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World Oceans Day Photo Competition

United Nations announced the UN World Oceans Day Photo Competition, which is curated by Ellen Cuylaerts and a jury composed of world-renowned individuals. June 8th, also known as World Oceans Day, is when people recognize that our oceans are essential to securing food and survival of all life forms on the planet Earth. World Oceans Day encourages people to make a difference in their lives, communities and actions for present and future generations. The world’s oceans face huge challenges like plastic pollution, overfishing and climate change. UN believes that by working together, we can achieve a healthier ocean, which can provide for the billions of humans, animals and plants. The World Oceans Day Photo Competition is open and free to convey a feeling or message and to inspire the creation of imagery capturing the beauty, the challenges and the importance of the ocean and humankind relationship.

Photo contests can give contestants a direction because there are times photographs drift. Photograph competitions give clear guidelines and directions for people. Winners can have their photos displayed at an event or location and gain recognition from different people. Contestants can even improve their skills by trying something new and something that is out of their comfort zone.

United Nations is one place where the world’s nations can gather together to discuss common problems and find mutual solutions. Founded in 1945, the United Nations is a well-known international organization and is comprised of 193 Member states. The UN and its work are guided by the purposes and principles included in its founding Charter. Over the years since its establishment, the UN has evolved to catch up with a rapidly changing world, but one thing remained the same. It is and has always been one place on Earth where all the world’s nations can gather together and discuss mutual problems.

Brief Description

Refer to the below table for more details of the scholarship:

Organization United Nations
Educational Level All
Subjects All
Amount Varies
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards Varies
City Brussels
Nationality International
Country Belgium
Application Deadline April 30, 2021
Application Fees N/A
Requirement Up to 3 photographs in each of the six total categories

Who May Be Eligible

  • Anyone with any level of photography skills can participate
  • Staff and judges involved in the contest cannot participate

How to Apply

Entrants can submit their entries by first registering on the website and logging into their account. They can click on a category and submit up to three images in each of the following categories:

  • The Ocean: Life & Livelihoods
  • Above Water Seascapes
  • Underwater Seascapes
  • Digital Ocean Photo Art
  • Faces of the Sea
  • Oceanic Discoveries

Supporting Documents

  • Up to three photographs in each of the six total categories


Winners of the World Oceans Day Photo Competition will be announced on June 8th, 2021, in New York, during a virtual UN World Oceans Day event. This event will be hosted by Oceanic Global as a strategic partner for the day, and the winning photos will also be published on shortly afterwards. The winning images and finalists can gain recognition and diffusion through widely exposure on the contest websites, the media and the informational materials related to subsequent competitions. Previous winning photos have even been printed for exhibitions all around the world.

Application Deadline

All photo entries for this competition must be submitted by April 30, 2021, at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST).

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