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The Best Speed Reading Courses

Reading is a common process of staring at a group of letters and symbols and apprehending the meaning of the text or symbols. This can be done by anyone who has learnt to make out the alphabets and identify the numerals. But the fluency in reading may not be attained by all in the same manner. Some may have the ability to read faster and understand and memorize the written material more than another. The ability to read at a faster pace and improved understanding can be useful for enhanced performance by the brain.

Human brain has the unique ability to work and adjust according the training available. Speed reading increases the memory power of the brain and leads to faster understanding and superior memory power. A speed reader’s reading speed will be considerably higher than a normal reader’s. This will increase the factual content and thereby enhancing the social awareness about what is happening around us as more information is gathered by the brain due to vast reading.

Studies also prove that when a lot of information is introduced into the brain at the same time, the ability to comprehend will go down. Even though cognitive scientists do not go with the fact of speed reading improving the memory and brain functioning; there are bundles of courses provided by various providers to shoot up the reading speed.

1. Become A Superlearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory by Udemy

The course enables the reader to read at rate about three times faster than the normal reading speed which indirectly improves understanding and preservation of information. Techniques for improving memorization are also scheduled in the course. The methods of extracting information from the reading material and processing the information obtained from the text helps to be retained in the memory and can be applied even during teaching.

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2. Speed Reading Foundation Course by Iris Reading

The course is an online kind of rendering in the form of video lessons. When there is enough and more to be read and the person is extremely busy with other scheduled activities, the course helps to improve the speed in reading within a shorter period of time. Certain practically applicable techniques are provided in between the main lessons which help to increase the comprehension and amplify the memory retaining abilities. The program is the best choice for students, professionals, and those who are still yearning to learn.

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3. The Only Speed Reading Program by Mindvalley

The course promises to improve the understanding capacity and heighten the memory and retaining of learned items. The ability to dominate the brain by self and to absorb the information at the heightened speed like that of a superhuman is the promise made by the course provider. The speed of the reading is ensured to increase by two times and there by influence the entire personality development and growth of the learner.  Jim Kwik guarantees the learning accomplishment within 21 days through the online method of delivery. The coach himself leads the learner everyday for 10-20 minutes and extends his help in stimulating the nerves and reversing the unwelcome methods of reading which the learner would have been conditioned to from the time of a kid. Certain days are allotted for the practicing of strategies for enhancing the brain to process information. Other days the skills to process the mind’s activity for practicing the skills are trained. The trainer guarantees to enable the reader with the fastest possible rate.  

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4. Speed Reading Course for Professionals by Rev It Up Reading

The classes are available the whole time making it accessible in the form of 9 interactive sessions with each module covering 20-30 minutes. It is considered a certificate program with tricks and tips to improve reading speed.  It has been a boon to many professionals who had been trying hard to cope up with the difficulties in the pace of reading.

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5. Learning Speed Reading by LinkedIn Learning

The program is aimed at everybody who would like to increase their reading speed. The scientific understanding of the comprehending part of a reading session and the pace at which the understanding takes place are considered in the course. The founder of Iris Reading, Paul Nowak initially tracks down the normal reading speed of the learner and then prescribes the essential techniques to improve the rate. The habit of reading that slows down the reading speed of the learner is also discovered and advises methods to overcome it. He reinforces certain methods to practice and explore innovative skills. The importance of memory retention and its significance in understanding a reading matter by the practicing technique of ‘Read and Recall’ for reading different types of reading contexts. The author has a history of conducting such classes at NASA and GOOGLE.

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6. Kwik Reading by Kwik Brain

Most of the professionals of today are yearning for time to do something productive or things that interest them, but due to the busy schedule, they are seldom able to move forward with the thought. To overcome this, a method of reading and thinking in smarter ways has been introduced through the course. Reading skills are like other skills that can be improved with patience and practice. The course helps to improve the reading speed considerably creating a brand new way of developing the pace of reading. Reading has been always considered to be a powerful aspect of a person to help them improve in the highly competitive world. The program is delivered online as 21 daily sessions.

The achievers are those who always want to read quicker, focus sharper, and set free their inner mastermind and are the real ones who benefit from the course. The course offers the basic principles of the reading world, practice with the Infinity Finger technique, and introduction of 3R’s to increase understanding.

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7. Legentas Speed Reading Course

The course ensures to increase the speed of reading to twice. The time of every individual is worth it and so this course helps to save time by improving the reading pace of the learner in any context. This ability helps to work smarter at schools or workplaces and is of course the attractive point in the resume. The class progresses through interactive activities and a small session of theory. Since the course is offered online, it is convenient for the learners to learn from anywhere at all.

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8. Merrill Ream Speed Reading by ED2GO

The necessity to learn to read faster has become an essential way to keep up with the flood of emails, books, articles, and reports that comes across in the daily schedule. The lessons are systematically presented so that the speed of reading is considerably increased and the memory retaining power remains even after the duration of the course well instilled in the mind. The course is a 6-week program and is administered online. The course also helps the learner to identify the reasons which are responsible for slowing down of reading and the ability to read faster with higher understanding and the ability to remember things more effectively.

The program focuses on; practicing eye movements for speed reading, understanding about regulated reading with higher understanding, examining the retinal image phenomena, exploring the bad reading habits and try to overcome them, comprehension improving skills, techniques to measure the rate of reading speed, and exploring of the vocabulary skills that can contribute much to the individual speed-reading approach.

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9. High Intensity Learning by Skillshare

The course provides faster learning methods and easier remembering techniques delivered by Manik Madaan who is a Doctor, You Tuber, and a Super Learner. The procedures for learning are introduced as life-changing facts as people are made to realize that reading is something that can be enhanced by practice. The learning method is given a name as; High-Intensity Learning. This is where the use of reading and practiced skills helps to enhance memory retention and improved understanding in a lesser amount of time. The class is broken down into 3 chunks of Focus, Understanding, and Remembering. The most effective methods of memorization are being made use of in the course such as Creative visualization, 2X Active Recall, The Major System, The Peg System, Spatial Learning, Speed Reading, Skimming, and Spatial Notes. The techniques are proven to show assured results in memory maintenance and the learners would not have to rely on revisions anymore.

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10. Speed Reading Bootcamp for Professionals by Executive Mind

The problem faced by most of the people in the reading and re-reading of the same line over and over again that appears on a computer screen. This not only leads to the waste of time and manpower but is a big waste of time. The class is the best choice for such a busy populace where they help us to handle such long documents and easily understand without being had to read it over many times with a persistent focus on the matter. The course might result in being one of the biggest investments in everyone’s life.

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