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Best Digital Marketing Courses in New Zealand

Digital marketing is ubiquitous today. According to LinkedIn, Digital marketing is one of the world’s top 10 most important job skills to have in New Zealand. Wasn’t we familiar with the saying that, “digital marketing in the future”, Well, not anymore golden-ager, it is right here, right now, this is the future. Digital marketing is the skill to master for having tremendous job prospects.

After the great uprising of the internet and technology, Traditional marketing has become…well, a bit boring. Digital marketing has a much wider scope and it is a fascinating job to have in this generation.

New Zealand is a developed country that plays a vivacious role in the global economy. Further, many industries continue to grow at a very fast pace along with an increase in demand for digital marketers. According to NZ’s popular job search website, there are more than 250 vacancies for the job of digital marketing.

It is no doubt that having a certification in digital marketing increases the chances of acquiring a whimsical job. But the reputation of where we get certified matters. It is not only imperative for getting jobs but also to have a productive knowledge on the course to acquire the skill. Don’t worry, you are at the right place. We have listed down the top 8 digital marketing courses offered by various universities in New Zealand.

1. Waikato University

Located in Hamilton, Waikato University offers comprehensive training on digital marketing based on contemporary technologies. `It is a triple crown accredited International Business School which is widely recognized for its eminent courses on Business and IT.

The Digital marketing courses by Waikato offer a comprehensive study on this progressing field. The university offers three program levels i.e. level 7, 8, and Master’s degree level 9. Let us get down to each level one by one.

Level 7 gives an immense knowledge on the expertise of digital marketing to pursue a career in helping companies to develop their business performance. The duration of the course is 1year and it usually starts during the trimester. The course provides a certified diploma after the completion of the course. The tuition fee for level 9 is around NZ$ 30,000.

Level 8 is the post-graduate diploma for pursuing a tech-savvy career as a digital marketing manager for various companies. The level has 120points and the fee is around NZ$30,000.

The course for Masters in Digital Business is ranked as the Top1 curriculum for masters in E-Business and digital marketing. Additionally, the course provides a professional industry internship for up to 13weeks in NZ or overseas. The cost for the masters is around NZ$45,000.

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2. Alpha Educational Institute (AEI)

The privatized training establishment (AEI) has experience of over 20 years in the digital marketing domain. The uniqueness of AEI is that it not only provides digital marketing skills but also focuses on business leadership, business management, and IELTS, language preparation.

AEI offers two digital marketing courses. the first one is a Diploma in Digital Ubiquitous Marketing and the other one is Brand Management. Digital Ubiquitous Marketing takes a duration of 36weeks for a fee of NZ$19,804. The other course, Brand management primarily focuses on marketing specialization. Both require the students to complete eight papers in two semesters.

Alpha Institute is considered to be providing a great set of course topics comparing to other institutes. It includes great practical classes and teaches Interactive Equations Marketing. AEI is #4 on our top digital marketing courses in the New Zealand list.

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3. UNITEC Institute of Technology

New Zealand’s largest and most popular Institution, The UNITEC Institute of technology provides a great learning experience with prodigious employment opportunities. The digital marketing course offered by UNITEC is- Graduate Diploma in Business (Marketing). It is program level7 which costs around NZ$19,950 for a year.

The course provides great opportunities for kickstarting a career under marketing manager, marketing consultant and digital strategist. Further, Industry Based Learning (IBL) – in the second semester of study, students are offered the opportunity to gain work experience in a real organisation. UNITEC in rank # in the top digital marketing courses in NZ. 

One of the greatest features of this program is, The institute is affiliated with the largest business establishments and service organizations which provides students with great employment as well as a learning opportunity.

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4. The University of Auckland

Found in 1883, the University of Auckland is one of the largest and most comprehensive top university in Auckland. This Uni is considered to be placed among the top100  universities all around the world.

The course offered by the university consists of 180points where it specializes in the skills in digital marketing with customer-centric market strategies. The Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing course is a full-time one-year course which comes around NZ$33,330. The other course offered by Auckland University is the Master of Business – Marketing Specialisation which focuses on digital marketing strategies, building on critical skills in the development, implementation, and management of effective marketing strategies.

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5. New Zealand Institute of Education (NZIE)

New Zealand Institute of Education is considered to be one of the top private universities in NZ. With a unique curriculum, the digital marketing course is incorporated with many workshops from invited experts and voluminous field trips & events.

The program level7 course is Diploma in Digital Marketing. The course teaches all contemporary digital skills like the implementation of Google Analytics, SEO optimization and social media skills. Every qualification NIZE offer is co-created by employers and industry specialists, and taught by masters in their field.

The highlight of the course provided by NZIE is, it has a whooping 96percentage employment rate which is taught by industry experts and practitioners. The fee is around NZ$8,144 for domestic students and for international pupils it is NZ$20,500.

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6. Digital Marketing School New Zealand

Offering many modules in digital and web marketing, Digital Marketing School New Zealand is known for its diploma course on the current trend marketing. The important feature of this course is that they offer short courses considering the various elements in digital marketing endeavors.

The School offers content on search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Data Analytics, Online Reputation Management, Brand Management, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Technical SEO, Off-Page, And On-Page SEO with many others.

The Diploma in Digital Marketing in New Zealand is the 1st NZ QA approved digital marketing qualification.

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7. Massey University of New Zealand

rated in the top 5% of global business colleges by AACSB International, Massey University offers great courses on digital marketing. The university is one of the top300 universities in business and management studies.

The course offered is Bachelor of Communication (Digital Marketing). It is a level7 undergrad course with includes both part-time and full-time duration to complete an in-depth understanding of the digital world. Moreover, 85% of Massey University Bachelor of Communication graduates are employed within six months of graduation. These graduates are employed across 20 different industry categories with more than 280 different job titles. The course costs around NZ$25,400 for an effective digital material study with theory and practice education.

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8. Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)

The EIT is a government-owned tertiary education institution having three campuses across the country. The Institute offers around 130 different courses. EIT is known for its practical skills which help to find quick jobs.

EIT offers digital marketing courses under two levels i.e. program level 8 and master level9. The level8 curriculum goes on for a duration of 6months and if it’s part-time, the time period will extend to 2years. It costs around NZ$21,500 for completing level8.

Level 9 offers a Master of Digital Business with more practical classes. The program includes not only internet marketing but also cloud technologies, security and programming. The master degree takes up to 18months duration. The cost of the master’s diploma costs around NZ$21,900 which is relatively cheap than Waikato.

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