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Best Restaurants in Northampton, MA

Northampton city is located in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, United States, and as of 2010, its population was 28,549. This city is known as a musical, artistic, academic, and countercultural hub. Northampton’s main features include a large politically liberal community along with numerous alternative health and intellectual organizations. It is a popular tourist/vacation destination for its thriving cultural center, along with many eclectic restaurants and lively arts and music scenes. There are a variety of restaurants tourists and locals can choose from in Northampton, Massachusetts.

When it comes to budget restaurants in Northampton, the following are some of the popular places: Amanouz Cafe, Bueno y Sano, GoBerry, The Green Bean, Herrell’s, and Jake’s. Whereas, when it comes mid to high priced restaurants, these are some of the best places in the city: Bela, Haymarket, India House, Karma, La Veracruzana, Lhasa Cafe, Local Burger, Mama Iguana’s, Mimmo’s, Mosaic Cafe, Mulino’s Restaurant, Paul & Elizabeth’s, Pizzeria Paradiso, Sylvester’s, Teapot Restaurant, Osaka, Side Street Café, The Sierra Grille, Thai Garden, Zen, Viva Fresh Pasta, Eastside Grill, and Spoletos.

1. Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast follows eight simple but essential mission statements that include serving delicious, enticing food that people will want to eat daily, creating a warm, welcoming space of genuine hospitality, and mindfully sourced ingredients that are local when possible. Along with that, they are utilizing every element of food and resources efficiently, committed to reducing their carbon footprint, and actively upcycling, composting, and recycling. Also, this Restaurant works with and gives back to its local community and non-profit partners by building strong relationships with its staff, guests, vendors, and community.

Creating a work environment that is supportive and feeds positive well-being for all of their staff is essential for them. Belly of the Beast has that enticing smell, which reaches you before the storefront is in the scene. Aimee Francaes is the General Manager/Owner, whereas Jesse Hassinger is the Chef de Cuisine/Owner.

2. Amanouz Cafe

Amanouz Café is known as one of the best restaurants for Moroccan & Mediterranean Cuisine, where you can get the best North African food. This Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you can either take out or eat in. This Restaurant has been family-owned for more than twenty years, where they have served happy gourmands and their new favorite dishes are priced affordably. Amanouz Café’s menu has something for everyone, including gluten-free options to fish, vegan, and classic Moroccan and Mediterranean Cuisine. In 2010-2011, this Restaurant received Valley Advocate Best Of Winner; in 2013-2014, they received the same honor of Advocate Best Of Winner. Amanouz Café is located in Northampton, Massachusetts, where people can enjoy it in an intimate and casual setting. A variety of vegan dishes and breakfasts are prepared the North African way, and they proudly display works by local artists and invite everyone to enjoy them.

3. Jake’s Restaurant

Jake’s Restaurant was opened by Christopher Ware and Alexander Washut, who have been friends since first grade. Even though they have taken different paths over the years, each experience has led them to their long-time goal of owning a restaurant together. Alexander started his culinary career rather quickly out of high school, and at the age of 17, he began washing dishes at a hometown restaurant, the Northampton Brewery.

Chris was the one who got him interested in the restaurant industry after working the previous summer there as a cook. Hence, Alex began the long road up the culinary ladder from a dishwasher to cook and later to a sous chef. Later, Alex decided a more formal culinary education was needed to stay on his path, so he enrolled and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. After an intense 20-month program, he graduated with an Associate’s degree in the Culinary Arts and an even greater passion for food.

4. High Brow Restaurant

High Brow Restaurant is a WELCOME TO highbrow wood-fired kitchen plus bar. The Chef/Owner, Andrew Brow, was born in Springfield, MA, and he moved to Northampton in grade school.

 While attending Smith Vocational High school, he began to work in the downtown restaurants, and at seventeen, he was hired by his mentor Bill Collins. From there, he quickly moved up the Spoleto restaurant group ladder, and at 19, he was the head chef of Spoleto catering. He was the general manager and chef of Paradise City Tavern, and when he turned 24, he decided he wanted to see what else was out there, so he took off. He has also cooked up and down the eastern seaboard taking a few years to master his craft. After his return, he took the job of executive chef at Center Square Grill and held this position for four years. Now, he is the founder Of HighBrow Wood Fired Kitchen + Bar, whereas Felix Diaz is Chef De Cuisine.

5. Paul & Elizabeth’s

Paul & Elizabeth’s Restaurant opened in Thornes Marketplace, Northampton, Massachusetts, in the fall of 1978. This family-run establishment delivers a menu rooted in macrobiotic cooking and Japanese training, and even though it has developed over time, it remains true to its founding ideals. The owners of this Restaurant strive to bring the best of what the region has to offer to their dishes. Their son Nate currently works as head chef and general manager, and this Restaurant has built an award-winning team. Paul & Elizabeth’s Restaurant creates meals made from the freshest ingredients and prepares them in a way that honors the food as well as the diners they serve. Their dining room has floor-to-ceiling windows, boasts high ceilings and plantings throughout. This Restaurant is a warm and inviting space for the comfort of large parties and intimate gatherings. Within this place, the Sustick family fulfills the needs of all diners with their daily specials and time-tested menu. Whether you want to eat lunch in a sunny window, or a candlelit dinner, or a lively Sunday brunch, Paul & Elizabeth’s can meet all your requirements year after year.

6. Spoleto

Spoleto’s menu features classic Italian and American fare that has always been a part of them, along with some exciting new menu items. They are open for indoor dining and limited outdoor dining while they currently prepare their patio and tent for later this season. Spoleto is known for its classic pasta dishes in the atmosphere of downtown Northampton with a fresh margarita every time. They are closed on Mondays and work mostly between 4 pm and 10 pm on other days.

7. Sylvester’s Restaurant

Sylvester’s Restaurant is a popular local eatery, bakery, and historical landmark located in the City of Northampton. In Massachusetts in 1800, diet guru and leader of the Temperance movement, Dr. Sylvester Graham, began to establish notoriety through his rambunctious and modern personality. He established a group of followers named “Grahamites,” and his goal was to develop an alternative for whole wheat grain. In the end, their creation was not an actual cookie and too sweet to be a cracker. Hence, it was named the Graham Cracker, and in 1983, Peter St. Martin and Maureen McGuinness opened Sylvester’s in the same home as Sylvester Graham. Honoring Graham’s, his building, and Northampton’s rich history, these owners embraced his healthy food philosophy as the foundation of their Restaurant. Homemade food is important for Sylvester’s Restaurant, and they make sure it’s possible and practical for the best tasting food to be experienced by everyone in their city.

8. Local Burger & Fries

Local is a well-known family-owned and operated Restaurant located in Northampton, Massachusetts, and Keene, New Hampshire. Their goal is to provide fresh, delicious, and well-priced food, along with supporting the community through the use of local produce, products, and services. This Restaurant received reviews and praises from New York Times, New York Post – Highlight, Hampshire Gazette Review, Valley Advocate, and much more. Local Burger & Fries is located at three convenient locations: Northhampton – 16 Main St, Northhampton, MA, Keene – 82 Main St., Keene, NH, and Haydenville – 93 Main St., Haydenville, MA.

September 21, 2010 – Northampton – Staff photo by Michael S. Gordon – Local Burger on Main St.

9. Mulino’s Trattoria

Mulino’s Trattoria serves up delicious, handmade Italian dishes prepared to order and served in their warm, casually elegant atmosphere. Their menu includes modern and original interpretations of Italian recipes that are always made from scratch with the freshest, finest ingredients. Some of the main features of this Restaurant include al fresco dining on the veranda, a diverse wine list, and the delicious menu that is made to provide an authentic Italian experience you won’t find anywhere else. Mulino’s is located in a completely restored Baystate Hotel, and they serve robust portions of Homestyle Italian Cooking in a warm atmosphere with attentive service. Mulino’s strives to provide all of its customers with the freshest ingredients of the highest quality.

10. Eastside Grill

Eastside Grill is located in Beautiful Downtown Northampton, MA, and this Restaurant has served flavored, seasonal American cuisine in a casual setting since 1985. They pride themselves on their quality, their excellent value, and their warm hospitality. The Eastside Grill’s tradition and reputation for consistency, quality, and friendly service have reached beyond the Pioneer Valley. Their reservation policy requires telephone or in-person reservations, but they also accept and welcome walk-ins. Also, no-show reservations are held for 15 minutes, then automatically canceled. Eastside Grill has street & town lot parking directly by the building. Additional parking is available for customers in the E.J. Gare Parking Garage and the Union Station lot off Pleasant Street. This Restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seatings, but for outdoor seating, weather permitting is very limited, and reservations, especially online.

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