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Best Script Writing Courses

The creativity and ability to write about the characters, their movements, the plot, their actions, and expression along with the emotions is the core of scriptwriting. It has a specified format and is used to express a story in visual expression. A script is very important for any kind of expression, whether it be a video, or a movie, or a documentary. The script gives ample confidence for the director to visualize the story with ease, at a lower budget and lesser time as well. Preparation of scripts can be for films, tv shows, video games, or web series. The most drawback of a show to lead to a flop is an improper screenplay, which may be due to lack of time or urgency. A career in scriptwriting is often well rewarded as their demand is booming now. The payment may range from $25,000 to $30,000 every year. The wage can improve up to millions of dollars annually if they create a wanted situation in the market. The success of a scriptwriter lies in creating fascinating characters, a highly thought-provoking theme, and the time when suspense and drama have to be incorporated. The writers should be keen on reading anything and everything that comes their way. There are a lot of books and courses for the improvement in the ability to write scripts. The courses usually put forward the fundamentals and basics of the structure of the story, proper formatting, and all necessary utilities to build up a perfect screenplay. There are even availability of software for screenplay writing;

  • Final draft
  • Writer Duet
  • Scrivener
  • Fade In
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter

The writer should be passionate about the topic planned to write, should possess a clear understanding and consistency regarding what to write. Every writer should first analyze his creativity and should include every small detail of the plot in the script. The writer should be proficient in film language and should have a good understanding of filmmaking.

Some of the courses for scriptwriting are enlisted;

1. Screenwriting by Gotham Writers

A movie can never turn out to be a great one unless it is expressed systematically and well-composed. The screenplay is considered as the perfect drawing which is made prior to the direction. It doesn’t matter what genre of movie it is, be it drama, comedy, action, adventure, war, comedy, musical, or real-life inspired stories or expression of reality. The importance of emotions always makes a movie close to the viewer’s heart. The course takes the learner through the minute details of expertise of script writing, how to write and how to improve its acceptability. Ultimately the learners would turn up with a high-class screenplay. The course fee is $1795.

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2. Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Screenwriting by New York Film Academy

The course offers the finest of the courses in screenwriting and considers it as a craft that needs specifying and specialized learning and training. It is delivered through workshops, writing practice, and improving the skills on scene creation, editing, and character structuring. There are other categories too that are included in the program; filmmaking and acting in order to make the screen writing compete and perfect. The actual status of the film industry, and the real skills needed to seek a fine place there, earning out of writing, and the methods to pitch the stories and ideas are also taught.

Even though the main focus is film and television the students are also given exposure to learning humor, games, and web series. The ultimate aim of the course is to equip the student as a whole in creating the perfect project of their own which can be produced or tended to sale.

The curriculum followed is that of a 15-week program delivered completely online with outstanding backing and supervision from leading scriptwriters.

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3. An Introduction to Screenwriting by Future Learn

The course provided is online and it dives deep into important perceptions and essential ideologies of screenwriting procedures to create a proficient screenplay. It is evident that screenplays are inseparable parts of any kind of movie. All the emotions of a movie such as romance, action, adventure, or horror begin from the screen writer’s pen. The free course offered by the University of East Anglia’s School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing has been bestowed by teachers who are experts in creative writing. The structure of the course includes Cinematic story (form and structure) and Character (writing the scene and first draft).

The program is an essential guide for every aspirant who wishes to write it for the first time, and also for those who are experienced in this, both the category being benefitted from it. Screenwriting can be a base on which further embellishments like dramatic adaptation, crime screenplay, and other genres can be added. The fundamental theory of script writing, proper scrutiny of the written material, and its application is looked into along with these expressions in great movies. By the end of the course provided through videos and live classes, the aspirants turn out to become really fruitful script writers with confident language and emotions.

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4. Write Your Screenplay in 60 Days by ScreenCraft

The screen writing course offered by ScreenCraft is like a steady and gradual guideline accompanied by activities and assistance from well-known screenwriters from Hollywood. The claim by the providers is the ability to prepare a perfect script in 8 weeks. There will be systematic and advanced supervision with the provision of daily activities, sharing of inspiring ideas, conceiving it efficiently, and refining it to a shine in just 60 days, with only an uncontrolled passion and honesty towards the learning process will surely lead to a successful result. The fee for the course is $49.

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5. Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Creative Writing by Full Sail University

The art of writing is something that needs polishing even though stories are inside all of us irrespective of culture and other human aspects. The change can be always brought about by the alteration of our outlook at every single happening around us. The university’s program is sure to enhance ignite the passion of writing inside the learner, and convert it into the most attractive form by incorporating the visual elements to writing. The aspirants will be able to discover different narrative constructions during the process of writing through various channels and categories still focusing on the creation of characters that connect with the viewers. The course duration is 12 months, during which the students tend to experience various aspects of scriptwriting and its modern applications.

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6. MFA in Screenwriting by Chapman University

The Masters in screen writing by the Dodge College of Film and Fine Arts is a two-year program, envisioned to induce the development of storytelling methodologies through the understanding of particulars of structuring the story and development of characters. The mentors of the course being elite personalities from the cream layer of the sector, the learners would get a golden opportunity to learn to write matter in different mediums for short- and long-term projects, television episodes, and evolving media. Further beyond developing creativity, the course also aims at developing the individual in terms of business and building the art of marketing their own script. During the course of the study, the learners get the chance to convert one of their scripts to production on-screen. This gives better know-how on the working policies of the media industry.

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7. Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot by Class Central

The course on developing skills for improving on the most important and inevitable part of a script; the story. The story is considered as the plot in a screenplay. This could be a really challenging part, as it should completely match with the core concept. It plays a major role in deciding the reach and success of the production and is delivered by Brando Skyhorse. The screenplay with reference to the plot should be well set with a structure, advancing speed, revelations, and the ultimate suspense revealing. Once the scenes are structured properly, they should be put to motion, and finally, the editing part where it might need cutting, and adding would only narrow down and make the screenplay better.

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8. Fundamentals of Screen Writing by Script University

The course is intended to create a strong block of the basement to the scripted version of the story idea. The program helps to remove the block in the minds of writers by providing crucial insight into the basics of screen writing. The course lasts up to 4 weeks including video educating and by the time, the learner is assured to have learned the essentials of script writing. Tools and techniques are served to create a clear format for the scenes, plots, and acts. Constant motivation is received from mentors for the activities provided by the institute. The course is offered at a fee of $149.99.

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9. Screenwriting offered by the Loyola Marymount University

The program offered by the Loyola Marymount University is a well-known provider for direction in screen writing. Every successful production will surely have a strong script to look upon. The course leads the aspirants to grow into strong and confident writers with enhanced writing abilities and artistic talents which can lead to creations that are commercially satisfactory. This is also a platform to develop the skills of placing oneself in the correct place to get noticed by producers and establishments. It helps to connect the imagination of the writer with works that can attract the viewers of the present day.

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10. Rewrite Skills: A Two Day Intensive Workshop by UCLA Extension

The course is an advanced one-step ahead of the screen writing one which requires only 2 Days as per the providers. The rewriting courses are also relevant, as the initial work itself may not get accepted in the first run. The writer should develop the openness and patience to be open to criticism and the flexibility to make required changes if the situation demands. Rewriting is actually fixing the issues that arise in the story. It may be increasing the dramatic sequences, humor composition of the plot. So, the course makes the earner ready to accept change according to the necessity and to accomplish the spirits of the story to make it into a perfect pick. It is an online rendering with a course fee of $315.

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