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Best Photography Courses in NYC

A career as a Photographer is a blend of technical and artistic acumen. Photography is an art, and it needs a lot of practice and perseverance. Photographers produce images/ pictures that tell a specific story, give an internal message or record an event. With the rapid growth of the advertising and media sectors, the employment opportunities in photography witnessed a tremendous boost. The major responsibility of Photographers working with various agencies like advertising agencies and magazines is to click the images on different themes. Photographers in different sectors have different motives and aims.

Photographers can find a variety of jobs in different sectors. They can also start their own studio by proving a varied range of services in photography. Some of the top sectors that hire photographers include Newspapers, Magazines, Advertising Agencies, Studios, Press and Publishing Houses, NGOs, Industries and Medical Institutes, Event Management Organisations, and Freelancing is always an option.

The top seven colleges in New York to study photography, are listed below.

1. Independent Studio 1 by Parsons School Of Design: Photography

Parsons School of Design, known colloquially as Parsons, is a private art and design college located in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood of Lower Manhattan in New York City. It is one of the five colleges of The New School. Parsons’ unique approach to interdisciplinary, real-world learning is interwoven throughout all of our offerings, from undergraduate and graduate degrees to executive education for professionals to continuing and pre-college courses taught on campus and online. They offer Undergraduate courses, Graduate courses, and Associate’s Degrees for Professionals.

Parsons’ bachelor’s programs combine studio practice and critical thinking and writing. Their distinctive first-year curriculum lets you explore and develop foundational skills needed to succeed in your major and creative life. Electives complement your learning. Parsons graduate programs centre on advanced studio practice and cross-disciplinary research, giving you the tools and perspectives to thrive in rapidly evolving industries and disciplines. Selected programs offer flexible study options, including online learning.

Students with college experience can launch new design industry careers through Parsons’ immersive two-year course of study. Gain hands-on skills, learn best practices, and connect with industry leaders.

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2. Professional Photography Course by the New York Institute of Photography

The New York Institute of Photography is a for-profit online school based out of New York City, offering different courses in photography to students all over the world. NYIP currently offers ten courses in photography. NYIP trains photographers of all types. Some of our students want to learn photography as a hobby. Others want a photography career or a side business as a freelance photographer. It’s our job to help photographers reach their goals with our photography courses.

The New York Institute of Photography is licensed under the demanding standards of NYSED, and all our programs are regularly reviewed and approved by NYSED, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of education materials, student service and business practices. All NYIP teachers and key staff are licensed by NYSED. A full explanation of NYSED’s requirements that pertain to NYIP is available in our catalogue. To join their courses, and know more about each course in detail, visit their website following the given link.

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3. Courses by Yale School of Fine Art

The Yale School of Art is the art school of Yale University. Founded in 1869 as the first professional fine arts school in the United States, it grants Masters of Fine Arts degrees to students completing a two-year course in graphic design, painting/printmaking, photography, or sculpture. Photography is a two-year program of study admitting ten students a year. Darkroom, studio, and computer facilities are provided. Students receive technical instruction in black-and-white and colour photography as well as non-silver processes and digital image production. The program is committed to a broad definition of photography as a lens-based medium open to a variety of expressive means. Students work both individually and in groups with faculty and visiting artists. In addition, a critique panel composed of faculty and other artists or critics meets weekly, as well as for a final review each term, to discuss student work.

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4. Photography Courses by New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy – School of Film and Acting is a for-profit film school and acting school based in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. The New York Film Academy was founded in 1992 by Jerry Sherlock, a former film, television and theatre producer. It was originally located at the Tribeca Film Centre. The New York Film Academy offers students the remarkable opportunity to study photography under award-winning, professional photographers who remain active in many genres of photography, from fine art to fashion, commercial work to photojournalism. The Academy’s photography school instructors are not simply interested in producing competent photographers, but also in mentoring artists who each possess a singular voice that will make their work immediately recognizable. The curriculum and faculty at the NYFA Photography School are also focused on preparing students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real world. Simply put, students receive an extraordinary educational experience designed to best prepare them to achieve their professional goals.

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5. Courses by Brooks Institute

The Brooks Institute was an arts college in Ventura, California. It was formerly known as the Brooks Institute of Photography, originally based in Montecito and Santa Barbara. Brooks Institute was a for-profit higher education institution, that offered four majors and two graduate programs. Photography students may opt to do an independent study, working one-on-one with a visual arts teacher to perfect their technique and skills. The course typically culminates in the artist completing a capstone project, then hosting an exhibit of his or her work on campus. Student photographers’ work is often also included in campus publications, such as “Spectrum: Brooks School’s Feminist Plus Intersectional Magazine,” and the multi-school collaboration “The Tavern,” an online magazine. The campus’ new Centre for the Arts includes a darkroom, offering 10 enlargers and a full trough sink, plus a photography studio for setting up and taking photos. As far as equipment, Brooks offers students the use of DSLR cameras, a variety of wide-format lenses and lighting equipment.

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6. Video Basics by School of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts New York City is a for-profit art and design college in Manhattan, New York. It was founded in 1947, and is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design. The college offers courses of all levels, be it pre-college or college level.

In their Undergraduate program, students learn every aspect of analogue and digital photography and video from working experts to prepare them for all opportunities. Over 4 years, students learn how to process and print photographs in analogue and digital spaces, how to professionally light a studio for any situation, and how to shoot, edit, and present  time-based video. At the start of their education, each student has the opportunity to experiment in all genres and aspects of these media using the best equipment, hardware, and software before choosing a specialization in art, advertising, fashion, portraiture, photojournalism, still-life, landscape, narrative, or a combination of these areas in their second, third, and fourth years.

Since 1988, the department has produced remarkable graduates who have flourished as exhibiting artists, journalists, curators, scholars and teachers. The hub of New York City provides an invaluable network of creative and professional support that students require throughout their matriculation and long after graduation, as they continue to pursue their goals.

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7. Courses & Workshops by International Centre of Photography

The International Centre of Photography, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City, consists of a museum for photography and visual culture and a school offering an array of educational courses and programming. ICP’s(International Centre of Photography) school offers photography education for every level, from courses and workshops to certificate and master’s degree programs.

ICP’s One-Year Certificate Programs provide advanced students with an intensive yearlong course of study to strengthen personal vision, refine skills and technique, and explore the many disciplines informing media and art today.

The Creative Practices Program embraces a diverse range of photographic approaches for innovative expression in an atmosphere of cooperative learning. Students are not only encouraged to explore and define their own goals, but also challenged to situate their work within the broader context of the cultural, artistic, socio-political, and psychological use of images. Featuring an accelerated investigation into the history of photography, contemporary theory, and craft, the curriculum also boasts a large selection of electives.

Through these varied offerings, students can let their curiosity and passions lead them in new directions, ranging from non-traditional documentary narrative to experimental image production to other media, including video, sound, performance, and installation. By solidifying each student’s technical skills and broadening their vision, we build a foundation for ongoing, meaningful, and content-driven individual and collective practice.

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8. Full-Time Programs by International Centre of Photography

This institute is considered the world’s leading institution. This institution has been dedicated to the practice and understanding of photography and the reproduced image in all its forms. This institution serves as both a museum and one of the largest schools of photography in the world. The institute offers a variety of courses ranging from beginner to advanced. The courses are beginner level or open courses, digital photography class, and documentary or visual journalism courses.

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9. Photography Courses by PhotoUno Photography School

This school provides a wide variety of courses from beginner’s level to the advanced level. The school have divided their courses into different categories mostly based on skill level. The categories include Private Classes, Beginner Photography Classes, Beginner Photography Classes – Virtual, Intermediate Photography Classes – Virtual, Intermediate-Advanced Photography Classes, Editing and Workflow Classes and Virtual Exclusive – Online Only. To join their courses, and know more about each course in detail, visit their website following the given link.

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10. Courses by NYU School of Professional Studies (Photography)

The school offers courses to teach you basic photography skills and to expand your expertise and sell your work. Courses offered by the institute provide you with the proficiency and techniques to transform your photographs into art. Courses for beginners provide an overview of the fundamentals of digital cameras and photographic composition. Advanced courses go beyond shutter and aperture, focusing on specific techniques and postproduction processing. Essential instruction is provided in business operations including marketing, copyrighting your work, and pricing strategies.

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