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Best Sales Certification Courses

Along with your undergraduate or master’s degree, getting a sales certificate will instantly make you more valuable in the job market. Sales jobs can be tiring and stressful for someone who does not like doing sales and is not passionate about it. But there is a very good side to sales jobs that not many know. A sales job will let you get accustomed to dealing with different people on a daily basis which will highly increase your communication skills. There is also no limit to the success you can achieve. There is no better method to advance your profession in the sales profession than by gaining additional training.

An online program can teach you about a variety of topics, including retail shop operations, successful sales performance, introduction to sales and retailing, customer comprehension, and much more. You will learn sales through a variety of methods like mock calls. Assignments, group projects, etc. Good online courses will make you ready for the practical side of things and will also make you thorough with the theoretical side.

We have put together a list of the top 10 online courses you can do to launch a career in sales.

1. Sales Training Programs by Negotiation Experts

The Negotiation Experts provide a hands-on sales negotiation workshop to help your sales team hone their abilities and avoid risk-wasting deals to commoditization. The open-access course from The Negotiation Experts is unusual in that it combines sales and procurement negotiators, utilizing successful market buyer-seller simulations. Teams learn to work together efficiently in positions and to reap the benefits of complexity. The sales course teaches salespeople how to beat targets by taking several indirect paths to dominate the sales cycle, including strategies for building and claiming value, combating client tactics, and gaining leverage, all while building stronger connections. The post-graduation reinforcement provided by the sales training courses goes beyond event learning. The online bargaining simulator is a crucial instrument utilized in skill development courses. This helps students to prepare themselves with key points for customer arguments. You will get a certification of completion after the course and an optional LinkedIn certificate. The course costs 2,410 USD.

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2. Online Sales Training by Sandler Training

Sandler Training is another really good website that provides both offline and online sales training for aspiring sales executives. The Sandler Selling System aims to educate salespeople on how to identify client problem areas. This training company also provides follow-up sales retraining. The goal of the online sales training programs is to equip individuals with the tools they need to change their habits, develop new mindsets, and improve their sales tactics. Members are required to rethink their beliefs and long-held preconceptions by Sandler trainers. The goal of the sales training program is to motivate students to change ineffective habits and create long-term action plans that will lead to steady sales expertise. In the course, you will learn how to determine the value of specific clients and to create your own battle plan. They provide both instructor-led courses and self-paced courses. They also provide role-playing simulations which will help you make your pitches better.

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3. Virtual Selling by Richard Sales Performance

Richard Sales Performance Training is a website dedicated to training passionate sales executive aspirants to get better and produce more refined pitches. In a virtual client meeting, Richardson Sales Performance’s new Virtual Selling training program empowers salespeople with the skills and knowledge to boost credibility, create connection, cultivate transparency, and build confidence in order to drive momentum and close deals. Marketing in a virtual setting is more difficult than selling in person, particularly if salespeople are forced into a virtual sales conference with little knowledge or qualifications and are already anxious due to the current global situation. So that salespeople can focus on the appropriate things, sales executives must promote serenity and confidence. Richard Sales Training helps to instill confidence in freshers and also give them all the necessary tips and tricks to perform better.

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4. Sales Training Programs by Action Selling

Action Selling has been providing training to experts to assist them to improve the quality of their sales culture since 1990. The Action Selling certification program is designed to help salespeople increase revenue, increase margins, and become better sales trainers. You’ll learn how to communicate and enforce objectives and behaviors within your sales team, as well as how to use the entire Action selling system to enhance sales and service processes. You’ll learn how to assess sales skills all throughout the selling process and establish proactive communication strategies that value buyers and lead to repeated business and long-term connections. The duration of the course is two days and within that time period, you will learn everything you need. The online course is priced at 895 USD, which might be a little pricey for some, but this is probably one of the best sales training you can get online. The course also comes with group exercises and role-play.

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5. Impactful Sales Training by Dale Carnegie

Carnegie’s sales training follows a five-step approach. The sales cycle strives to build a political direction and identify your specific organizational needs using its customer-first approach. The training classes focus on modeling long-term behaviors to drive your firm toward its sales goals, and they work with personnel at all levels of your organization. They have successfully trained a number of sales managers and executives and their unique methods are very effective in creating productive conversations. The online programs are instructor-led and include 2-hour weekly classes for eight weeks. The course includes all facilities like role-playing, situational coaching, and real-world assignments. The course will teach you to establish credibility and to make customers trust you. You will also learn how to interact with different types of people and how to always have your emotions under control. The live online sales training costs 1,795 USD per person.

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6. Training Programs by JBarrows

Drive to Close, JBarrows’ hallmark sales training program, strives to engage your sales team and maximize sales skill sets. JBarrows offers a pre-training workshop with the organization’s managers to design the course. In addition, post-onsite training is available through the JBarrows sales portal to emphasize each of the training subjects. The tutorial will give you how to effectively manage the whole sales process and how to raise the efficiency of interactions at every stage. You’ll also know how to manage your meeting and sell your client the proper solutions. Learn how to deal with objections and practice selling closing strategies. After completion of the course, you will get a JBarrow sales certificate for your LinkedIn profile.  The course contains lectures, role-playing, video lectures, exercises, and reporting of your progress. The online course costs 420 USD per year. Their maximum class size is very limited and admissions are given on a first come first serve basis. 

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7. Sales Training Programs by RAIN Group

The RAIN Group’s consultative sales methodology is meant to help salespeople conduct successful sales interactions. The sales training program is designed to address the most typical sales situations that your sales team is likely to encounter on a routine basis. During the development phase, the course covers lectures on identifying new opportunities and selling broader solution sets, as well as helping students practice expressing their business model and key benefits to the client. To lead effective sales discussions, you’ll also learn how to relate with buyers and build solid connections, as well as how to develop rapport, needs discovery, collaborations, and presentations. They provide really short 90-minute courses to yearlong advanced and full-fledged sales training, and you can pick whichever course suits you. Their online sales training includes role-playing, interactive virtual sessions, and email reinforcement. The course is also relatively cheap and just costs 299 USD.

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8. Value-Based Sales Training by ValueSelling Associates

ValueSelling Associates has been assisting B2B professionals in enhancing their profit margin since 1991. The organization emphasizes question-based selling with a concentration on client value through its trademark ValueSelling Framework. Value-Based Sales Training follows a six-step procedure to tailor the approach and eventually hand it over to your sales executives. You’ll learn how to identify the fundamental causes of your company’s sales problems and how to teach your sales crew to use the program effectively as a team. You can also learn how to effectively prepare for sales calls, as well as how to connect, qualify, progress, and close sales possibilities, and how to develop intelligent prospect files to boost credibility. The online course is instructor lead and is very effective. The website has many high-profile clients including YouTube and CISCO.

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9. Training Programs by GP Strategies

In a variety of corporate industries, GP Strategies provides organizational training & teaching solutions. The company’s personnel management solutions are designed to assist firms in matching organizational goals, enhancing cooperation, and enabling them to become elevated organizations. Lessons on how to improve sales by modifying sales rep attitudes and developing sales abilities for warranty management and information handling are included in the curriculum. You can also coach managers in strategizing, vision-sharing, and operations management, as well as advocate for firm products, services, and brands.

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10. Sales Transformation by Challenger

Challenger provides sales reformation and training programs to help complicated salespeople win. The Challenger Activation program assists sales and marketing teams in developing the basic Challenger selling abilities necessary to impact customer decision-making. The Challenger Sale, The Challenger Customer, and The Effortless Experience are three of Challenger’s best-selling publications that support the program. You’ll learn how to build core Challenger selling abilities as well as how to implant and reinforce important Challenger seller behaviors. The program will also show you how to conduct on-demand examinations and evaluations to track progress and inform learning, as well as how to engage in dynamic virtual tutoring to encourage learning.

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