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Best Online Middle School Programs

The prevailing scenario caused by the Covid pandemic has opened the eyes of humans in many ways. We have learned to live a bit differently rather than going like in past times. Similar to any domain, education has also taken a turn and polished its face. Technology has become the core of everything now. Parents are not ready to allow children to school as there are restrictions to be in public places or among a crowd. The education system has become more of a comfortable one as it is being taken from anywhere you feel like it. Learning has become more convenient and from the ease of our homes. Listening to teachers while lazing around and getting the touch of every material at the tip of the hand is today’s way of learning.

Education works through technology throughout the globe. Any which way, the students and teachers have easily adapted to the change, and they find it more accessible to learn online. Middle school involves students from the 6th grade to the 8th grade and is the period where the life of a child is in the developing state, and they start to understand the importance and worth of education. They start to get mentally prepared to accept their life in high school through academic growth and evolution to the matured self. There are various school options that are available online, as it is about middle school programs. There are assorted selections of schools available online which are ready to provide varied middle school options.

1. Acellus Academy Middle School Program

The online middle school follows a strategic curriculum that helps students to get ready for high school together with the structuring of subjects and concepts that they had acquired through elementary classes. Subjects like mathematics, language arts and reading, science, history and social studies, and health and physical education are covered in the curriculum. The method of education involves a unique technology called Prism Diagnostics. This helps find gaps in the learning of the student and fills it through engaging videos and interactive course materials, making the total learning experience a customized one. The middle school student at Acellus receives interactive online courses which can be taken at their own pace, and the classes are handled by experts in every subject. Separate individualized attention is available for every student according to their needs. Before getting upgraded to the higher levels, they tested upon their understanding of the concepts and the subject as a whole. The institute is accredited by a regional accreditation agency, the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

Founded in: 2001
Tuition: $2400/year
Rank: 1
Contact:  866)684-6127
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2. American School Middle School Program

American School provides a middle school program for children in grades 6-8. There are varied options of delivery of lessons that can be chosen by the students; all print, all online, or a combination of the two. The details of the course and the subjects are available on their website. The tuition includes all study materials, grading, the right to use the Online Student Center, and more.  Individual subjects are also there in grades 6, 7, and 8 to supplement an existing home school program. The way of the curriculum is an innovative one as it is both paper-based and online, and it is suitable for every child for grades 6- 12. Subjects made available include English, math, social studies, and science and take electives in such subject areas as business, career and technical education, fine arts, and world languages. A full year of middle school for grades 6, 7, or 8 consists of 5 units of credit with one each in English, math, science, and social studies plus an elective.

Founded in: 1897
Tuition: $99.95 per Month
Rank: 2
Contact: 708-418-2800
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3. Gifted Middle School at the Davidson Academy

The Davidson Academy sets up the middle school program structured in a manner to catch up with the high school level. The teachers are well trained to understand the aspects of social, emotional, and developmental needs of students at the time. The curriculum is modernized and customized to be appropriate for the age as well as be able to make the students understand the concepts. The content is made into chunks of information for the easiness of teaching and learning. The record of the middle school times is transient, and they are not behind the students after higher education, and middle school is an appropriate time for students to acclimatize to the stipulations of an exceedingly meticulous curriculum.

Founded in: 2006
Tuition: $1,050/year
Rank: 3
Contact: +1 775-682-5800
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4. The Meadows School Middle School

The time period from class 6-8 is a period of exploration, preparation, and celebration. The middle school years are the most significant time period of a child’s life, which makes it more challenging, exciting, and transformational, especially at The Meadow’s. As the students are maturing to young teenagers, they start becoming conceptual thinkers. The school prepares the students academically and personally to get them ready for growing up into an individual with developed and well emotions.  Along with the core subjects, there are other unique electives provided. Life (Kindness, Manners, Respect, and Responsibility), Web Design, Competitive Science, and Broadcast Technology are some of them that nurture the students to ascertain and intensify their interests and skills. They even start gaining courage physically along with practical competence through an array of competitive athletic teams.

The imagination is furthermore liberated by the extensive arts program conversed through working professionals in visual arts, music, theater, and dance. On the whole, the child develops into a self-thinker, presenter, and more flexible with being a solver of issues that is heading his way. When they have reached the upper level of schooling, they would have understood who they really are inside at present and what they want to become and achieve with their utmost desires.

Founded in: 1984
Tuition: $24,540
Rank: 4
Contact: (702) 254-1610
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5. Sage Ridge School Middle School

The Sage Ridge Middle School provides grades from 6-8, which is considered as the rich and rewarding phase in the growth graph of a child. Teachers are well sorted out to handle the children of the age, and they are completely packed with content and adequate knowledge to deal with them socially and emotionally. When the children reach grade 7, they turn out to be concrete observers, and by grade 8, they start analyzing and thinking abstractly about serious issues along with the development of a strong sense of self.  Along with the normal curriculum, there are rotation classes of arts (music, theater, or visual art) and computer programming classes (Robotics and JavaScript). Hastened learners are identified and provided with Advanced Math sessions too. Foreign language classes also start in grade 6, where students can take one semester each of Latin and Spanish. Once they reach grade 7, they have to select either one and focus on it.  

Founded in: 1998
Tuition: $22,100
Rank: 5
Contact: +1 775-852-6222
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6. Princeton Charter School Middle School Education

The students of grades 5-8 are considered as the time to understand more about oneself as a learner and as a member of society. The curriculum is set in such a way that it provides a wide foundation of basic skills which advances to arouse intellectual curiosity, which lays the foundation for the learning years to come. After the education period, the students merge out as confident and competent individuals with leadership qualities.  They tend to get adjusted to the surroundings of a varied kind, making them able to cope with stress and problematic situations. The children also understand how to respect individual differences and contribute to the community. The core academic program includes English (both reading and writing), mathematics, science, social studies, a choice of two world languages (French and Spanish), health and physical education, and visual and performing arts in Grades 5 and 6. A variety of after-school programs, including various clubs, sports, and orchestras, are arranged for 5-8 Division of students, and classes 7 and 8 can be part of the school Musical.

Founded in: 1997
Tuition: $16,579/year
Rank: 6
Contact: +1 609-924-0575
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7. Kent Place Middle School

According to the middle school policies at Kent, the period is not the time of stopping at a point and then starting again. It is not the place where girls are made for walking softly and for being disappearing from among others. Young girls are always supported and pushed to the front, stimulated in every way possible and being happy inside out, not fearing the world around them. The astonishing powers of girls are properly understood with their strengths and weaknesses being identified exactly and taken care of them to bring out the best in them for themselves as well for the society. Girls at Kent Place turn out to be flourishing and emerging out as scholars, citizens, and activists proved outstanding wherever required.

Founded in: 1894
Tuition: $46,690
Rank: 7
Contact: (908) 273-0900
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8. Basis Independent Manhattan

The middle school program at the Basis Independent Manhattan is a PreK–12 private school located in NYC. The curriculum is a globally recognized one and is enriched with dedicated educators contributing to the empowerment of students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students in the grades from 5-8 learn to use the understanding as the main gear and scheme to learn exclusive courses like logic and economics. Teachers are passionate about their job and the subject they are specialized in. A well-rounded liberal arts program with advanced STEM is also offered to motivate mastery and excellence in students as they learn at the highest international levels. The curriculum is polished and sophisticated, known for more than twenty years, and amalgamated with best practices used in top education systems around the world.

Founded in: 2017
Tuition: $40,600
Rank: 8
Contact: +1 347-305-4960
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9. Excel High School Online Middle School

The Excel high school is envisioned with the deploying of middle school education program through the online platform. The courses are offered for grades 6, 7, and 8 to close the space between the elementary and high school. By attending the middle school at Excel, the student is assured of getting well prepared for high school. The middle school plays a crucial role in getting successfully altered for high school time. The skills of better grasping and time management are developed during this stage. The academic qualities and weak points are also notified by self and also get more involved in the course work as they seem to be meticulous.  The middle school forms the foundation to the future level, so the students are well nurtured and supported here. 

Founded in: 2004
Tuition: $ 139 per Month
Rank: 9
Contact: +1 952-465-3700
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10. Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy allows its students to learn more in a wide variety of malleable options for a middle school diploma. They are providing online learning options as well. The school is categorized as a K-12 online non-public school. The school’s courses are moreover certified by Accreditation International (AI) and the National Council for Private Schools Accreditation (NCPSA). The middle school starts with 6th grade and falls in the range of 11 and 12 years. Grade 6 is the normal time of change in the way of learning. Different teachers are handling different subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. The seventh-grade students usually fall in between the age of 12 to 13 years. As it is the second year of middle school, it acts as the next stepping stone for students and prepares them for high school.  The final grade before high school is the 8th grade and is generally considered the eighth year of education, and comes in the age range of 13-14. Middle school is the bridge between elementary and higher education and is the place where the students are strengthened with their interests.

Founded in: 2007
Tuition: $205.00 per month
Rank: 10
Contact: +1 561-537-5501
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