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Best Prep Courses for New MCAT

MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test and is conducted throughout the United States to test the abilities of students applying for the medical field. It is a computer-based multiple-choice standardized test that is administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and covers subjects including Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology.

MCAT’s are important because it helps colleges to easily determine whether a candidate will be suitable for medical studies and face no problems in future. This examination is very competitive and requires a lot of preparation to qualify with good marks. If you too are among students who are medical aspirants and want to qualify in MCAT examinations easily, then here are the best online prep courses:

1. Blueprint MCAT Prep Course

Blueprint serves as the best online platform for MCAT prep. With a highly customized study planner and integrated learning modules, Blueprint has proven to provide the smartest way to prep. Blueprint has also gained its recognition from the success of its students and has shown a comparatively higher score in the MCAT examination.

Blueprint not only features smart online courses but also has well-designed learning modules, question banks with approximately 4,000 questions, customizable study planners, and lastly, revised and updated MCAT books. Blueprint has everything you need to pass the MCAT examination easily and also become a high scorer.

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2. Princeton Review MCAT Prep Course

Princeton Review promises 510+ scores in the MCAT examination with its advanced courses. Princeton has two major reasons added to its popularity, first understanding that it gets hectic for students to manage both school and prep altogether, and second, it becomes too difficult for students to memorize so many things at a time. Keeping these two main problems faced by students in mind, Princeton has designed its MCAT courses in a special way to help them out. Choose the course of your comfort from the varieties available on the website and say no to your worries.

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3. Kaplan MCAT Prep Course

3rd one on our list is Kaplan, which is popular among students for its various entry-level prep courses. Choosing an MCAT prep course from Kaplan can be of great help, as they customize and recommend courses based on your preferences. Such as, the course suggestion is based on the amount of time you have before appearing in MCAT, which helps in saving a lot of your valuable time.

The online courses of Kaplan range from Live online courses, on-demand courses, Bootcamp to practice bundles. So, choose wisely from the wide range of courses and successfully qualify for your MCAT.

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4. The Gold Standard MCAT Prep Course

The Gold Standard has been behind the success of students for 30 years, hence it is one of the best resources for MCAT prep. Gold Standard lets you choose among guides, online practices, and online courses that cover the whole syllabus of MCAT, and makes your preparation better.

The online MCAT course includes e-books, videos, practice tests as well as CARS Tests. You can choose among MCAT home-study packages and online courses based on your preference.

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5. Magoosh MCAT Study Materials

With Magoosh, you can prepare for MCAT anytime, anywhere with their fully online well-designed courses. You can browse the perfect plan suitable for your requirements among various options, and prepare accordingly.

MCAT prep courses of Magoosh include in-depth video lessons, hundreds of practice tests, and a responsive team that solve queries. Learn from MCAT experts and increase the chances of scoring well.

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6. Examkrackers MCAT

Examkrackers is one of those popular websites solely focusing on exam preparations and guides. The MCAT live online classes, online practices, and study guides are of great help to students preparing or want to begin with preparation. You can access their free study guides or solve question banks on your own alongside online courses to test your own strength and weakness. Examkrackers can be the most useful, self progressing option for you.

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7. MCAT Self Prep Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of those websites that has gained recognition for its commitment and selfless services towards students’ success. Here, every MCAT subject is divided into smaller sections so that students put special emphasis on each of them, and never miss out on anything. Khan Academy can be the real reason behind your success in MCAT.

There’s some great news as well since Khan Academy aims to provide free services to students worldwide, so the team is currently working with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to organize free MCAT courses, including all videos and practice questions, as a free resource for students (which is a great initiative).

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8. Altius MCAT Prep Course

Altius features some of the best elite MCAT courses specially designed to improve skills among students and help them prepare for the best.

You can access the free 2-weeks trial before purchasing a course, and there is also a refund policy for students who cannot meet their level of satisfaction. Materials of Altius have been highly approved and reviewed by Ph.D. content experts, so you can expect a top-class experience from these courses.

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9. Aptare Prep MCAT

The last one on our list is Aptare MCAT prep that has proven to be very helpful to students for its detailed “Exam Overview” and useful online materials. Often students might have doubts related to the procedure, timings, and formats, it is very important to completely understand an examination’s pattern before appearing for it. Hence Aptare provides very helpful guides related to the original MCAT that help students a lot with their preparations. Learn more about their available materials from Aptare’s official website.

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That’s all for the list of courses, we hope these prep courses will help you choose wisely and prepare for MCAT efficiently.

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