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Best GMAT Quant Online Courses

The Graduate Management Admission Test is designed to assess your potential for success in business school. If you appear for GMAT, you can get placed in the top Ivy league business schools across the globe. The GMAT exam requires enhanced knowledge of quantitative math and analytical skills in English. So to pass the GMAT exam to land into a great business school, getting trained through a comprehensive program is indispensable. Especially this covid situation has caused huge trouble for your future scope in business management. So having a good GMAT score will not only help you to land into a good University but also helps you to get attracted by the top recruiters.

Now you don’t have to worry about finding the right course for you. I have curated the best courses offered by various online platforms according to their ratings, affordability, and curriculum. So what are we waiting for? Let us dive right into it!

1. GMAT Quant, Verbal or Both by EMPOWERgmat 

Official Prep Course 2020 by EMPOWERgmat provides 100% streaming on-demand lessons on GMAT preparation. The platform has a record of #1700 plus score rate by the students who chose this program. They also have 151 Pts. Points above the median GMAT score.

The course is specifically designed to pass the test where they give comprehensive foundational math training & verbal content practice. They provide many schemes ranging from one month’s classes to a 3months study program. They also provide The EMPOWERgmat Mistake Tracker which will help you monitor your content and tactical progress. This course is highly recommended because it is at an affordable rate of $349 only.

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2. GMAT Quant Score by Target Test Prep

The highlight of taking a course from Target Test Prep is, it is highly rated and critically acclaimed. It is charted as #1 ranked GMAT Prep In 2019, 2020, and 2021 by MBA Insight. Also, it has a 5-star rating according to On Beat the GMAT.

The course offers more than 800 instructor-led HD Videos to have no surprises on the test day. They also offer 2500+ QUANT PRACTICE GMAT QUESTIONS to strategically engage in deep learning. Moreover, Target Test Prep Get helps you to get opinions From TTP Experts Regarding Your Overall Study Plan.

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3. Featured GMAT Prep by Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep provides three different programs for GMAT preparations. The first one is GMAT Boot camp which costs $2599. The classes include 35 hours of instruction in 2 or 3 weeks. Secondly, the famous private tutoring classes at $2450. The benefit of this program is it gives 1-on-1 personalized instruction according to your skills and progress.

Other schemes include the ‘Live Gmat course’ with 27 hours of live instructions and ‘The Interact GMAT Course’ with 35+ interactive video lessons on demand. Manhattan Prep provides all Books and online resources for a much effective study.

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4. GMAT Quant – Official Prep Course 2020 by Udemy 

Offered by Prof. Dr. Boris Vertman, a renowned instructor from Udemy provides a more all-embracing understanding of how to appear for the GMAT exam. Boris is known for his particular focus on down-to-earth explanations, strategies, and structure while dealing with the classes.

The course length is optimized to 5 hours, avoiding irrelevant information but provides many examples to have a better understanding of the GMAT examination. The course is divided into 5 sections which have around 19 lectures. You can also master algebra through this comprehensive course.

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5. GMAT™ Official Practice Exams by Magoosh

Students who opted for Magoosh for their GMAT Prep have gotten into the top universities like the University of California, Wharton, MIT, and Stanford. They provide accurate score predictors, 300 plus video lessons, and 1300 plus practice questions to ace the GMAT preparation.

Magoosh also provides tutoring with one-on-one video chat sessions for a tailored way of customizing the schedule according to our ability. The cost of the program is just $559.20 which also includes EMI options. The normal premier version just costs $159 which is relatively economical.

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6. GMAT Prep by e-GMAT 

The courses offered by e-GMAT use data analytics to hit your target score in GMAT. With 4X as many Verified Reviews as any other company, e-GMAT stands all in online education. The instructors of the program are leaders in their field.

The program provides a full-time commitment to supporting our offerings. The support team is very responsive and e-GMAT also provides strategic support to students when they need it. GMAT Prep course bids an ability-based assessment engine to track our progress.

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7. Private Tutoring GMAT Prep by Veritas Prep

Offering around 3 exclusive programs for GMAT preparation, Veritas Prep is a top-rated platform for preparing for exams. They provide self-study programs, live classes, and private tutoring. With free admission consultation, Over 5,000 practice questions, and 12-month access to the materials, the self-study program costs $699 only.

At just $2650, Veritas Prep offers one-on-one live classes with renowned tutors across the globe. Private tutoring is specifically tailored for you and they use dynamic strategies to ace your GMAT exams. With a Veritas Prep private GMAT tutor, you’ll go into test day fully prepared for anything the GMAT can throw at you

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8. GMAT Prep Course by 800Score

One of the greatest advantages of preparing for your GMAT exam through 800Score is that it is free. They provide 65+ bite-sized lessons which are chronologically organized according to the difficulty level. The 300-page course also provides 150+ curated videos which will help you to get a deeper understanding of the subject.

This course is highly recommended if you are looking for an affordable course. 800Score in their course also provides 200 plus questions which includes video explanations for each question to get a wider perspective.

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9. GMAT Tutor by The Economist

The Economist GMAT Tutor’s online learning platform offers a unique experience in preparing for the GMAT. To identify our learning habits and to ace the exam, they use innovative technology, incorporating crowd wisdom and machine-learning algorithms to detect and ease the preparation period.

According to each student’s learning style, the plans are customized and tailored proportionately. The program includes 1 on 1 tutoring lessons for the students. The Economist also mentions a challenge that if the students do not score above 70 points they could return the cost of the course.

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10. GMAT Prep by Kaplan

At just $599, this comprehensive GMAT course is a personalized program with guidance from renowned teachers across the globe. The course is available both live and on-demand. They provide 9 full-length, computer-based practice tests and 140+ hours of online instruction and practice.

Kaplan has a separate channel primarily focused on GMAT preparation where we also get 24/7 access to it. With 5000 plus practice questions, you will be ready to appear in the GMAT examination. There will be three quantitative tests and 3 verbal modules. They also provide one-on-one classes with a personal tutor which costs around $2499.

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