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Best Norwegian Courses

We all, at some point in our life, develop a desire to learn a foreign language that is in trend or sounds good. While going with the trend is a good thing, but how about you learned a new language that can decide a bright future for you? Who knows you might be teaching this new language at Schools, Colleges, and Universities or flying off to the country to which the language belongs, and open doors for a plethora of opportunities to come and change your life forever!

While everyone is after learning the most common foreign languages like Spanish, French, Latin, Italian, how about you choose something very unconventional or say “out of the box”? How about you learn a rich language like Norwegian that derives its sources from one of the oldest languages in history, like OldNorse? Wouldn’t it be great? It surely will be exciting, fun, and you will be proud of mastering a language like Norwegian, which not many think to opt for. While learning this North Germanic language, who knows you might come across life-changing opportunities of staying and working in a beautiful country like Norway? So if you have really made your mind by now, then here are the best online courses available on the most reliable platforms, where you can learn to speak, read and write Norwegian like a native of Norway.

1. Introduction to Norwegian by FutureLearn

FutureLearn is known to offer the best, free resources for students worldwide, and one such course is the Introduction to Norwegian, which is presented by none other than the University of Oslo (the best in Norway). This introductory course is the best way to begin with your journey of learning the Norwegian language, where you will learn how to strike up everyday conversation comfortably.

Beginning right from the alphabets, grammar, common phrases, and pronunciation, by the end of this course, you will have enough knowledge about the Norwegian language, its people, its culture, and food. This is literally the easiest and the best way to learn Norwegian.

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2. Norwegian Beginner to Intermediate Course by Folkuniversitetet

Folkuniversitetet is one of the most reliable platforms to learn the Norwegian language online. This course is designed for learners of all kinds, including beginners and intermediates, where you will come across levels A1, A2, B1, and B2 on the European Framework for Languages.

This course uses “Min vei” as their digital platform for learning and includes everything you need to master the language. The course can be customized according to your schedules and preferences, and you will receive full support throughout your course.

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3. Learn the Basics of Norwegian Language by Udemy

Well, if you are only after learning the basics of Norwegian to strike up a conversation with the locals while traveling to Norway, this course by Udemy is your ideal fit. While at the same time, if you are looking for a relatively easy course to develop some prior knowledge of the language before opting for a Certificate or Degree program, this course will prove to be equally helpful.

In this course, you will be exploring the basics of Norwegian communication, phonetics, the technique of using body language to demonstrate pronunciation, and so much more. The course instructor will engage you in a fun learning experience where you will come across quizzes and many more interesting things that will make you familiar with the language.

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4. Norwegian Lessons for Free by Norwegian ABC

If you are looking for some free lessons, then the best way to learn Norwegian is to register yourselves for free lessons from Norwegian ABC. This website is exclusively designed for learners like you who want to learn the language at the cost of nothing. Norwegian ABC offers Video Lessons that introduce you to the language, and you can watch these videos repeated times anytime, anywhere. There are also downloadable online Practices where you can test your progress, free quizzes, and performance reports to keep you going. There cannot be a better option to learn Norwegian for free than this.

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5. Norwegian for Beginners 1 by FutureLearn

Yet another course by FutureLearn that deserves mention, the Norwegian for Beginners 1, is offered by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has two more continuations (parts 2 and 3) available on the website. This course will help you master the basics of the Norwegian language and introduce you to major communication skills.

If you are hoping to travel to Norway or begin your career there, then this course is the right way to begin learning how the natives speak in their everyday routine. You will also explore the Norwegian customs, and learn what life in Norway is like. As soon as you finish with this course, you can pursue the other two, to develop a comprehensive understanding of the language.

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6. Learn Norwegian Alfaskolen

Alfaskolen is another reliable platform where you come across numerous online Language courses for beginners to advanced-level learners. This website offers a quality learning experience and is led by experts who teach in real-life virtual classrooms, and listen to all your queries and problems.

The courses on Alfaskolen is classified according to levels of learners so that it becomes easier for you to choose whether you want to begin anew with no prior knowledge, or don’t need introduction to basics of Norwegian. You can choose to get involved in Group sessions, Individual learning sessions, Self Study, One-to-one online sessions, and so much more. Visit the website for more details and make the most out of this amazing opportunity.

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7. Learn Norwegian by Duolingo

One of the best and fastest ways to learn a foreign language is in a fun way. Duolingo is one of the world’s best free websites to gain expertise in foreign languages. When it comes to learning Norwegian, Duolingo is ever ready to help you out in mastering the language through a learning experience that you thoroughly enjoy and can never forget.

By just spending 5-minutes daily and getting involved in the game-like lessons, you can now learn Norwegian amidst your stressful lives and busy schedules. You can control your pace of learning, beginning with basics, and getting involved in reading, writing and speaking the language. If you want to learn Norwegian in the most effective and fun way, then Duolingo is your ultimate destination.

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8. Norwegian: Beginners to Advanced Norwegian (A1 to B1) by Udemy

Yet another course by Udemy that deserves a mention, if you are looking for a comprehensive course that will help you understand the Norwegian language completely, including how to speak, write, and read, then here is a course for you that has everything you are seeking.

Covering essential Norwegian conversations, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and so much more, this course is presented in the most simplified manner, where you will get to explore and dive in-depth into the language and culture of Norway. By the end of this course, you will become a confident Norwegian speaker ready to travel to Norway, interact with the locals, and work or study from there.

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9. Norwegian A1 Part2 Time, Numbers, Food and Drinks by Skillshare

This short lesson by Skillshare with a duration of 1 hour and 4 mins, will introduce you to grammar, time and numbers, food and drinks, and everything else that is a part of the everyday routine of Norwegians. This is a beginner-level course, so you will come across some basic Introduction, and enhance your vocabulary with some very basics communication skills that are very essential to learn. After completing this course, you may proceed with other Intermediate-level courses that will slowly turn you into a fluent Norwegian speaker.

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10. Learn Norwegian by Loecsen

The last one on the list, Loecsen, is an online platform that helps you learn foreign languages for free in the best possible way. Loecsen is an ideal platform for learning Norwegian because you will come across some of the best resources for learning the language in the most effective way.

You will learn how to speak, come across words, phrases, and practical expressions that you can use in everyday life, explore the grammar and the rich culture of the Norwegians while discovering its dialects. Beginning right from the basics of essential communications, you can make your way to mastering the Norwegian language. Visit the website to know in detail what learning from Loecsen is and how you can benefit from it.

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So, here were the best options available for you to choose from, and master this amazing language. Rich in history and culture, you will surely not regret learning a beautiful language like Norwegian that has its roots dating back to centuries, the time of the invasion of the Old Norse. If you wish to travel to Norway or are looking for educational or career-enhancing opportunities, then the best way you can make it come true is by learning the Norwegian Language. Now every time you visit Norway, you will not have problems communicating with the locals because by opting for any of these courses above, you will become a confident speaker.

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