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Best Online Courses for AWS Solution Architect Associate

Cloud computing is the future. Top companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have pivoted most of their resources to develop and revolutionize cloud computing. Gone are the days when companies use server rooms to store data; it is all in the cloud now. Amazon web services provide the top cloud computing solutions. Most of the companies like Grammarly for one, use amazon’s cloud computing services to store their data. Choosing a career in cloud computing will be the best decision you have ever made.

There is a huge scope in mastering the skills for amazon cloud computing. In this article, I have chosen the top 10 courses which will help you ace the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam. The following courses are precisely designed to pass the Architect – Associate Exam. There is a growing demand for cloud experts, so learning this skill will not only land you a high paying job but also major scope in prospects. So what are we waiting for? Let us get down to business!

1. Get AWS Certified: Solutions Architect Challenge by AWS

The official website of Amazon Web services offers this comprehensive course on helping for the prep of the AWS solution architect associate exam. The course is free and the credibility is high since AWS itself offers this course.

They also offer a new series on Twitch which is called the AWS Power Hour: Architecting. To plan your career trajectory, take this certification course. You will learn the skills to design and implement distributed systems on AWS. Moreover, this program will help you review whitepapers and documentation from the AWS team for a practical approach towards prepping for the exam.

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2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate by A Cloud Guru

The course is a 45hours self-paced program. With 17 hands-on lab classes, 19-course quizzes and 1 practical mock exam, this course is highly recommended for productive learning for the exam. The highlight of this course is it is constantly updated according to the development on AWS.

After completing this course, you’ll be prepared to pass the associate-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam. The course is instructed by the industrial specialist- Ryan Kroonenburg.

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3. AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course by Simplilearn

The renowned online educational platform, Simplilearn offers a comprehensive AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course for aspiring architects. This course is accredited by the AWS Partner network. There are more than 10000 plus students.

After completing this course, you will master AWS architectural principles and services such as IAM, VPC, EC2, and EBS and elevate your career to the cloud, and beyond with this AWS solutions architect course. This course is highly recommended since it has a whooping rating of 4.6 stars. The course is instructed by Marc Weaver, an AWS Solutions Architect & DB Expert.

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4. Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2021 by Udemy

Offered on Udemy, the course is instructed by Stephane Maarek. He is a renowned AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Maarek is also a Solutions Architect as well as an extraordinary Developer. Maarek has nearly one million students on udemy for his comprehensive training.

This course is freshly updated for the upcoming architect examination. This course is highly rated at 4.7 with half a million students. Even recently in April 2021, Over 100 videos have been refreshed/added to keep up with the AWS UI changes and exam changes.

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5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams by Udemy

Updated this month, this course is completely based on practice exams. The course has 6 practice tests. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud services platform in the world with almost 50% market share.

The practice exams are freshly updated with SAA-C02 topics such as AWS Global Accelerator, Amazon Foxx for Lustre, Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA), Direct Connect Gateway, HPC and many more. The course is instructed by Jon Bonso, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. He is also a renowned Developer Associate in Sydney.

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6. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams by Udemy

Offered by Digital Cloud Training, the course is instructed by Neal Davis. He has been a Solutions Architect in the systems integration space designing solutions for enterprise organizations for nearly 15years. This particular course is not designed in a theoretical approach rather it involves 6 practice tests.

These 6 practice tests reflect the difficulty of the Amazon Web Services exam questions. The course does not end with the six practice tests, Neal also offers exclusive access to the Online Exam Simulator from Digital Cloud Training with 500+ Practice Questions. It will have free 12-month access.

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7. Practice Exams | AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate by Udemy

Generally, the Architect exam can also be passed through a constant practical approach and not a theoretical approach. So it is advisable to pick up practical examination courses to ace the AWS architect exam. The six practice tests offered by this program include a total of 390 questions.

Moreover, this practice test is like a final pit stop before appearing for the tests. All the questions are given detailed explanations from scratch. This course is highly rated for helping people pass the exam with 1000 marks.

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8. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate by Global Knowledge

Global knowledge has affiliated with AWS partner network to offer this comprehensive course on acing the architect exam. This course does not only involve practice tests, it will help you to build Knowledge to architect and deploy secure robust applications on AWS technologies.

To attend this course, however, requires prior hands-on knowledge on AWS deployment and management services. After completing this course, the AWS certification is valid for 3years

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9. AWS Certified Solutions Architect by PluralSight

If you pick up this course, it will not only prepare you for the examination point of view but also help you design principles, including strategies for networking, storage, DNS, DBaaS, Monitoring, Load Balancing and much more. The course is speciallyof designed for intermediate students who have hands-on knowledge on how AWS works.

It requires a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of AWS. This course is not endorsed since it is not updated according to the 2021 curriculum which has included new subjects for the Architect exam.

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 10. AWS Solutions Architect by WhizLabs

With nearly 100000 students, this course is one of the popular ones from WhizLabs. They offer two programs. One is just the practice tests and the other one is an online course for studying the nuances of the subject. The former involves 675 plus questions and the latter has 13 hours of self-paced videos.

The highlight of picking this course is the practical approach towards the path of the exam. They have a whopping 59 hands-on lab classes. Moreover, they cover all the important topics like S3, EC2, VPC, SNS, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, CloudFormation etc. 

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