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Best Event Management Courses

While some people believe that a degree in events management or hotel management entitles you to work as a wedding planner for the rest of your life, there are many more options. The events industry is vast and diversified, and here are a few reasons why studying events management is a worthwhile endeavor.

You have the opportunity to expand your horizons: It’sIt’s not just conferences and birthday parties when it comes to events and hospitality management; with such a broad industry, you may discover your niche to fit your needs. Whatever your interests are, you will be able to find a place. You’llYou’ll be able to create your route to your dream employment, with options ranging from artist programmer for a music festival to finance manager for a national exhibition.

Develop abilities you didn’t know you possessed: Many individuals may not realize how much goes into being a successful event planner. By studying events management, you will get skills that will help you succeed in this specific professional path and provide you with a wide range of transferable abilities and experiences, such as budgeting, marketing campaigns, and people and logistics management.

Every day is a fresh start: Because of the nature of this profession, you’ll be exposed to a far greater range of activities, ensuring that no two days are the same. You’reYou’re checking out a new venue for your event one day before heading out to meet a second client, then setting up and hosting a live music festival the following. You won’t get bored with the same old things because of the variety, which will keep you motivated and fulfilled.

Get a first-hand look at the fruits of your labor: Nothing feels better than knowing that your hard effort has paid off. Not only does the events sector provide a terrific opportunity to see your plans and ideas come to life, but it also provides the ultimate pat on the back in the form of glowing evaluations and comments from your clients.

The events sector is a multibillion-dollar business: While the events arena isn’t always about making a profit or bringing in huge money, there there’s always the worry of “will I be able to find work when I graduate?” The industry of events and experiences is worth billions of dollars. With the global events market expected to grow exponentially in 2022 and 2023, with the worldwide pandemic receding fast, more people will come together for shared experiences, which you can help create.

If you have made up your mind and want to know about the best courses in event management that you can study, you’re in luck. This article compiles the best and top-ranked universities that offer a system in event management. Browse through them and find the system that is just right for you:

1. Event Management Courses by New York University

The MS in Event Management (MSEM) is one of the first degrees in the country offered by the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality of NYU. Its cutting-edge program prepares students for event planning and management careers in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, focusing on the skills event managers need in this fast-growing, worldwide expanding industry. This comprehensive program of study provides students with the benefits and resources of earning an event management degree at NYU while establishing themselves in New York City—home to iconic events like the U.S. Open and the Macy’sMacy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades and venues like Madison Square Garden and the Jacob Javits Center. 

Three specialized programs in Business Development, Sport Event Management, and Event Operations are among the benefits of this program. Internships in event management at renowned NYC hotels, event venues, non-profits, and sports groups are available. Opportunities to study abroad and visits to industry sites are other perks. 

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2. Event Management Courses by The University of Queensland, Australia

It offers a wide array of 9 complete on-campus courses, such as Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management, Graduate Certificate in Tourism, Hotel and Event Management, Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management Major in Event Management etcetera. You can switch it up with majors in hotel management, travel, and tourism or just choose event management.

UQ ranks 46th globally and has increased its standing for the second consecutive year in the Q.S. World University Rankings for 2021.UQ Business is a top business school in the Asia-Pacific, and the university is 8th in hospitality & leisure management according to 2020 Q.S. Rankings.

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3. Event Management Courses by University of Technology Sydney, Australia

UTS offers courses that include Graduate Certificate in Event Management, Graduate Diploma in Event Management, and Master of Event Management. The Master of Event Management program is designed to give students a thorough overview of the events industry and to build high-level professional skills and knowledge that will prepare them for management roles in the diverse event sector. With this in mind, the program offers courses that aim to help students get a better grasp of event development, planning, delivery, marketing, and assessment processes and practices in worldwide contexts. The course places a significant emphasis on professional training, with two unique capstone subjects – Industry Research Capstone and Internship Experience Capstone – allowing students to work on or with current industry concerns and possibilities.

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4. Event Management Courses by The George Washington University

Offers a Bachelor of Science program in Business – Sport, Event, and Hospitality Management. Through three alternative tracks, the emphasis on sport, event, and hospitality management degree program provides students with a theoretical and practical grasp of these industries. 

The Sports management track focuses on the management and marketing of sporting events, organizations, products, and athletes, as well as special events, conferences, meetings, expositions, festivals, and other entertainment properties, such as sporting and event venues. 

The marketing and management of enterprises associated with conventions, meetings, special events, conferences, expositions, and festivals are the core of the Event management track. 

The hospitality management track focuses on the marketing, management, and financing of both hotels and those businesses related to tourism, including cities, attractions, restaurants, and airlines.

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5. Event Management Courses by University of Surrey, UK

It offers 4 different B.S. programs, which have a course duration of 3, 4, or 5 years. The five-year BSc International Event Management (with Foundation Year) degree analyses major and small-scale events, giving you a broad variety of event-management skills and experience, including designing an actual event and earning an industry-recognized events safety passport qualification. They work with industry partners to deliver our modules, allowing you to benefit from their years of business expertise, and the university offers the option to study and participate in a variety of events throughout the year.

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6. Event Management Courses by Iowa State University

Iowa State University provides B.S. and M.S. courses in Event Management. Undergraduate students in the B.S. degree are prepared for positions insignificant event and meeting management companies. Students receive knowledge and experience in organizing, budgeting, and implementing conferences, meetings, and other special events in public and private sectors as a result of the major. It is a four-year on-campus program. The Master of Science in Event Management on the other hand is a 36-credit online program that includes 13 credits spread out over five mandatory modules.

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7. Event Management Courses by James Cook University

The Bachelor of Business majoring in Sports and Event Management is a 3-year full-time program designed to equip you with the skills to start a successful career. You can major in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business Intelligence and Information Systems, Economics, Financial Advising, Financial Management, Governance, Business and Society, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Human Resources Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Sports and Events Management. You can also build your employability by studying for a joint degree.

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8. Event Management Courses by Cardiff Metropolitan University

It offers a 3–4-year Bachelor’s program as well as a 1-year full-time Masters’ program. In addition, it also provides a diploma in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events Management. With the Master’sMaster’s program, all students undertake a live consultancy project through the Industry Project Management module, which provides an opportunity to engage with employers in the industry. As part of this module, they have the chance to gain an accredited qualification from the Project Management Institute. Students can opt for an individual consultancy project as their final project.

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9. Event Management Courses by Middlesex University, U.K.

Offers an MSc program in International Hospitality and Events Management which is a 1-year full-time program that combines specialist knowledge with the context of tourism in the global economy and provides a range of contemporary options taught by staff with recent practical experience in the industry. You will gain direct knowledge of the sector through the practicum module and enterprise module.

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10. Event Management Courses by Murdoch University, Australia

The B.A. in Tourism and Events is a one-of-a-kind degree that allows you to study tourism with a focus on sustainability. You’llYou’ll learn about tourism and events strategy, as well as the design and management of well-coordinated events and festivals. You’ll learn to link tourism and events with national policy, economic development, and environmental and cultural leadership. Combine your degree with minors in Indonesian, Japanese, or Sustainable Development, or study two majors in three years and graduate with a variety of specializations, improving your job possibilities. You’llYou’ll go on field trips to tourist locations as part of your studies, and you’ll learn to think critically and creatively, apply knowledge and information, and communicate effectively.

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