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Best Online Brewing Courses

To know that the process of brewing is scientific! is quite amazing and interesting. Beer is fermented drink produce through brewing. It is a science as well as an art-making use of the knowledge of the subjects and applying it to come up with crafty creations that can be a part of life moments with friends and family. It makes it even more wonderful that beer can makes us beautiful and handsome.

So better have a pitcher of beer than being at a beauty parlor. We shall move along the list of brewing courses that can be of help to you in learning regarding the science of brewing.

1. Intro to Brewing: Brewing with Extract by Craft Beer & Brewing

Brewing is the process that converts the starch source into a sugary fluid called wort and its further conversion of wort into the alcoholic drink known as beer. This is carried out through the method of fermentation process mediated by yeast. The beer consists of vitamins that help reduce the breakout of acne and additionally making the skin glow acting as a cleanser. It also aids in dissolving dead cells and increase the elasticity of the skin. Since beer maintains an accurate pH level, it nourishes and cleans the skin. Beer is considered to be the most widely consumed alcoholic drink on the globe. The complete introductory course explains everything that is to be known before you start brewing fine beer making use of malt extract, hops, yeast, and water at home. The conversion of wild and raw ingredients to such a great fine product can be completely pleasing.

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2. Learn How to Brew Your Own Beer and Start Your Own Brewery by Udemy

The craft of brewing beer on your own can be scientifically learned through such courses. They help you with the basics of it so that the brewing can be done without possible errors. The detailed topics include water chemistry, hops, yeast selection, and fermentation. Then slowly the learner is taken to the next level where the learner gets to converse and gain information with brewers and receive insights from them before starting the whole process. The further detailed topics include; planning a brewery, finding a brewery location, choosing brewery equipment, building relationships with vendors and the local community, funding a brewery, and understanding regulatory requirements. It also guides the learner to identify the aspects of the business part of the whole process of brewing out the fermented product; the beer.

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3. Beer 101 Course by

The course is put forth by which is a completely online program for those who are going to present themselves towards crafting beer. The providers are into providing insights for retail sales, the hospitality and service industry, and expanding craft beer enthusiasts. This course can even be an extraordinary experience for a beer nerd who is really into the nook and corner of the details of brewing.

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4. Brewing Microbiology by Siebel Institute of Technology

The well-known Siebel Institute Brewing course is intended to extend the essential theory and hands-on aspects of the implementation of an effective microbiological QC and QA program. The course takes the student through a path that gives significance to the suitable methods for biological and sanitary control within the brewery, an understanding of the essential modern-day tools for effective microbiological evaluation of process and product, a detailed study of the microbes that probably going to be present during the different steps of the brewing process, along with the basic microbiological and microscopical lab experiences.

Practical activities are also done which will help to identify microorganisms and some of the recent trends in the brewing aspect of microbiology. The core topics include a vast array of areas such as types and kinds of yeasts, microbiology for breweries, beer spoilage bacteria, pasteurization, yeast handling, and many more related topics. The Microbiological Services division at the National Research Council Biotechnology Research Institute is one of the world’s leading yeast and genetic research services. Students are always working hand in hand with research professionals by means of advanced equipment, generating an environment exclusive to brewing education.

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5. Certified Beer Server by Cicerone 

The certified course deals with the educating process in areas of basics such as beer clean glassware, a proper pour, and identifying a beer that must be ruined by inappropriate handling. When all these essentials are considered, the beer comes out as intended by the brewer. In the persisting world of beer, every discourse between server and guest starts off about beer styles and flavors. The Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam evaluates the skills to identify those individuals who are best prepared to trade or assist a wide range of beers. The learner is assured to master the skills about major flavor words and core beer styles; details about beer service, glass preparation, and poring of draft and bottled beers; and finally, the most crucial three ways the flavor of the beer can be ruined after leaving brewery and the steps to be taken to prevent it.

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6. Beer Quality: Flavor by UCDavis Continuing and Professional Education

The course is a perfect pick for a newcomer or an advanced brewer as it puts forth some really interesting and useful tricks and tips to improve the quality and flavor of the beer being brewed. The brewing master is the one leading the course enlightening about the significant indicators of beer quality such as the flavor, foam, color, clarity, freshness, and the quality systems that have to be followed in order to keep errors at bay. The course is designed such that the learner can learn at the most comfortable pace about the ways to control and improve the flavor of the beer.

A set of winning and enlightening lectures are rendered from which the learners get an insight into the detection of beer flavor, and its creation and assessment. created and assessed. By the end of this course, a complete practical understanding is attained regarding the achieving of desired flavor and aroma in the beverage. Learners who complete the course effectively earns the digital badge, which shows off the proficiency and advanced knowledge in the subject area. The skill-level digital badge signifies a command of controlling and improving the flavor of the beer.

The course ensures the learner to control and improve the flavor of the beer, improving senses to detect the flavor, putting forth certain scientific methods to measure the beer flavor and the ways to measure the quantity of malt, hops, yeast, and water that affects the flavor of the beer. The final attainment of abilities includes beer flavor control, beer flavor chemistry, and measurement of beer flavor and aroma.

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7. Graduate Program in Brewing Science and Operations by Auburn University College of Human Sciences

The certificate program makes the students ready for a successful career in the sectors of malting, brewing, and distilling industries. The program is available online making it is easy for the learners to attend and follow the classes. Conventional educational methods are incorporated into real-world applications making it a unique learning experience. The completion of the course is amalgamated with Oskar Blues Brewing, the Alabama Brewing Industry, and Craft Brewers in order to display all the finest activities in the brewing process and the entire industry. A lot of scholarship programs are also being added up along with Oskar Blues.

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8. B.S. In Fermentation Science and Technology by Colorado State University College of Health and Human Sciences

A beverage is not just a drink; there are a lot of processes going on behind the scene to make it what it is. Biology, biochemistry, and microbiology of fermentation from the perspective of food or a beverage is something to be understood carefully. The course developers are fermentation industry leaders from the food and beverage sectors. The method of study includes course work in applied food fermentation, brewing, sensory analysis, and operations management. Fermentation science professionals regularly communicate with the learners to share their expertise. Career prospects are available in the food industry moreover specializing in food fermentation, product development, brewing, and production management.

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9. Beer Brewer Professional Certificate by University of Richmond- School of Professional & Continuing Studies

Northern Virginia is known for its craft brewing since long back and is still in the growing state. The Beer Brewer Professional Certificate is intended for those who are in the quest for an interesting course on brewing and are planning to enter into the craft beer industry or are on the verge of advancing to the prevailing brewing industry career. The course extends up to a year and comprises 11 modules of instruction and 4 hands-on field experiences. The core subjects to be learned include Introduction to Brewing, Brew Science and The Brewery Processes, And Brewing as a Business. All the understanding, knowledge, and field experience gained during the learning process are sure to be an asset for succeeding in the craft brewing industry. Since the classes are online and can be taken at any comfortable timing, persons in any profession can take up the course.

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10. Beer: The Science of Brewing by EdX

The thought of beer getting bitter is sure of a shot to think about. It involves a variety of ingredients, a series of biochemical reactions, and process parameters that influence the taste and aroma of the beer. There are about 12 modules where the learner is introduced to the science behind beer brewing. Certain tips and tricks of beer production and the secret behind the taste are also important points of thought. Certain iconic breweries are introduced to the learners so that they can see on their own regarding the malting and brewing process. The course is an intermediate level one and those who have an existing understanding of biological and biochemical concepts such as enzymes, proteins, lipids, DNA can make it out a bit more easily.

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