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Best Online MMI Courses

Man-Machine Interface mostly known as Human Machine Interface refers to the interface that allows humans to connect with the machine with the help of artificial intelligence and User Interface software, resulting in a better User Experience. 

For students and professionals who are tech-savvy, and working with HMI is a dream and pleasure, we have featured the most popular online courses that they can opt for. These courses will help develop a comprehensive understanding of Human Machine Interface and Human-computer interaction, and will also hone your practical skills to help find suitable jobs in the desired fields. Choose the course that will be the best fit for you from the top-rated and highly demanded courses on our list: 

1. Human-Computer Interaction Graduate Program by Stanford University Online

The best online MMI course is provided by the prestigious Stanford University School Of Engineering. This course is ideal for Tech-savvy students who want to work with various roles of MMI. In this program, students will learn to design effective intuitive systems and interfaces, construct interactive web applications, develop methodologies for creating effective visualizations, and do other important things that will help improve user experience and response. 

This course is ideal for students who want to build their career as User Interface Designers, Software Engineers, Technical Product Managers, Data Scientists, and many more relevant job roles. The certificate received after the completion of the course will add much value to your career and help you to find the best jobs in the market. The maximum time taken to complete the course is 3 years.

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2. User Interface Design and Implementation by MIT Open Courseware

Our next course comes from another prestigious institution, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is for students who want to gain complete knowledge on User Interface Design. A course specially designed for students who want to work as Graphic Designers, Software Engineers, and other kinds of User Experience related positions. 

This course will feature design principles, various prototyping, and evaluation techniques, that will help develop required skills among students. This course also organizes short programming assignments and semester-based long group projects to test students’ progress and help them overcome their weaknesses. This online course by MIT is up-to-date and will focus on guiding students in the best way. 

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3. HMI Programming & Design – FactoryTalk View ME SCADA PLC by Udemy

Number 3 on our list comes to a top-rated Human Machine Interface course provided by Udemy. This course is for those who want to build fully functional HMI programs and want to apply them in user interface and experience designs efficiently. 

The course will begin with providing an overview of Hardware and Software sharing a connection with HMI. After a complete valuable introduction, the course will proceed with the fundamentals of HMI to building applications. You will learn about various HMI concepts and work on a development project to try your skills. This course with a duration of 6.5 hours will make you ready for the field. 

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4. Professional Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction Offered by Georgia Tech on edX

edX has been a constant feature on our articles for its plethora of helpful courses that had changed the lives of learners. This professional certificate course is provided by the renowned Georgia Institute of Technology and takes learners into a great learning experience, where they learn to design computers. 

This course by GIT includes fundamental guidelines of user interface design, major principles that one needs to follow to build strong user interfaces. It unfolds the stages of the design cycle, from need finding to prototyping and evaluating, and also focuses on other important qualitative and quantitative human-computer interfaces. Learn the modern methods, theories, and techniques to stand out in the world of HMI and human-computer interaction. The duration of the course is 6 months and is the best one for individuals seeking fortune with the human-computer interface. 

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5. Learn 5 PLCs in a Day-AB, Siemens, Schneider, Omron & Delta by Udemy

Another popular HMI interfacing course on our list by Udemy will teach you to work with Ladder Logic Programming, PLC Wiring concepts, and troubleshooting, which will make you expert programmers. This course is ideal for Engineers and Technicians associated with HMI, and want to learn programming to improve their efficiency. With 230+ PLC video lessons, doubt clearing videos, PLC Simulation Software practices (for free), this course will provide you a learning experience like no other. 

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6. Learn Industrial Automation by LinkedIn Learning

The Human Machine Interface course is a section of the Industrial Automation course in LinkedIn Learning. In this comprehensive course, you will learn the function of human intervention in the world of technology, how people associated with industrial automation design the systems, configure the controllers, and monitor the processes making HMI better every day. 

This course is going to be a lot useful for students who are entering the fields of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, Automating Technician or User Interface and Experience Designing and Design Managing. From PLCs, OPC software to system architecture, you will learn every essential area of HMI. The certificate received at the end of the course will add extra value to your resume and increase your visibility to recruiters. 

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7. Evaluating Designs with Users by the University of Michigan on Coursera

The Evaluating Designs course is provided by the University of Michigan and is a sub-part of the User Experience Research and Design Specialization program. A course, especially for students who want to get their hands on User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI), designs and improvise systems as well as the experiences of users. 

This beginner’s level course will help students develop skills in User Research, human-computer interaction, User Experience, and User Design. This course will develop practical skills among students that will help them design an effective user test, understand how to run the test to get the best response, and lastly, analyze the results on using tests. If you want to begin your career in HMI in the right way, then you should enroll in this course, and get a chance to learn from the expert professor of the University of Michigan

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8. Robotic Human Machine Interface Advanced Certificate from Central Lakes College

The Robotic Human Machine Interface (HMI) Advanced Certificate program by Central Lakes College is what you need to get started with Robotics Automated Systems Technology (A.A.S) that plays a major role in Human Machine Interface. With the help of this program, students will be able to identify, select, and configure HMI device hardware, integrate HMI devices into robotic and automated systems, and lastly, you will be able to create an HMI operator control graphical interface codes. 

This program is ideal for students who are seeking opportunities to work with HMI Control Panels, Robotic Automated Systems, Electrical Controls Technician, and many other job roles including in the fields of Aerospace, Medical, Engineering, and Nuclear Power Industries.

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9. Human Machine Interface Course by SITRAIN Learning Siemens

Another good option available to pursue a Human Machine Interface courses online, Siemens organizes the best up-to-date course through their digital learning platform- SITRAIN. 

These HMI courses available on the website are well-designed and are provided by a certified industry expert with experience. You can choose the course of your requirement from the area you want to focus on. These courses can help enhance your professional career and understanding of HMI systems. 

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10. Human-Computer Interaction for User Experience Design | Online Course | MIT CSAIL Alliances

The last course on our list is one of the best online platforms to enhance your knowledge in Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design. This course is a tie-up between MIT and CSAIL Alliances, so it gives the best learning experience to students. If you are looking for a course that will make you understand the concepts involved in HMI, and how they can enhance human-computer interaction, this course is going to help overcome your doubts and establish a comprehensive understanding. 

This course gives students the opportunity to access CSAIL faculty research so that they can develop insights on human-computer interactions, and use various tools to improvise their future experience.

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That’s all for our list of top online courses on Man-Machine Interface/ Human Machine Interface. We hope these courses will be of great help to learners who are willing to establish their careers in the world of MMI and Automated Systems. These courses will not only hone your skills and enhance your knowledge, but also help you find better jobs by adding value to your Resume.

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