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Best Courses after Computer Science Engineering

Computer science is a much sought-after course in any part of the globe. Since technology never fades, but only develops at an ascending rate, the value of the course will never diminish.  Computer engineers are capable of performing various other careers too. They can outshine in other fields like; the wireless and networking arena, developing operating systems, as well as upper-class research programs.

The M.S. in Computer Science from the USA is a highly attractive and much-admired program that can bring about attractive careers for those who complete it successfully.

The salary usually ranges with a drastic difference when compared to jobs of other disciplines. It can be in the range of $72,080 and improves with experience.

The common careers that can be taken up are:

  • System analyst
  • Web developer
  • Finance programmer
  • Software engineer/developer
  • Product manager
  • Game developer
  • Big data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Network architect
  • Block chain developer
  • Machine learning engineer

Usually, a bachelor’s in Computer Science is favorable for a basic role in a company as a computer specialist. But salary increases with the improvement of degrees. So a Master’s in the subject would definitely be a plus for the aspirants. It can also be a stepping stone to continue with the studies with a Doctorate, or research works, or for pursuing a teaching career.

The essential skills that are developed with the course are problem-solving ability in technological and scientific aspects. They will be ready to make the theory into practical experience, to design and to develop, and to apply the software and hardware for the daily required programming actions.  

The basic requirement for continuing a Master’s in Computer Science in the USA are;

  • GRE score of 300-330
  • IELTS score – 6.5
  • Or an equivalent TOEFL score

Some of the courses that can be pursued are listed;

1. Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) by Saint Martin’s University

The institute offers the MSCS program which is entirely changing the attitude and develops the required abilities to be successful in their career in the computer science field. The areas of development of the student would be much desired in the arena of databases, software engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data, and data analysis.

The program is designed in such a way that, it is flexible for a fresher who just stepped out of college, as well as for an expert who is already a professional. Working students can also adapt to the timings of the class, as they are planned for late afternoons. The course always gets resourced by professors and faculty from other branches of technology and engineering too. The labs are equipped with facilities that are of supreme quality. Moreover, the location of the campus is close to the important technical zone. The course gives focus on:

  • Software development – cloud, mobile apps, video games
  • Data science – big data, machine learning, data mining
  • Security

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2. Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering by Northeastern University

The university established in 1898, is accepted as one of the best places for experience-based learning. This quality makes the students, faculty, and all others who are involved with it, to be more reachable and available for careers that are not confined to a particular stream. The students can choose from the eight concentrations provide;

  • Communications, Control and Signal Processing
  • Computer Networks and Security
  • Computer Systems and Software
  • Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Algorithms
  • Electromagnetics, Plasma, and Optics
  • Microsystems, Materials, and Devices
  • Power Systems
  • Hardware and Software for Machine Intelligence

Research activities are also promoted in the institute guided by experts in the field. Major agencies like; National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research are involved in the funding for these research activities. Novel research areas are covered during the study;

  • Design and analysis of high performance computing systems
  • Smart power grids
  • Metamaterials
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Communication systems

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3. Computational Science and Engineering by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The course is covered by the research education department at the Centre for Computational Science and Engineering at MIT. The institute is involved in the progressing of novel methods of computation and their improved applications to solve major issues arising in the science and engineering fields. Research and education are the center’s main interest areas. Research is always linked with computational science with the Schools of Engineering, Science, Architecture, Planning, and Management.

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4. MS in Computer Science by Pace University

The vision of the university is to create a generation for the future. They are built-in with capability and talent to face the upcoming prospects. The faculty and staff are dedicated to impart the kind of education not just for the present, but also for the futuristic field of Information Technology. The name itself says it all, is what they guarantee. The students passing out are with huge talent and flair that they are able to succeed in whatever they chase.

The career field is a flourishing one and after the course, especially from Pace, will make you stand out from the world. The skills acquired make the student deploy himself to look at and ascertain various innovations to achieve his goals. The Pace’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems is the provider of the course and offer the following areas of expertise;

  • Mobile apps creation
  • Game development
  • Artificial Intelligence and applications
  • Master Cryptography
  • Computer Security

They promise a secured sure job after graduating from the university, providing data of employment in the year 2018, where 96% of the master-level graduates were placed steadily, with the highest reported earnings of $120,000 annually.

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5. Online MS in Applied Computer Science by University of West Georgia

The university provides opportunities to graduate and look for a career in software development at an easy pace, and also in reasonable condition. The course is intended as that it enables the students to get hold of sufficient knowledge and expertise to develop as a software developer.

The curriculum is basically realistic and intended on preparing the graduates to go into the information technology job arenas. The faculties are all experts in the field, providing the theoretical, practical, and industrial experience. Course includes;

  • Web technology
  • Program construction
  • Software development
  • Database systems
  • Advanced tools and techniques

Along with the above-mentioned topics, there is a Final project which is designed to amalgamate understanding and skillfulness for working in a team and practicing professional morals.

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6. Computer Science MS Degree by Stanford University

This degree is offered by Stanford Online, a part of the Stanford Center for Professional Development. The institute is an established extension of the main university from 1995 onwards. The university is a well-known institute with a vast history that blooms innovation and creativity. The online department is also situated on the same campus and is deliberated to create programs and courses according to the rising needs of the present.

The course is a completely online curriculum, which can be completed within 4-5 years. Some changes may be involved with regard to the change in the plan of the program and the focused area.

The tuition fee for the course is estimated to be around $1,352 for each unit. There may be three to five units in the course. About 45 units of credit should be acquired within five years for getting awarded with the Master’s degree.

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7. Online MS in Data Analytics by Concordia University

The institution assures the acquisition of skills for performing data analytics and business actions required for calculated and principled decision making. The fundamentals of collection and stocking up of big data are some of the teaching modules. It also digs deep into the tools for scrutiny and elucidation of data for measuring statistical likelihood.

The course is very much user student-friendly and can be accessed at any comfortable time, and it enables to respond to real-world business issues. It is expected to teach the:

  • Concepts of business intelligence, data analytics, and data science.
  • Interpretation of tools and techniques related to rigid, vivid, and extrapolative analytics.
  • Generation of detailed measures and statistical probability.
  • Analysis of the testing of hypothesis
  • ANOVA tests
  • Chi-square tests
  • Simple linear regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Characteristics of big data analytics
  • Identification of better ways of storing large data sets
  • Data mining
  • Extensive data clustering
  • Non-linear extraction of big data analytics determination

All these proposed tools will surely furnish the graduates with higher career altitudes to plenty of expanded openings.

The following careers can be pursued after the course:

  • Analyst
  • Manager
  • Business leaders
  • Senior data analyst
  • Operation research analyst

The career can surely promise a pay range of $80,000 and more, according to PAYSCALE and BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS.

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8. Masters Program in Computer Science (MPCS) by University of Chicago

The course is mediated by the Department of Computer Science at the university. The program offered is a wide-ranging and professionally oriented education course that includes both the fundamentals and applications and the required abilities for pursuing a career in Technology. The course is well fitted for those who have an interest in mobile computing, data analytics, and high-performance computing. There is always an equilibrium maintained among the theoretical basis and other applied for technical courses. The coursework is very much personalized to attain career options for the aspirants. There is also a pre-requisite program for students without a math and programming backdrop. Those who have proficiency in these can be directly involved with higher levels. The course includes the core subjects;

  • Programming
  • Algorithms and Systems coursework

Elective subjects are also provided to keep up with the fast-paced technology of the time;

  •  Software Engineering
  • Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • High Performance Computing
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Computing.

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9. Master of Science in Information Studies (MSIS) by University of Texas

The University of Texas has always been listed as one of the top ten universities for Computer Science in the U.S. The online facility it provides now also gains high repute now. The curriculum is very closely related to the offline course’s curriculum, and they are sure to impart the best quality education.  Since the course is a technology-based one, it should be always relevant to the prevailing scenario, so the course is deliberated with innovative tools for the analysis of human activities, and the organization of information.  The course fee is $10,000 for 10 class hours. These include the core course, elective subjects, and other academic experiences. Students from any background such as; psychology, anthropology, engineering, art, history, music, and architecture can opt for the course.

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10. Computer Science Programming by University of Wisconsin, Madison

The course gives an introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with the help of classes and matter to find solutions for even more difficult issues. It has introduced array-based and linked data structures such as; lists stacks and queues.  Several assignment sessions are also conducted. The topics may be of different types based on the kind of skill that has to be learned. Developing and writing multi-class programs with the help of interfaces, generics, and problem-solving situations related to real-life are some examples. The main contents of the study are;

  • object-oriented design
  • class vs. object
  • create and define interfaces and iterators
  • searching and sorting
  • abstract data types (List, Stack, Queue, Priority Queue)
  • generic interfaces (parametric polymorphism)
  • how to design and write test methods and classes
  • array based vs. linked node implementations
  • introduction to complexity analysis
  • recursion

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