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Fitness Training Certification Courses

If you are someone who has been into fitness for many years, then you will know how important it is. Working out is basically a healthy drug. You feel better, happier and satisfied. Every day you feel like an improved version of yourself. And you will be insanely confident taking off your shirt! If you are someone who enjoys working out and also know what you are doing, then being a fitness trainer is probably a great career option for you. But just being fit and enjoying working out is not enough to be a reliable trainer. Your clients should be able to trust you and should believe that you are going to help them get fit. You should be certified for that.

Only certified fitness trainers get hired in gyms and fitness centers. And even if you are starting your own gym, you need to be certified. When it comes to fitness, you can never learn enough. Even when it comes to the basics, the form of every exercise is important and doing a fitness certification course will make sure that you know the proper form of every exercise.

We have put together a list of the top 10 online fitness training certification courses.  So, choose your pick and get your career started.

1. Compare Certification Programs by ISSA

ISSA is known globally as one of the best fitness brands in the world. They are pioneers in the fitness industry and are known for their efficient and productive training programs and highly trained instructors. ISSA stands for international Sports Sciences Association and true to their name, they have branches everywhere in the world through their online only policy. They provide everything from personal training to nutrition. So, getting a certification course from them is going to give you immense value in your career and will also ensure that you know all the fundamentals about exercising and nutrition. The course includes practice exams and quizzes and also a ton of video lectures and audio lectures detailing how to do specific workouts. They also have an online student Forum. The course is pricey but it is definitely worth the money you spend. Plus, they provide frequent discounts also which you will have to wait for. They also have the highest pass rate with 90 percent of their students clearing the test. You will have to get recertified after every two years. 

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2. Courses by NASM

NASM stands for National Academy of Sports Medicine. NASM is a highly reputed and respected brand name in the fitness industry. They provide an NCCA approved online personal training certification which has been around since 1987. The course focuses heavily on the precision of doing exercises and the importance of maintaining good form. NASM is especially popular in the united states with over 50,000 personal trainers receiving their certification. NASM provides 4 different types of courses which includes self-study program, premium self-study program, guided study program and the all-inclusive program. You can pick whichever one you like based on your convenience and your budget. The course starts from a price of 699 USD and the all inclusive package costs 2199 USD. The material provided to you will depend on the type of course you choose.

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3. Courses by Fitness Mentors

Fitness Mentors is one of the only websites that is dedicated to training fitness enthusiasts into full fledged physical fitness trainers. Even though Fitness Mentors isn’t as reputed as the other sites on this list, their courses provide enough and more training and resources in order to compete with the big guns. They have a lot of options for customers to choose from with very wide price ranges. The basic starter package is priced at a budget friendly 399 USD and the most advanced Ultimate Bundle is priced at 1499 USD. Their courses contain digital textbooks, audio books, quizzes, practise exams and even a Facebook support group. They provide everything a student will need to ace their personal trainer certifying exam with ease. The premium ultimate bundle contains flash cards and an exam prep guide and also offers a pass guarantee. So, if you have some money to spend, then we recommend you get the premium package to make sure you get everything you need and clear the exam on your first try. The certification expires after 2 years and after that you will have to renew it.

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4. Courses by NCSF

NCSF stands for National Council on Strength and Fitness and is an amazing option if you prefer an academic approach to fitness and living healthy. NCSF has built up quite a name for its own and is one of the best fitness certifying agencies online. They have all the basic requirements you would expect from a good PT cert. The NCSF course provides 5 course options. The first one only includes the exam and costs 299$. You can take this only if you already are very good with fitness and fitness related information. If you are confident that you can clear the test without any help then this is for you. They also provide a Home Study Course which provides resources like digital textbooks, review quizzes, video lectures and a one-year membership.  The most expensive package is the workshop plus package which includes everything in the home study package and access to their workshops too. This package is perfect if you are a relative beginner to the fitness industry and want to have all the training you can get.

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5. Courses by ACE

The American Council on Exercise is one of the rarest certification websites that is NCCA certified. ACE is known globally for its amazing fitness programs and certification courses. Their certification course Is very flexible and does not have a specific focus point.  The website has certified over 85000 trainers which is very impressive. The website provides practice tests, personal training manuals and an ACE study companion. They make sure that by the time you take your exam you know everything you will want to know about fitness. They also provide tons of practice questions and tests to make you familiar with the question patterns.

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6. Courses by AFAA

The Athletics and Fitness Association of America is one of the most famous fitness certification websites in the United States. They offer many courses including nutrition expert certification, personal trainer certification, yoga trainer certification etc. The website helps you to turn your love for fitness into your profession by providing some of the best-in-class certification courses. Their fitness training certification costs 499 USD and includes a ton of resources. The website provides a personal fitness trainer downloadable guide and also 14 online video lectures which covers everything you should know about being a fitness trainer. They also provide a lot of sample tests and question papers for you to be familiar with their testing pattern and avoid any surprises. When its time to take your test, they provide a completely monitored and verified online exam with 120 multiple choice questions. Once you clear the exam successfully, you will be an AFAA certified personal trainer and it is going to do wonders to your career.

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7. Courses by NFPT

NFPT stands for National Federation of Professional Trainers. This is an organization for fitness trainers and they have been providing certification for trainers for quite some years now. The website helps you to merge your healthy lifestyle into your career. They provide all the necessary training and resources for you to study and prepare yourself to be a certified trainer. Their courses are crafted by trainers with 30+ years of experience in the field of fitness. The website supports you all along the way and provides you with all the support you need. They are also providing a discount of 100 USD for their current course which is even better.

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8. Courses by PTDC

The Personal Trainer Development Center, or PTDC, is a large platform dedicated to the advancement of high-quality health and fitness prescriptions built on the foundation of entrepreneurial success. Jonathan Goodman, a fitness industry legend, founded the company, which provides one of the industry’s premier instructional experiences for online trainers, a fast-growing market area. It emphasizes the principles of running an online fitness business above the science and application of programming and health and fitness prescription. That’s because it’s written with the idea that you’ve accumulated enough experience and general credentials to comprehend health and fitness concepts and are now looking to round out your skill set with some business knowledge. The cheapest option of the course is the essentials package which costs 799 USD.

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9. Courses by OTF

OTF was founded by Dave Smith, a Canadian fitness legend, to combine two passions: internet business and fitness, into a single resource base for fitness entrepreneurs who had already gained experience in the actual world of teaching. OTF is intended at seasoned fitness professionals who want to expand their business to meet the ever-increasing demands and prospects of the online market.OTF is not a certification, but rather a coaching programmed. You will participate in a series of live coaching sessions and seminars, according to their website, where you will be asked to document and, of course, apply what you have learned. There are two possibilities for the course.

The cost of the OC 101 is $199.

Monthly fees range from $300 to $600 for Elite.

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10. Courses by PT Distinction University

PT Distinction is well-known for having one of the best customer management systems in the online fitness market. Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive teaching platform focused at assisting you in building a successful online fitness business. PTD University offers a number of courses that will educate you how to manage a crucial component of online coaching. The various courses offered by PT Distinction University feature three tests that you must complete as part of your evaluation. Aside than that, there doesn’t appear to be any major final exams to study for.

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