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Saci Books International Writing Competition for 4 to 17 Years Students

The Saci Books is proud to announce the “2021, 1st​ Best Children’s Writing CompetitionAwards”. This fun-filled competition gives an opportunity for children from 4 to 17 years of age to put their best foot forward. This year’s 2021 competition has been kindly sponsored by Saci Books hoping to help children explain their concerns and opinions of having been through a pandemic in an artistic sense. Applications are now open for this exciting competition attracting children from across the world. So, if you believe that your child has thoughts and opinions that need to be heard by the world, or if you are a young soul looking for an opportunity to showcase your talent, then this competition is the right fit for you. You can speak about and express how the year 2020 has been for you through a song, a comic strip, a poem, a short story, a paragraph or absolutely anything your imagination taps.

The “2021, 1st​ Best Children’s Writing Competition” is an initiative of the “Saci Books” to instil in children a desire to articulate, write and express their thoughts and opinion and an opportunity to hear that of their peers. It facilitates the expression of emotions, feelings, concepts, and values to the other in a comparatively permanent manner. Writing facilitates and improves analytical and innovative thinking, as well as assists in the organising of ideas and the development of communication skills. Competitions also help young authors and illustrators establish the practice. They must first complete the story in order to win a prize. Then look over it again and again, show it nicely, and most importantly, turn it in on time. Discipline is an important attribute to cultivate for those who wish to be skilled authors and illustrators.

Saci Books’ central conviction is that “stories have the ability to cure.” They are so convinced of the ability of stories to repair personal and collective wounds, extend awareness, share cultural beauty, and bring people together that their ideas are selected with a little extra care. They came into being by making misery into poetry, publishing their first novel, The Boy Who Didn’t Like the Night, which was written by a 4-year-old boy and drawn by his mother. This lovely family initiative began as a casual conversation between a mother and her son, and it is now inspiring families all over the world to share their own stories. They want to give those who haven’t heard a voice; they want to ensure that everybody, regardless of age, ethnicity, race, sexuality, or nationality, has a voice and that their storey is worth telling. This is what led them to introduce this writing competition.

Brief Description

The following table provides an overview of the entire scholarship:

Organization Saci Books
Educational Level 4 to 17 years students
Subjects N/A
Amount N/A
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards 10
City Sydney
Nationality International
Country Australia
Application Deadline April 19, 2021
Application Fees None
Requirement Essay

Who May Be Eligible

Children in the age group of 4 to 17 years are eligible to take part in this competition. Children who do not know how to write yet can ask an adult to transcript their piece. All entrants under the age of 16 must-have parent/guardian permission to participate. The competition is open to entries from all over the world but it will only accept entries written in the English language.

How to Apply

Participants are required to submit a song, a comic strip, a poem, a short story, a paragraph or illustrations on any topic of their choice. Entries must be submitted electronically via email  tohello@sacibooks.comwith the subject COMPETITION. Applicants are also requested to include their name and age in the mail. Formats accepted are .doc, .docx or .pdf.


Winning Entrants will have their piece published by Saci Books in hardcopy and ebook format. They will receive a publishing agreement with the publishing steps and author compensation based on a percentage of royalties to be paid based on book sales. There is​ no ​cash prize upfront. Winning Entrants will receive a certificate of achievement and a copy of ‘The Boy Who Didn’t Like The Night’.

Application Deadline

The applications are open till April 19, 2021. To be considered for this competition, please send your entries by then.

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