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Best Google Analytics Courses Online

Have you ever wondered how to improve your business or how to analyze the data and target the specific audience for your product? Yes, you can do it through Google analytics. It is one of the best digital analytics software that is free.

Nowadays most businesses have an online presence, so it becomes indispensable to have a strategic online presence to boost our sales. Google Analytics can do wonders for your business in more advanced ways. Even if you are running a marketing agency or running an eCommerce website or an informative blog, it is necessary to have a proper approach to analyzing data. To learn how to use Google analytics, I have dug down the top Google Analytics course which is more important for running a successful business. So let us dive right into it!

1. Google Analytics Reports and Dashboards with Data Studio by Udemy

This four-hour self-paced program is particularly designed to learn how to create your google analytics dashboard so that it is not necessary to rely on third parties. The course also teaches you to create google Data studio and teaches how to configure it.

You will learn to create top-notch Time Series graphs to understand the trends within your data to understand your business well. The program is instructed by Ian Littlejohn – an international trainer, consultant, and data analyst with over 125 000 enrolments & 100 000 students on Udemy. So pick up this course and boost your efficacy in business.

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2. Google Analytics Mastery by Udemy

If you want to generate more revenue from your business but you don’t know-how, this is the right course for you. This course will help you precisely to get an insight into where your traffic comes from and how those users navigate between pages of your site.

This is a complete end-to-end course that will also help you to learn your business’ revenue generation through tracking code configuration scenarios that will give you overnight on this topic. The course is divided into 5 sections which have 54 lectures in total.

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3. Ultimate Google Analytics Course + 50 Practical Examples by Udemy

With a whopping 4.5 star rating, this particular course gives a step-by-step practical approach towards learning the nuances of google analytics. This data-driven analytics will be taught in a comprehensive way to understand data.

The highlight of the course is it does not stick to definitional or fundamental things similar to the user interface, this course is practical and additionally, you have the chance to get rejoinders from the instructor himself. The course has 23 lectures and it is instructed by Pavel Brecik, one of the most talented Web Analysts and Data Evangelists.

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4. Google Analytics for Beginners | Hands-On Training Course by Udemy

This course is designed by the renowned Daragh Walsh, who has around one million students on Udemy. The course focuses on ground training which is very much essential for beginners. 

After completing this course, you will be using Google analytics as a powerful tool to monitor the health of your business and identify growth opportunities. The course is a crisp program with just 31 lectures for a 2.5hour self-paced program. This data-driven course will boost your business. It is highly recommended.

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5. Google Analytics for Beginners by Google

One of the greatest advantages of picking this course is it is offered by Google itself. This course is absolutely free and gives a step-by-step approach on how to handle Google Analytics for a noob. 

Starting from how to create an account, implement tracking code, to how to set up data filters, this course covers every essential topic on a particular subject. Additionally, the course also teaches how to analyze basic Audience, Acquisition, and Behaviour reports, and set up goals and campaign tracking.

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6. Google Analytics Certification – Get Certified in Just 1 Day by Udemy

If you want to learn a simple crisp course within 2 hours, this is the right course for you. This course is specifically designed to pass the official Google Analytics certification exam. There is a lot of practice questions to improve your understanding of google analytics.

The modules have around 200+ Google Analytics Certification Exam questions and there is no requirement of any previous basic knowledge. The course is instructed by Daragh Walsh, a renowned Google Certified Marketer.

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7. Advanced Google Analytics by LinkedIn Learning

The Advanced Google Analytics program is offered by LinkedIn Learning which is absolutely free. The program is just a 1.30hrs self-paced program that has around 21000 students. The course is an advanced-level course that is offered by MadeCraft. It is a high-quality custom e-library where they have pioneered themselves in providing top video learning institutions.

The course not only gives an understanding of how to google analytics works but also helps to discover how to create and manage filters, create custom channel groupings, and interact with segments. This course is highly recommended for intermediate analytics who want to step up their game.

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8. Master Google Analytics in Just 30 Days by Data Driven

This particular course is offered by Data Driven, a renowned educational platform. This program gives a ground-level understanding of how to use Google Analytics to track, measure, and improve your marketing campaigns. The Data Driven has taught this subject to renowned institutions like HubSpot, the University of Minnesota, and 3M. The 30-day program costs only $500 which is just $1.37 per day.

If you pick up this course, you will learn how to decipher advanced tracking and learn how to deploy the right data collection techniques for your needs. The course is instructed by Jeff Sauer who has been a google analytic user since its beta version in2005.

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9. Double Conversions with Laser-Focused Web Analytics Training by ClickMinded

The program is offered by ClickMinded which is one of the top web analytics agencies which teaches to unsurpassed companies like Microsoft, Grammarly, and UNICEF.

The course is personally recommended because it takes a whole new different approach towards teaching the concept. It goes by the motto- Analytics is less about big data and more about relentlessly optimizing for the few metrics that matter. This course is a certified program which is hands down, the best program to demystify Google Analytics. The cost of this particular course is $997 which is relatively expensive yet worth every penny to grow your business.

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