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Global Peace Photo Award for Domestic and International Students

Global Peace Photo Award 2021 is now live. The Global Peace Photo Award honours and celebrates artists from around the globe whose images depict human aspirations for a more prosperous world, as well as the search for beauty and goodness in our daily lives. The award is given to the images that best express the notion that peaceful coexistence is the way of the future. This year’s 2021 competition has been kindly organised by Editor Lammerhuber in collaboration with the Photographische Gesellschaft (PHG), UNESCO, the Austrian Parliament, the Austrian Parliamentary Reporting Association, the International Press Institute (IPI), the German Youth Photography Award, and the World Press Photo Foundation. Applications are now open for this exciting competition attracting talented photographers who strive to deliver a message through their photos.

The Global Peace Photo Award for the best photo of peace is not an award for escapism, sunsets, or the sweetest smile, nor does it ridicule insightful reportage photography, which by its very nature reflects the suffering of our planet. It is, however, an award that invites professional photographers to imagine what inspires hope at the highest level: from private attempts to help refugees to effective development aid; from images of personal satisfaction to illustrations of group spirit; from poverty to a prosperous nature conservation project; From permissible retreat to quiet niches to fervent resistance to injustice; from significant developments in medicine and environmental conservation to the rebuilding of ruined cities The Global Peace Photo Award honours people’s desire to care for and respect one another. Alfred Fried and Tobias Asser, Nobel Peace Laureates in 1911, were the inspiration for this project.

Alfred Hermann Fried was a pacifist and poet from Austria. Fried, along with Tobias Michael Carel Asser, organiser of the first International The Hague Peace Conference and instigator of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911 for founding the journal Die Waffen Nieder! (Lay down your arms!) and other peace events.

Brief Description

The following table provides an overview of the entire scholarship:

Organization  Global Peace Photo Award
Educational Level All
Subjects All
Amount €10,000
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards Variable
City N/A
Nationality Domestic and international
Country Austria
Application Deadline May 23, 2021
Application Fees None
Requirement Photo

Who May Be Eligible?

Candidates need to meet the following eligibility criteria to take part in the Global Peace Photo Award:

  • The candidates must be passionate about photography and can be 14 years old or younger
  • The applicant can be from any country
  • The applicant must have no legal charges restricting their entry into Austria for the award ceremony, in case they win

How to Apply

In order to apply for the competition, the interested candidates are required to fill an online form. To get the application form and the details regarding the same, please Click Here.

Additionally, you are required to submit a photo. You may submit your submission in the form of a.jpg file or folders. You may make updates or erase your submissions at any time before the deadline. Before the submission date, you must complete and apply your entry.

Each entry (single picture or story) must include an English caption with a maximum length of 2000 characters.


The Alfred Fried Peace Medal will be given to the top five photographers on the list. The winner of the Peace Image of the Year would get a prize of €10,000. The winning photograph will be shown for a year at the Austrian Parliament and will be added to the Austrian Parliament’s permanent art collection. In an exhibition in the heart of Baden, the winners of the Global Peace Photo Award will be shown with other excellent peace photographs. On July 19, 2021, the winners of the contest will be celebrated in an outdoor ceremony. Baden has also extended an invitation to the laureates.

Application Deadline

The applications are open till May 23, 2021. To be considered for this competition, please send your entries by then.

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