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USC Best Majors

The University of Southern California is one of the world-renowned Universities there is. With a graduation rate of 95% and offering some of the best majors, producing the best alumni, USC is definitely up there in the best universities in the US.

And today, we are going to list down the best and the most popular majors that USC has to offer. We will have a look at the number of graduates currently, number of Alumni, and more while compiling this list together.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.


With business being the most popular major at USC, it has 1,022 Graduates currently. The program is built for digitally-driven students ready to enter the business world. The Online MBA program infuses core disciplines with skills in emerging topics like virtual communications, analytics, and remote team management. The goal is to turn graduates into multifaceted leaders in the evolving global marketplace, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. The program begins with a one-week on-campus session. The remaining courses in the program are solely online.


Biology comes at second with 282 Graduates enrolled currently. This course was created for both mid-career clinical and management professionals. The biology program from the USC Price School delivers a transformative graduate-level educational experience designed to prepare the nation’s leading health care professionals.


Communications has 270 Graduates enrolled at USC currently. The program serves both new and experienced professionals who want to become transformative leaders, drive innovation, and positively affect global business communication. Core classes in communication theory and applied research set the foundation in strategic corporate communication, integrated and global marketing, change management, and other areas. While in communication management, the students learn strategies for real-world business situations in collaboration with top-tier faculty and working professionals. Students explore psychological and societal impacts of marketing messages, evaluate theory and research-based on value and attitude formation, and interpret data to measure the success of campaigns or initiatives.

Computer Science

228 Graduates enrolled in computer science and engineering; the Computer Engineering department promotes students to have creative applications of engineering principles and methods to design and development hardware and software systems. The Master of Science in Computer Engineering interlaces the design, development, testing, and evaluation of components, systems, and networks.

International Relations

With 223 Graduates in the International Relations program, it integrates all the major disciplines bearing on relations and leadership in the modern, interconnected socio-economic and political environment. At USC, students connect cutting-edge research to the practice of public policy and management to be vital in the field of international relations.

Economics & Accounting

Economics has 198 Graduates enrolled in the major, while accounting has 187 graduates. The course is designed for working professionals in public accounting, private industry, and governmental and regulatory agencies who wish to remain fully employed while pursuing their graduate studies. This 30-unit degree consists of ten three-unit courses. Students complete five required courses, then choose five additional tax electives. Faculty and students meet regularly via live video discussion forums, where they examine course concepts, review assignments, and exchange ideas about current events in business taxation. Core course content—including mini-lectures, guest experts, case studies, and interactive exercises—is available in the Virtual Classroom, which students can access at any time, and complete at their own pace each week. Faculty office hours and peer group breakout sessions take place via video web chat.


With 157 Graduates enrolled in the Psychology program, the program curriculum is at the intersection of psychology theory, research, and practice in business settings. USC offers concentrations in both Organizational Psychology and Consumer Psychology, both of which are central to the crucial missions of successfully managing a workforce and marketing services in the increasingly global marketplace.

Political Science and Government

The political science program has 141 Graduates, which prepares students to advance their careers in the field of political sciences. Students will gain knowledge and skills like management, events and go through courses that address topics such as globalization, diversity, and innovations in a variety of sectors. Sustainability and ethical practices are core themes explored throughout the program.


Engineering has 137 Graduates enrolled in the major. USC offers a multitude of courses in engineering that branch out in other aspects. The Masters in Mechanical Engineering prepares students for immediate and effective participation in the modern infrastructure workforce through a common core that includes smart-system design for sustainable infrastructures, the societal and regulatory context of infrastructure engineering decisions, and construction management.

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