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TeachKind’s Teacher Appreciation International Contest 2021

With the aim of providing respect and appreciation towards the hardworking educators who are providing service for years towards education and development, TeachKind’s annual appreciation has taken a step. In this regard, Peta under TeachKind’s category announces its annual Teacher Appreciation Contest appreciation. The contest is especially for all those educators who are doing great services towards animal rights education. There is also the option for nominating someone else for the contest or you can nominate yourself if you belong to the world of educators. It is really difficult being a teacher teaching around the generation to come. Education is the weapon to mold lives for better purposes. Therefore, teachers are the main source for shaping a better world.

This contest is a way to deliver your gratitude towards teachers helping out to improve the mode of education around the nation. Due to Covid 19 situations, there are many changes towards the teaching-learning process. Instead of such situations, teachers are making their possible efforts in enabling the teaching and learning process. Through this contest, people will understand the importance of teachers and their effort in their lives. Therefore, this contest gives back a small token of appreciation towards the teachers. Especially, there are multiple ways of teaching compassion towards education to the students. Some of the teachers use innovative ways to support local animals through fundraising events.

Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest organization supporting animal’s rights and preservations. The organization has got around 6.5 million members and supporters working for animal rights and education. The organization not only looks after animal rights but also delivers public education regarding animals and how to improvise their conditions. They oppose animal cruelty and the destruction of their rights.

Brief Description

Get quick information through this table:

Organization PETA
Educational Level All
Subjects All
Amount $800
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards One
City Norfolk
Nationality International
Country United States
Application Deadline  May 21, 2021
Application Fee Nil
Requirements Teachers

Who may be Eligible?

Teachers who are working towards animal rights and improvisation can apply for this contest. There is also the option of nominating someone else who is an educator who is working out for animals through their teaching process. There are multiple ways of providing your thoughts and sharing them for the compassion of animal care.

How to apply?

The entrants or the nominees can apply through the online portal of the PETA website. In order to apply for the contest, you can fill up the application form and answer the questions asked through the form. Depending upon the answers for these questions and below and selecting the entries with the most inspiring responses the winners will be selected. If you are an animal lover or if you know someone who has work towards animal education and rights, this contest is for you and all those you know are working towards this motive.


This contest is simply to encourage teachers who are not supposed to be superhuman but can considerably present their effort in helping animal rights. This contest will showcase the endless efforts of teachers teaching students to have compassion for animals. It will create awareness among people for animal rights and compassion. Showing gratitude to those who are already working will create motivation for better work.

Application Deadline

The applications will end by 21st May 2021. Therefore, those who are really interested in getting this reward kindly applies before the due date.

The winners will get $800 along with a Get Me Started Bundle, a brand new cookie box from the meal delivery company MamaSezz, and a free animal-free leather backpack from von Holzhausen a variety of cruelty-free cleaning products from ZolaTerra, and a gift basket for the teachers. These all can be yours or someone you appreciate through this contest.

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