Diversity in Data Sciences Scholarship for Undergraduates and Graduates

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Diversity in Data Sciences Scholarship for Undergraduates and Graduates

Even though there is an increase in the world of technology and research, there are still gaps to be filled for understanding diversity in technology and data sciences. With this concern, Quanthub announces their scholarship ‘Diversity in Data Sciences Scholarship’. The main objective of this scholarship is to bring diversity in technology and data sciences. As per the reports of diversity data and research, it says that technology and data sciences recruitment process often hold bias. The factors affecting such bias are many as like lack of access to strong STEM programs, personal interviewer bias, and lack of exposure to technology in several places like African Americans. In order, to bring a change in this process, Quanthub releases this scholarship to help students getting access to tech and data sciences without bias.

This scholarship is especially beneficial for the minority residents of the country. They can get proper access to tech and data sciences through QuantHub. The critical benefit of QuantHub’s platform is to reduce the potential of biases for the process of recruitment and also to increase diversity in tech and analytical environments. The one who can answers well to few questions that would be asked for the scholarship will be able to win $1000 as the award amount. He/ she whoever wins the scholarship can use the amount for further research and their career. This scholarship is in a way helpful for the section of people who are still left behind by the world for their access to tech and data sciences. Individuals might come up being interested in data sciences and still lack access. In this case, this scholarship can be beneficial.

QuantHub is a skill assessment platform that aims at bringing a change in the process of recruitment for the indigenous people in tech and data sciences. QuantHub helps companies to deliver on the power of AI by providing solutions for the recruitment process without any bias by providing a high working workforce. QuantHub’s assessments help clients to understand and predict how a candidate performs in the interview. It helps in saving time and by providing confidence in candidates coding skills. Technology is developing at a higher pace in today’s world; however, most people are left behind in its access. Therefore, QuantHub helps companies to get their candidates as skilled assets.

Brief Description

Get quick information through this table:

Organization QuantHub
Educational Level Undergraduate and graduate students
Subjects Data science, business analytics, statistics or computer science, or computer information systems.
Amount $1000
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards One
City All
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline May 8, 2021
Application Fee Nil
Requirements 1 letter of recommendation

Who may be Eligible?

Applicants who belong to an ethnic minority residing in the United States is enrolled in a full or part-time undergraduate or graduate degree program in the US can apply for the scholarship. The applicants must belong to the educational year of the 2020- 2021 school year.

The candidates must be under the streams such as data science, business analytics, statistics or computer science, or computer information systems for being eligible for the scholarship.

Kindly note that students enrolled in short term boot camps, nano degrees, etc. programs are excluded. Also, those who have university certificate programs of 1 year or more in length and online degree programs at a higher education institution are eligible to apply.

How to apply?

The interested candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria can apply through the online portal. Before applying for the scholarship makes sure you are eligible for applying.

Supporting Documents

You need to provide 1 letter of recommendation that needs to be submitted with the application, which can be from anyone, a maximum 1-page single-spaced, on why you deserve this scholarship.


The amount of $1000 will be awarded to a selected candidate who wins the scholarship. The award amount is to be utilized for bringing a change in a tech and data science student’s career. In a way, it will also enhance the diversity of technology and data sciences programs.

Application Deadline

The applications will be closed by May 8, 2021. Therefore, if you are interested in the scholarship kindly apply beforehand. This scholarship will be beneficial in bringing a change in your educational career and will support your education for bringing diversity in the tech and analytical world.

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