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Mars Society Poster Contest

The Mars Society is the World’s largest space advocacy group dedicated to the Human Exploration and Settlement of Red planet. They are organizing a poster contest for which the deadline is June 30, 2021. All the posters are needed to be submitted in photoshop or pdf form. The candidates from across the globe are invited to take part in the contest. All age groups are allowed. The theme of the contest is “Take Flight” which has been based on NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter having made its historic aerial flight over the surface of Mars as part of the Perseverance Mission and the continuing development of SpaceX’s starship flight system, which will help open up Mars and the Solar system for detailed exploration.

Taking part in a contest organized by such an esteemed organization will help candidates gain an experience of a lifetime. The winning poster will be used as the primary promotional graphic for the Society’s event of the year- The 24th Annual International Mars Society Convention. Participating in the context will open up vast fields for the participants and help them increase their creativity. Having a look at the posters designed by their companions will help them open innovative doors in their mind. Having all age group from all over the world will be very useful to have a look at the theme from a different perspective.

The Mars Society is the World’s most influential space advocacy organization dedicated to human life exploration ns settlement on the Red Planet Mars. The Society was established in 1988 by a group of people under the supervision of Dr Robert Zubrin. The groups work in the field of educating the public, the media and the government on the advantages of exploring Mars and creating a permanent presence of the human race on the planet.

Brief Description

Refer to the following table for more details regarding the contest:

Organization The Mars Society
Educational Level All
Subject All
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards 1
City Colorado
Nationality All
Country USA
Application Fee N/A
Application Deadline June 30, 2021
Requirements Posters

Who is Eligible?

Candidates from all over the world are invited to participate in the Poster Contest. Either it is members of the society or the friends, students, space advocates and the General Public of all age groups are allowed to take part in the Annual Design Competition of The Mars Society. All they have to do is submit artwork on the decided theme TAKING FLIGHT.

How to Apply?

All the artworks are to be submitted at the email: The Technical Requirements to be noted while designing the posters are as follows:

  • The theme of the poster is TAKING FLIGHT with reference to NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter making its historic ariel flight over the surface of Mars.
  • The poster size should be 11 ̎ × 17 ̎.
  • There are no restrictions with regard to the use of colours.
  • If selected, the designer needs to submit the full poster as well as a grayscale copy.
  • Poster Designs should be submitted in Photoshop or as a pdf file.


Taking part in this competition will provide great opportunities to the applicants in the future. The winning poster will be used as the primary promotional graphic for the organization’s main event of the year- The 24th Annual International Mars Society Convention- to be held virtually from October 14, 2021, to October 17, 2021.

Application Deadline

The last date to submit the posters is June 30th 2021, 5:00 p.m. MST.

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