainable environmental design and marine and coastal science.

UC Davis offers opportunities for shorter stays, lower-cost programs, scholarships, and loans. They also help you integrate classes abroad into your major so you can keep on track for progress toward graduation. In the university, their undergraduate cost of attendance for the resident living on-campus is $35,731 and for nonresident living on-campus is$63,745.

Rank: 6th
Acceptance Rate: 42.3%
Tuition & Fees:
Nonresident – $42,400.52 and Resident – $14,386.52
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 530-752-1011

Georgia Institute of Technology

Founded on October 13, 1885, the Georgia Institute of Technology is a leading research university committed to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology. Georgia Tech has six colleges and 28 schools and provides a technologically focused education to more than 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students in fields ranging from engineering, computing, and sciences, to business, design, and liberal arts. Georgia Tech is ranked 7th among all public national universities in the United States, based on U.S. News & World Report. It is well recognized for its degree programs in engineering, computing, business administration, the sciences, design, and liberal arts.

Rank: 7th
Acceptance Rate: 25%
Tuition & Fees:
Residents – $10,008 and Nonresidents – $30,604
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 404-894-2000

Best Public Universities in the United States

University of California, San Diego

Founded in 1960, the University California, San Diego is one of the world’s leading public research universities,  offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, enrolling about 28,000 undergraduate and 7,000 graduate students. UC San Diego Summer Session offers more than 600 courses from over 40 disciplines to help you accelerate your progress to degree and deepen your intellectual curiosity. UC San Diego offers opportunities for students to gain hands-on research experience and training to lead in a new world.

UC San Diego is organized into six undergraduate residential colleges, five academic divisions, and five graduate and professional schools. The university also offers a continuing and public education program through UC San Diego Extension. Approximately 50,000 enrollees per year are educated in this branch of the university, which offers over 100 professional and specialized certificate programs.

Rank: 7th
Acceptance Rate:  35.9%
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $14,028 Out-of-state: $42,042
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 92093-0021 or (858) 534-2230

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Founded in 1867 as a land-grant institution, the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign is a public research university in the U.S. state of Illinois. Illinois can help make your dreams a reality. They have 16 colleges and instructional units that provide more than 150 undergraduate programs and more than 100 graduate and professional programs. Illinois offers a wide range of disciplines in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is often regarded as a world-leading magnet for engineering and sciences (both applied and basic).

Illinois Honors is an interconnected array of special opportunities for undergraduate students of high ambition and academic achievement. Each year they welcome more than 32,000 undergraduate students across their nine undergraduate divisions – offering nearly 5,000 courses in more than 150 fields of study and awarding about 7,000 new degrees each spring.

Rank: 8th
Acceptance Rate: 66%
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $15,868 Out-of-state: $31,988
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 217-333-1000 or 217-333-0100

Best Public Universities in the United States

University of Florida

Founded in 1853, the University of Florida is a leader in online education, allowing you to experience life as a Gator and graduate with the same valued credentials as your on-campus peers. The UF is home to 16 academic colleges, more than 150 research centers and institutes, and the library of 30 certificates, 100 undergraduate majors, and 200 graduate programs. It offers multiple graduate professional programs—including business administration, engineering, law, dentistry, medicine, and veterinary medicine—on one contiguous campus, and administers 123 master’s degree programs and 76 doctoral degree programs in 87 schools and departments. At UF, combined degrees can save up to a dozen credit hours, which translate to almost $9,000 in tuition.

Rank: 9th (tied)
Acceptance Rate:  38%
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $6,389 Out-of-state: $28,666
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: (352) 392-3261

The University of Texas at Austin

Founded on September 15, 1883, the University of Texas at Austin provides public access to a first-class education and the tools of discovery. UT Austin is home to more than 51,000 students and 3,000 teaching faculty, provides a place to explore countless opportunities for tomorrow’s artists, scientists, athletes, doctors, entrepreneurs, and engineers. At UT Austin, you can explore their wide variety of undergraduate degrees, which span 13 colleges and schools and encompass more than 170 fields of study. Choose from more than 100 graduate fields of study offered through their many highly-ranked academic programs and departments.

Rank: 10th
Acceptance Rate: 39.2%
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $10,136 Out-of-state: $35,766
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 512-471-3434

Best Public Universities in the United States

Ohio State University

Founded in 1870 as a land-grant university, the Ohio State University is private university offers a rich landscape of 200+ majors. It is home to the Wexner Medical Center and world-class graduate and undergraduate programs. It has an extensive student life program, with over 1,000 student organizations, intercollegiate, club and recreational sports programs, student media organizations and publications, fraternities and sororities, and three student governments. Tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students are among the lowest in the Big Ten.

Rank: 13th
Acceptance Rate: 49.1%
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $10,591 Out-of-state: $29,695
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 614-292-3980

Arizona State University

Established in 1885, Arizona State University is a public research university ranked #1 in the U.S. for innovation, dedicated to accessibility and excellence. ASU offers over 250 majors to undergraduate students, and more than 100 graduate programs leading to numerous masters and doctoral degrees in the liberal arts and sciences, design and arts, engineering, journalism, education, business, law, nursing, public policy, technology, and sustainability. These programs are divided into 16 colleges and schools which are spread across ASU’s six campuses. ASU also offers the 4+1 accelerated program, which allows students in their senior year to attain their master’s degree the following year

Rank: 31st
Acceptance Rate: 83%
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $10,792 Out-of-state: $27,372
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 480-965-2100

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