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Best MS Course for ECE Students

ECE is the abbreviated form of Electronics and Communication Engineering; the branch of engineering that deals with the detailed studying, exploring, scheming, emerging, and evaluating electronic equipment which is made to use different networks. The professionals in the field are experienced to create a concept and watching over the production of systems used in transmission and communication.

The arena is rather emerging and ever-developing as the careers offered after completion are really attractive. Since the branch deals with electronics as well, the learner gets to have in-depth know-how about the equipment and programming, and operating system in the computer scenario.

There are a lot of streams of ECE, that can be specialized;

  • Analog electronics
  • Signal and systems
  • Integrated electronics
  • Network and communication
  • Processing of digital signals
  • Circuits and digital logic

The career prospects after the course may vary according to the interest of the aspirant, but still, the openings are plenty;

  • Engineer in Electronics
  • Design engineer in Electronics
  • Support engineer in Design
  • Service engineer
  • Director (Technical)
  • Engineer in Network planning

Some suggestions on the MS courses for those pursued ECE are enlisted;

1. Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters by Worcester Polytechnic University

The course provided by the university is streamlined in such a way that, it creates confident professionals, ready to be absorbed into any organization of the related discipline. The course is provided as both campus courses as well as online for making it comfortable for working professionals.

The polytechnic university is well equipped particularly to foster the needs of the students in the branch. The institute is solely devoted to electrical and electronics education.  There are facilities of far-reaching laboratories, excellent workstation conveniences provided by the Atwater Kent Laboratories, to help to have a direct sensible, and realistic experience of the theories being learned.

Moreover, the teachers involved are maestros in the branch, who are distinguished worldwide, and they get an opportunity to have ingress to the complete and classy services which leads to an absolute renovation.

The students also get the chance to can choose from a selection of specialization domains;

  • Robotics
  • System engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

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2. Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering by Georgia Institute of Technology

The master’s in ECE from the university improves the interest of the aspirants in such a way that; it builds up their interest to move to different disciplines for higher study. Bioengineering, computer systems, and software, digital processing of signals, electromagnetics, application, and electronic designing, photonics, optics, VLSI systems, telecommunication, being some of the important branches that can be opted for.

There are requirements to be furnished to pursue the program; 30 hours credit, the person should possess a bachelor’s degree with an additional minor subject other than ECE. The course can be completed in a year if enrolled in the fall semester.

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3. Electrical and Computer Engineering by Northeastern University

The program offered by the Northeastern University is a brilliant option for those wishing to continue high-class learning along with research activities. There are numerous lines of specialization; computer architecture, parallel computing quantification, data processing, fault tolerance, modeling and analysis of performance, security, algorithms, VLSI, wireless and undersea transmission, photonics, acoustics, software engineering, circuits, scheming radio frequency chip and several other transition methods in power electronics.

The course suggests the listed collections;

  • Communications, control and signal processing
  • Computer systems and software
  • Computer networks and security
  • Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Algorithms
  • Electromagnetics, Plasma, and Optics
  • Microsystems, Materials, and Devices
  • Power Systems
  • Hardware and Software for Machine Intelligence

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4. MS Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering by University of ILLINOIS

The program perspective is designed in a manner that the students can narrow down their interests regarding the subject to a specialization that would improve the career option or the eligibility for higher studies. The course and the related details can be easily tracked from the link. The way of learning is entirely different here, as it does not follow the regular path, but takes a different route of learning outside the boundaries. They get the chance to listen to the work by faculties, professionals, and researchers in the specific domain of the regime, which is sure to be a motivation to choose the way they want to. This imparts an outstanding intellectual experience. The course requires 36-40 hours of study and includes both coursework and thesis submission.

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5. MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering by Boston University

The program is intended to create well sort of professionals in the area and also to help continue with the higher education aspects of the aspirants. It puts forth the particular prospectus consisting of 32 graduate-level credits, a workshop prerequisite, a program constraint design, technical electives with 24 credits. The students have to sustain a GPA score of 3.0 throughout the course.

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6. Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering by Purdue University

The university with a long back tradition in the prescribed field of engineering has one of the leading departments of ECE in the United States. The graduate courses are often ranked the best when compared to others in the equal platform in the U.S. The course is meticulous, brilliant and a brain-stimulating academic understanding provided in an atmosphere that promotes and encourages the ability to create, imagine, and initiate the prosperity and growth of the learner. The teachers of the branch are exceptionally experienced and known worldwide for brilliance in research, education, and guidance.

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7. Electrical and Computer Engineering by University of Michigan  

The course is for sure a branding and coveted course in the current technological era. Science is what stands and supports the invisible power of knowledge engineering. It leads to a superior civilization as it affects clean energy, the accuracy in self-protection of health, autonomy, transmission and communication, the quantum revolution. The curriculum is escalating and globalized; teachers are prominent and distinguished, and a core supporting team who are ambitious with diverse thinking and originality and multidisciplinary working ability.

The highlight is given on;

  • Smart electronics
  • Energy and power
  • Information
  • Communication
  • Automation
  • Robotics

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8. Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S. by New York Institute of Technology

The program offers a method of study which is a unique system of engineering providing equal importance for practicum and theoretical ideas, with special emphasis on designing. The university provides an amalgamated and innovative approach in the conveying of ideas radically and revolutionizing areas like Radar, biomedical devices, modern control, low-power circuit design, medical imaging, and signal processing. The students also gain complete understanding and expertise in academic, mathematical, and theoretical processes; linear systems and digitalized transmission, structural designing of computers, multiple calculations, networking, incorporated designing of circuits.

The institute also paves the way to help the students to work in funded projects by outstanding agencies like; Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and also being guided by professional faculties from the Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center.

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9. M.Eng. in Electrical and Computer Engineering by School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University

The program encompasses an all-around development for the learners enabling them to either continue their educational path or chase a career they have dreamt of. The course affords an improved deep knowledge about the technical side of the course and the required abilities to turn into a professional with all essential characteristics to excel in the career. It promotes the significant ideology to benefit any professional vocation.

The course takes a duration of one academic year assisted with the aid of faculties of the stream. The students are to complete 30 credits of work; out of which 3-8 credits are designated for projects of designing under the supervision of teachers, and 14-16 credits to the specialization courses, and the rest from the elective courses during the learning period. The designs are valued by expert panels and by the end of the second semester; the final design can be documented.

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10. Master of Science in Computer Engineering by Carolina University

This is a special pick after being completed the engineering in ECE. There are a lot of scholarship aids and financial assistance being offered by the university. The course from the university makes the learners ready and competent capable with all the required abilities to perform a leading role in any related organization or to continue educating in the higher levels of study of the specialization. The students are required to possess an engineering degree in either computer engineering or other related streams and should have a credit of 48 for a duration of two years.  The curriculum is designed with a far thought about the changes and advances that are bound to take place in commerce. It includes a large sum of internships and learning by experiencing openings to make the learners accustomed to the expansions and advancements in reality.  

The topics of study are;

  • Embedded systems
  • Wireless communications
  • Networking
  • Cyber security

The course enables the learner to apply the skills learned to solve the issues of the society, analysis of difficult data, develop ethics, and proper communication, accurate decision-making ability, and how to work in a team, thereby ensuring entire development and acquiring the wholesome advancement. It also makes the understanding of the subject inside aggregate factors of social, environmental, legal, economic and political, health and safety.  

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