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Best Typescript Courses Udemy

Typescript developers are in high demand in most top web companies in the current world. It is used to create some of the most popular web applications today. Engineers who are familiar with this cutting-edge system are in high demand. Typescript expertise will make you significantly more employable by providing you with a unique skill that few other engineers have.

Typescript is a ‘superset of Javascript that adds in several important features to Javascript, including a type system. This type of approach is intended to assist you to catch faults while you’re developing your code rather than when you’re running it. As a result, you’ll be twice as productive if you detect bugs sooner in the development process. It’s difficult to learn Typescript only by reading the manual. Although you may understand what the terms are, the manuals do not demonstrate where or how to use these capabilities efficiently.

This is where online Typescript courses come in. If you want to learn Typescript, but find it tedious (and frankly unnecessary) to go through the trial-and-error approach of learning, give these courses a try on Udemy.

1. Understanding TypeScript – 2021 Edition

With this course, you get to learn what TypeScript is, why it’s a useful addition to JavaScript, how to use it, and what its features are. And, while you’re at it, make sure you know what you’re doing with your Angular 2+ code. This course will take you from the very beginnings of TypeScript and its most essential features to the point where you will be able to utilize it in any of your projects. This is well suited for anyone interested in expanding their horizons beyond vanilla JavaScript.

You’ll learn about more sophisticated features as well as how to set up TypeScript Workflows by Maximilian Schwarzmüller. This includes both a TypeScript-only and a Webpack Workflow. You’ll also discover that Angular 2+ and simple JavaScript/TypeScript projects aren’t the only options. There’s also a full module on how to use TypeScript with React JS to take advantage of its features. It gives you frequent breaks throughout the course to stop and play with code before you continue back to the rest of the course to cultivate familiarity.  In this course, you’ll get insights into Types and how to use them, How the typescript Compiler works, ES6 Features in typescript, Classes in typescript, Namespaces, and Modules, Interfaces, Generics, Decorators, How to integrate Third-Party javascript Libraries into your typescript Project, How to set up a typescript project with Webpack, Or how to set up a plain-typescript Workflow, How to use typescript together with react js, How to use typescript together with Node/ Express Real projects, etcetera.

This course includes 15 hours of on-demand video, 21 articles, 210 downloadable resources, and candidates that complete the course will obtain a course of completion.

This course is available for $134.99 on Udemy.

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2. Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

While most other online course teaches you the basics of Typescript syntax and functionality, this course will show you how to use Typescript in real-world projects by Stephen Grider, advising you on how to develop huge, successful projects by example. There’s simply too much information in this course to convey in a few words, but here are a few of the abilities you’ll learn: Learn why the most misunderstood topic in the Javascript community is composition vs inheritance, Work on real-world projects that will help you master Typescript’s essential capabilities, Create a new front-end framework from the ground up that you can use instead of React or Angular on your own projects, Understand the intricate relationship between classes and interfaces, and how these two Typescript components allow you to create extremely reusable code.

You also get to learn more about Typescript decorators, which will be used to create a bespoke Typescript-Express integration. You will learn to read type definition files fluently, meaning that you can skip the documentation for third-party libraries. This course is perfect for any JavaScript developer looking to understand how to structure a large codebase. It is available for $134.99 on Udemy.

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3. Introduction to TypeScript Development

If you want to build Angular, React JS, or Vue JS web and mobile applications, this course is aimed right at you. The instructor, Jordan Hudgens, has been building web applications for over a decade for organizations such as Eventbrite and Quip and is the lead instructor for devCamp.

You’ll be ready to start learning how to work with the React, Vue, and Angular application frameworks once you’ve finished this course. You will learn the fundamentals of TypeScript programming and have fun doing it. You’ll go on to more sophisticated TypeScript development approaches including dealing with closures, object-oriented programming, real-time asynchronous development, and decorators once you’ve mastered the syntax. This course isn’t intended to teach you how to create TypeScript console applications. Instead, the objective is to teach you the skills you’ll need to create real-world Angular 2 applications.

This is course is custom-built for Students who want to learn the foundational concepts required for Angular, React, or Vue development, Students aspiring to learn the TypeScript programming language, and even people with no programming experience at all. This flexibility is certainly what makes it special in this list. It is also cheap, at $39.99 on Udemy

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4. Typescript Masterclass

This one is not built for the complete beginner. It asks for some prerequisites, like some previous web development knowledge, such as HTML and JavaScript. Previous exposure to another programming language like C#, Ruby, Python, or Java is also important as this is not an introduction to programming.

You’ll get a thorough understanding of Typescript, its ES6 features, and its complex type system. Then, in Express, you’ll utilize Typescript to create a Node REST API and query a SQL database using the Sequelize ORM. The Angular CLI will be used to create a simple Angular Typescript client, and the Angular HTTP Module will be used to query the REST API. The course’s major purpose is for you to understand not just the Typescript language’s features, but also how to apply them in reality to create concrete programmes. It will take you through the advantages of type safety and how it can help us build better code.

You’ll discover how to use Typescript with third-party JavaScript libraries while maintaining type safety. The purpose is to provide a theoretical introduction to the language, but then to apply those concepts to practical activities that we will all encounter in our work as software engineers. The course is built for Professional Developers and Backend developers looking to keep current by learning the latest programming language of the web development world. Available for $134.99 on Udemy, which includes 7 hours of on-demand video, 4 articles, 2 downloadable resources, and a certificate upon course completion.

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5. TypeScript for Professionals

Yet another course that requires you to have minimum JavaScript experience before beginning. Taught by a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for TypeScript, thanks to his teaching contributions in the form of books, various videos, and answers on StackOverflow, this course gives the greatest possible assistance in all of the ways you can use TypeScript for your JavaScript applications to increase your chances of professional success. This course is based on the instructor’s prior experience in the field and has been tailored using significant workshop observations. After its completion, you can feel confident about what TypeScript is and offers and you will become a competent TypeScript / JavaScript developer.

This course will also help you use TypeScript in your daily work, make you understand the basics of TypeScript’s Type System, Learn advanced TypeScript principles, and how to use Types to annotate any JavaScript object and create utility functions for complex types. Comes with a 3-hour on-demand video and certificate of completion for only $89.99.

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6. Typescript for Beginners

The cheapest option in this list, but certainly not the weakest entry by any means, this $19.99 course contains 5.5 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, downloadable resources, assignments, and a certificate of completion. This one will certainly suit the money-conscious bunch out there. It will help you learn about TypeScript and why it’s important to utilize it, how to use data types to define variables, create functions that accept a configurable number of optional, default, and variable arguments, create arrow functions and use them. It will also enable you to define a contract for objects, functions, and arrays, use interfaces, Use variable prefixes such as let and const to create distinct types of variables, and learn the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Design.

This course is optimized for anyone with JavaScript background, students who are interested in learning AngularJS in the future, and those who want to master the fundamentals of TypeScript.

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7. The Complete TypeScript Programming Guide for Web Developers

This course will begin with a thorough introduction of TypeScript, its core commands, and how it may be used in conjunction with JavaScript. You’ll learn how to set up the environment and how to work with various data types such as strings, booleans, arrays, tuples, and enoms. The course will then move on to advanced TypeScript capabilities like interface and generics, as well as how to integrate ES2015 and leverage features like arrow functions and template literals. You’ll also learn how to use TypeScript classes and objects, including inheritance, modifiers, and adding interfaces to classes, among other things. Last but not least, you’ll get hands-on experience by creating a project from the ground up. You’ll use TypeScript and Webpack to create a ToDo App. Setting up the framework, automating typescript compiling, adding todo classes with the interface, static typing, block scoping with let and const, and local storage implementation for persisting data are all covered in this project. You can find this course for $39.99 on Udemy.

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8. Stepping Up to TypeScript: Fundamentals

Stepping up to TypeScript will not only teach you how to write TypeScript code but will also help you improve your overall coding skills.TypeScript can do so much more than plain JS for people with existing JavaScript skills who want to accomplish more with their projects. This course will be a refreshing method for professionals coming from statically typed languages like Java or C# to switch into Web or NodeJS development. The course is $19.99 with 40 mins on-demand video and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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9. Mastering TypeScript – Second Edition

This course will take you on a trip from interacting with the type system to efficiently working with the language’s more advanced features. It will help you gain a better understanding of TypeScript and realize the advantages it offers. They take you through a restaurant ordering sample application using an example-based approach. Furthermore, you will be shown how to automate custom checks on a codebase as well as how to address statically typed gaps. This course includes3.5 hours of on-demand video and 1 downloadable resource for $19.99 on Udemy.

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10. Mastering TypeScript Programming Techniques

The course begins with an introduction to the popular Visual Studio Code IDE, as well as linting and test coverage. You’ll learn about task automation, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Promises, and Functional Programming as you progress. You’ll learn how to use Underscore.js in your app and how to manipulate arrays and objects. You’ll be able to apply famous GoF patterns in no time, as they’ll be demonstrated using real-world examples. You’ll learn how to use Typescript with Node.js on the server-side and Angular 5 on the front end. You’ll also learn how to use Vue.js and Aurelia to develop a project, component, and service.

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