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Best Online Biochemistry Courses

A field formed by the blend of Biology and Chemistry, Biochemistry is an area of research that has close ties with the fields of medicine and health. Students of Biochemistry explore the fields of molecular biology and organic chemistry that are together responsible for the biological functions of human life (cells, DNAs).

For students who are interested in Science and have prior knowledge in Chemistry and Biology will find Biochemistry as an extremely interesting area of study. And for the students hoping to build a future in the field of Biochemistry, we have provided a list of top online courses that can be of great help to them. All of these courses on our list are highly rated and on-demand, and can be your reason for success too:

1. Biochemistry II from by Stanford University

An online certificate program provided by the Stanford School of Engineering is all about metabolic biochemistry and its functions. If you want to study how chemical reactions provide cells the energy and raw materials to keep them alive, then there is no better opportunity than this course. In this course, students will learn about the metabolism of fatty acids, glycogens, amino acids, and nucleotides, and closely examine them. They will also learn about the synthesizing of DNAs, RNAs, and proteins. This special emphasis on molecular biology shares its close relation with the medical field.

If you have basic knowledge about organic chemistry, molecular biology, and chemical kinetics, then this course is not only going to be extremely interesting for you but also will open doors to many career opportunities in the field of Biochemistry.

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2. Principles of Biochemistry by Harvard University

An online course on Principles of Biochemistry provided by the prestigious Harvard University is totally free of cost and is accessible for all. This 15 week-long course is all you need to master the field of Biochemistry. From basics to exploring the molecules of life, this course will cover vital areas of molecular biology and chemistry.

In this course, you will learn about the structures of macromolecules and cellular functions, the chemical building blocks of life. From navigating protein structures, the metabolism of cells to the functions of enzyme kinetics, this course will let you explore every vital area of Biochemistry. Develop problem-solving and analytical skills, and work with this significant part of life science.

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3. Online Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry by Arizona State University

The best way to begin with the field of Biochemistry is to opt for a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the renowned Arizona State University. Ideal for students hoping to build their careers in medicine and science, this course will provide them every necessary guidance to fulfill that dream.

The program will focus on thermodynamics, equilibrium theory, states of matter, solutions, and chemical kinetics with a focus on biological systems. From organic chemistry to molecular biology, this program is a perfect blend of these two subjects that provide a wonderful experience of learning Biochemistry with the help of lab practices and hands-on training. The Arizona State University has a well-equipped lab that will provide the best experience to students on working with areas of research in Biochemistry. This particular course can not only help students to work as Biochemists, but also give them an opportunity to work for the advancement of our future of medical science.

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4. Biochemistry Course by University of California Berkeley

A short-term online course organized by the University of California Berkeley, this Biochemistry program is a perfect way, to begin with understanding the areas of biology and chemistry that together form Biochemistry. Beginning from the very basics, this program lets students explore the field of chemistry and biological macromolecules that are a part of human life.

The course will throw major emphasis on Biomolecules, Enzymes, Cell structures and functions, metabolism, genes, and DNAs. Students will be provided with instructive lectures, online discussions, and also assignments, worksheets, and quizzes to check their progress. The duration of the course is 90 to 180 days, and the course fee is $1200.

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5. HMX Fundamentals Biochemistry by Harvard University

Another online course on our list by Harvard University relates to the fields of health and medicine. The HMX Fundamentals of Biochemistry is not free of cost like the previous course on our list, the course fee is $800, and its duration is 10 weeks. This program is provided by the HMX from Harvard Medical School, and a certificate can be obtained after the successful completion of the course.

This course will let you explore the areas of energy and thermodynamics, the importance of enzymes, functions of cells, biological molecules, and their roles in the practice of medicine. Concrete knowledge of biochemical principles can help discover prevention and medicines for many critical diseases and improvise the field of healthcare. This course can be the best way to begin your journey of becoming a Biochemist who works for the betterment of human health and medicine.

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6. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by John’s Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health provides the best online program on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This course will throw major emphasis on the areas of molecular biology and fundamentals of Reproductive Biology to provide a deep insight to the students of the field.

The course comprises online lectures and live sessions from the experienced professors of the university, who will guide students into a unique experience of learning the vital areas of molecular biology and biochemistry.

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7. Introduction to Biochemistry by Udemy

For the beginners of Biochemistry, Udemy has the right course to begin in just the right way. From basics to exploring the fundamental areas of Biochemistry, this course is a one-stop for all. Here, you will learn about carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids that are the integral parts of biochemistry, and every student wanting to pursue their career in the desired field must know about them. This beginner to the intermediate level course has a short duration of 44 mins, but don’t judge it by its duration, because it features useful information and a right Introduction for the students who want to begin with Biochemistry.

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8. Introduction to Biology – The Secret of Life by edX

A course provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on edX will take students on an amazing learning experience of exploring the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, recombinant DNA, genomics, and rational medicine. This introductory course is the best one in the market for getting started with biology and biochemistry.

The course will cover the areas of building blocks of life, genotypes, phenotypes, DNAs, RNAs, protein sequences, and the use of molecular tools to study biology. You will gain in-depth knowledge on macromolecules, heredity, and the changes that can be brought to human health and diseases with the help of biological techniques. This course can help bring a medical revolution, advancement in human understanding of molecular biology and biochemistry that can bring valuable changes to the world with the help of potential research and scientific discoveries.

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9. Biochemistry: the Molecules of Life by FutureLearn

A course by the University of East Anglia in FutureLearn, that focuses on Biochemistry: the molecules of life. The chemical and physical processes that occur in living organisms are the major impact of Biochemistry. This course is totally free of cost and its duration is 3 weeks, the course has been highly rated by students worldwide, and is ideal for students studying biology and chemistry, and who want to pursue their higher studies in Biochemistry.

The course explores the principles of Biochemistry, its functions in the fields of natural and life science, and healthcare. The course will begin with a brief introduction, and then proceed with how biology connecting chemistry forms biochemistry, and focus on topics such as, metabolism and bioenergetics, natural products to synthetic biology, and getting involved in the field of Biochemistry. This course will provide in-depth knowledge of biochemistry, and the key role it plays in scientific advances in the future. This course will also open a wide array of career opportunities, students may want to work as Biochemists after completing their higher degrees.

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10. Biochemical Principles of Energy Metabolism by Coursera

The last one on our list is a course by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Coursera and deals with the Biochemical principles of energy and metabolism. The main focus of the course is how energy is produced causing the breakdown of carbohydrates, glucose, and flow into living cells and organisms, and this process is referred to as bioenergetics. The energy metabolism and biochemical reactions are the major reason behind the life and functions of cells, and through this course, the students get a deeper insight into it.

Learn about fundamentals and the concept of energy metabolism, biochemical steps involved in the processes of glucose oxidation, glucose synthesis, and photosynthesis. This course has a duration of 7 weeks, and will lastly discuss the pathological conditions such as diabetes and cancer that make the metabolism of the body weaker, to provide a better understanding of the overall course. This beginner’s level course is for anybody interested in Biochemistry and wanting to study more about it in the future.

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