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Best JavaScript Courses

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the whole wide world used by more than 1.5 billion devices. It is the most essential programming language that is unavoidable for web development. JavaScript has various uses like changing the status of a button when clicked, creating a chat window at the base of the screen, or building a web-based game. Several recent techniques are associated with JavaScript like Node.js, which enhances its uses to save data to a database or to create desktop functions. The applications of JavaScript are boundless, and along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three key gears for building a modern website.

Most programmers will say that it will take at least 6-9 months to learn basic JavaScript and really be comfortable with it. Even then, you will still spend years gaining new skills and a deeper understanding of JavaScript, as well as many of the hundreds of other programming languages. JavaScript is one of the uncomplicated programming languages to learn. It functions as an interpreted language within the web browser making it easy to write every difficult code, done by writing a tiny part at a time and trying it in a web browser. The beginners who are planning to start with a course on JavaScript should have the mindset to practice the programming skills now and then, to make it thorough, and start writing the code soon after the class commences as JavaScript is an object-oriented language.

With patience and the right viewpoint, JavaScript is a simple language that can be acquired effortlessly when compared with other languages such as C++, Ruby, and Python. It can be rooted along with languages like HTML. The language is an always in demand language which proves to be really helpful for a professional in web development. Even if the learner is not planning to pursue a techs career also, this knowledge will enable him to create his own website from scrape which would be an added advantage in the job market.

The requirement of JavaScript skilled professionals never go out of demand and are surely being placed in well-reputed firms with attractive incomes.

1. CS50’s Web Programming With Python and JavaScript by Edx

The course plunges more profoundly into the design and execution of web apps using Python, JavaScript, and SQL by means of frameworks like Django, React, and Bootstrap. Subject matters include database design, scalability, security, and user experience. All the way through practical projects, the learner acquires the skills to write and use APIs, generate interactive UIs, and influence cloud services like GitHub and Heroku. By the end of the course, the learner materializes with comprehension and familiarity in principles, languages, and tools that authorize in scheming and organizing applications on the Internet. The educators are David J. Malan; Professor of the Practice of Computer Science at Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Colton Ogden who is a Technologist at Harvard University. The course promises the skills of HTML, CSS, Git, Python, Django, SQL, Models, and Migrations along with the understanding of JavaScript.

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2. JavaScript for Beginners Specialization by Coursera

The course is intended to create a programmer well versed in JavaScript by the completion of the program. The learner will be acquiring the skills for editing a code, selection of control structures, creating loops, and core programming structures. The student also understands the differences in syntax between the jQuery library and JavaScript.

The area of study is projected for those with zero prior know-how in programming or software development. JavaScript is mostly the primary language in programming that should be learned by someone who is interested in software development. The course follows a smooth and slow pace so that the learner gets enough time to acquire everything that is prescribed in each module of the program. The method opted in learning helps the learners to relate and perform their wisdom through a series of tests and projects with reduced loss. The educator is William Mead, Lecturer at the University of California, Davis.

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3. Programming for the Web with JavaScript by Edx

The development of vibrant, interactive, and data-driven network apps via JavaScript is one of the main plans of the course. As it is very much evident, that JavaScript is the programming language of the World Wide Web, learning it for carrying out programming would be surely beneficial for the learner. To become a successful web developer doesn’t mean that one should only be proficient in programming; but should be meticulous in knowing the complete essentials of the data exchange on the World Wide Web and the tools and frameworks existing for the creation of strong, interactive web applications. The program is a component of the CS Essentials for Software Development Professional Certificate program, which provides an introduction to contemporary web improvement using JavaScript. Along with exploring the basics of web page creation using HTML and CSS, the learner also gets to know about the sophisticated web page layout and responsive design tools such as Bootstrap.

The representation of web page data in a browser using Document Object Model (DOM) and the development of dynamic, interactive web pages using JavaScript in the browser is also an important portion of the course. The learner is introduced to the current web frameworks and component-based libraries such as React.js and D3.js along with the understanding of the illustration and switching over of data using JavaScript Object Notation with contact to RESTful APIs on the web. The program prepares the learner to use frameworks and shows how the integration with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB is done. The learner comprehends the fundamentals of the retrieving of web contents by the World Wide Web by browsers,  Web browser internals, Document Object Model (DOM), and jQuery, use of JavaScript for generating interactive web pages, techniques for crafting data-driven websites using modern web technologies, and Server-side JavaScript application architecture, middleware, HTTP, and RESTful API design.

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4. JavaScript, JQuery, and JSON by Coursera

The course is offered via Coursera in association with the University of Michigan. The JavaScript language and its support for the Object-Oriented prototype, with a special emphasis on the exclusive aspect of the JavaScript approach of OO, are discussed in the course. A concise preface to the jQuery library and event handling is also included in the course. The understanding of the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), frequently used as a syntax to swap data between code running on the server and in the browser is considered with equal importance. Charles Severance is the course educator.

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5. Introduction to Web Development by Future Learn

The course is intended to teach the information concerning web development which will enhance the creation of interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The course is not merely about the basics of JavaScript, but it takes the learner through a journey from building a website using HTML, to styling it with CSS, and finally making it interactive using JavaScript. As the course advances, the learner understands the box model, describing how websites are laid out by browsers, and regarding the Document Object Model, where the JavaScript code interrelates energetically to make changes in the web pages. The course is completed by designing a building a quiz web page and ultimately creating a new web page itself all alone to show off the skills of the learner acquired during the study. The course is deliberated for teachers conveying lessons at a GCSE level, and for those programmers who are beginners and glancing at the idea of using HTML and JavaScript. The prerequisites preferable for the success of completion of the program is to have a basic idea of the programming structures such as loops but doesn’t necessarily need the know-how of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

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6. JavaScript Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning

The course is a beginner’s one and is about the scripting language of the network. JavaScript is currently developing into a vital part of the web instilling every layer with its script. According to the current advancements, the network is on the path of development from a fixed to a vibrant setting, and the technology is continuously on the go. As different from the past, JavaScript is presently becoming an important part of the development sector. The course includes practical experiences and project works which helps building the understanding of JavaScript from core principles like variables, data types, conditionals, and functions from first to last to sophisticated topics including loops, and DOM scripting. The instructor; Morten Rand-Hendriksen is a web designer, developer, educator, and speaker at LinkedIn Learning supplies essential tests that permit the learner to assess the skills gained during the study of the program.   The two main topics covered are Web Development and JavaScript.

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7. The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert by Udemy

The innovative way of imparting the understanding of JavaScript with the help of assignments, tests, and theory is the peculiarities of the course led by Jonas, an experienced web developer and designer, and one of Udemy’s zenith trainers. The course is designed to make anyone learn JavaScript. The program is to make the learner a highly developed, certain, and up to date JavaScript developer from scrape who can create wonderful real-world project works that can improve the professional side of the learner, improving the problem-solving ability and authority in the JavaScript fundamentals such as variables, operators, functions, arrays, objects, loops, and strings.

The course follows a slow but steady pattern starting from the base and progressing finely to the top-level enabling the learner to be able to build any intricate applications. The program has a perfect design which makes the learner the perfect fit into the professional domain to get into lucrative jobs. Since it progresses at a low pace, it ensures the perfect understanding of all the required areas of the topic.    

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8. Learn Intermediate JavaScript by Udacity

Being an expert in handling the programming language JavaScript keeps the learner a step ahead in the professional field of web development server-side application and desktop development and programming. The purpose of the prescribed Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree program is to make the learners ready to face the challenges and shine in the profession of web development, server-side application development, and desktop development which needs a highly developed set of JavaScript skills. This is added with the skills essential to use JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.

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9. JavaScript Fundamentals by Rithm School

The course is a preparatory program in JavaScript fundamentals by the RITHM SCHOOL. The basics of JavaScript, the method of storing data in variables, writing code that runs only under specific conditions, and writing functions are the main areas of the course. The completion of the course makes the learner completely capable of building uncomplicated games in JavaScript. Even though it is not a complete course that makes the learner proficient in every walks of the topic, still the learner is able to handle the language with precision. The tutors are continually supporting the learners ready to be of help and service any time with doubts being cleared instantly.  

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10. JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts by Zero To Mastery Academy

The superior, and contemporary practices in JavaScript included in the program are led by Andrei Neagoie; Founder of ZTM. The instructor is a Senior Software Developer and Instructor. The importance of Zero to Mastery Academy in dealing with subjects relevant to cope up with the industrial standards has been commendable. Several job prospects after the courses completed by the providers have increased the demand in the market. The course is delivered in the video format along with additional articles which are limited to the community of ZTM. Various levels for different courses are available according to the needs, and a valid certificate of completion is provided after the understanding of Advanced JavaScript Practices, Functional Programming, JavaScript Modules, Object-Oriented Programming, and JavaScript best practices along with many more related topics.

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