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Best Courses for Starting Your Own Business

Although a lot of the greatest visionaries and pioneers of the business world may be college dropouts. But not everyone can be like that. The rest of the world’s great industry leaders, who built their products and started their businesses from the ground up, gained their knowledge from attending some of the best business schools and universities in the world. Most people need an introduction and a push to get into the business world. Entrepreneurship is a very make-or-break profession. It is probably the only profession where your success can be exponential.

Starting your own business requires a lot of strategic planning and a wealth of knowledge. Before you can run a risky business and invest in something new, you need to understand how business and economics work. For this reason, it is important that you find the right course to drive you in the business world. Based on the experiences of some great business leaders, founders, and beginners.

We have compiled a shortlist of degrees and disciplines that you can study to navigate with confidence in the business world. This list contains both offline and online courses.

1. Economics

Entering economics may be the most obvious choice for someone hoping to start a business, but you will be surprised how many students run away from the economy. The reason? Often, economics involves a lot of math — a lesson in which students in other countries do much better than in other countries. However, economics dwells on resource management and a broad understanding of how money is still distributed, exchanged, and sold at large and small levels. If you want to start your own business, you must understand how this complex system works. So, if you want to understand how your business can not only survive, but be successful, in such a system, having a degree in economics would be a wise choice. Economics helps you to manage your capital and profits and losses. Without a thorough knowledge of economics, there is a high chance for your calculations to be in trouble.

Below are some of the best universities to pursue a degree in Economics:

2. Business Management

Most people will tell you that the secret to starting a business is to have strong leadership skills. This is very true. Knowing how to make management decisions or manage expectations is one of the few things that allows you to turn your ideas into a fully structured business or company. Schools around the world allow you to join bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in business management or business management, providing leadership skills and decision-making skills essential to starting your business. Business management focuses on planning, organizing, and analyzing business activities needed to manage and run a business. You will learn what makes an organization successful in a full-fledged business environment and you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to work for businesses of all sizes – from international companies to start-ups.

Below are some of the best universities to pursue a degree in Business Management:

3. Industrial Engineering

This lesson may surprise some readers. When we think of an engineer, we rarely see a picture of a new CEO or new leader. However, industrial engineers have a good understanding of a variety of business aspects, from supply chain management to cost planning, policy analysis, and project management. Industrial engineers have the ingenuity and resourcefulness of doing business. Having a keen eye and ability to work with a variety of marketing and technical programs is important for engineering students and these qualities will ensure that you are well-prepared to start with your big business idea. Industrial engineers identify the waste and thus it turns into optimum utilization. The distribution and production process can be enhanced and improved by seeking support from industrial engineers. Renders effective solutions and creative ideas to boost the production level of a business.

Below are some of the best universities to pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering:

4. Computer Science

Computers are the lifeblood of any business. Be it the storing and processing of data or the effective communication between employees, Computers play an inevitable part. You may have noticed that there’s a great deal of work done with computer programming, information technology, and web development. To get yourself involved in one of these lucrative sectors and bring your business onto the stage alongside Google, Apple, and Facebook, you’ll want to have a good understanding of computers, the digital world, the digital marketplace, and digital marketing. Some of the well-known geniuses and entrepreneurs that we all know today have a background in computer science—Steve Wozniak, James Gosling, and Reed Hastings. Talk about foresight! Many of these people studied computer science long before knowing that things like Java, Netflix, or Apple were ever going to be as successful as they are today.

Below are some of the best universities to pursue a degree in Computer Science:

5. Marketing

All entrepreneurs need to understand marketing equipment in order to stay competitive today. With the growth of online marketing, there are many opportunities to save money and reach a wider audience. No job can be created and build a reputation without new marketing. With marketing qualifications, an entrepreneur can learn a lot more than just methods. The degree program teaches students how to do research to identify the target market and how to plan a marketing strategy for a particular market based on age or other factors. Students learn which social media platforms and marketing strategies work best to reach specific groups and how to measure the impact of advertising campaigns or promotions. In addition, students learn how to create a unique value that will give them a competitive edge. They learn how to increase market share, make effective promotions, and do many other things that will help their future businesses thrive.

Below are some of the best universities to pursue a degree in Marketing :

6. Communications

One of the most important components of business success is maintaining good relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and a certain level of communication provides one with the skills needed to achieve that. People earning degrees in communications often end up in the fields of law, broadcasting, social media, management, and staff. In a communication program, students begin to learn the basics of effective communication. They learn how to use those skills in oral and written ways. Students learn social science that gives them greater confidence in reaching out to people and building professional relationships with them. They also learn how to engage people, make them feel important, and understand messages from the recipient’s point of view. For entrepreneurs, these skills are essential to everything from recruitment planning to customer retention planning. Business owners must be able to communicate with their employees to keep the company running smoothly.

Below are some of the best universities to pursue a degree in Communications:

7. Entrepreneurial Operations: Launching a Startup by EdX

This online course is offered by Babson College, one of the finest universities for entrepreneurship in the world. This introductory course will explore the realities of real-world operations and the risks related to starting a new business. The course will introduce you to start-ups in various industries. The lessons will provide you with a set of steps, frameworks, and tools that can be used to understand the key considerations of building a start-up project from scratch. In each module, students will be introduced to a different performance-related concept. Lesson notes, readings, and case studies will explore important work topics that are important in the beginning. It is a free course with an estimated completion time of 4 weeks. But you can complete it at your own pace.

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8. How to Build a Startup by Udacity

Steve Blank is the head of the Lean Startup approach, coaching Eric Reis, author of The Lean Startup. In this month-long online course, Blank teaches you how to quickly develop and test ideas by gathering a large number of customers and market feedback. If you want to understand why, not how, this is for you. In the introduction to the foundations of the popular Customer Development process, Steve Blank provides insight into the key steps needed to build a successful startup. The main idea in this study is to learn how to quickly develop and test ideas by gathering a large amount of customer and market feedback. Many startups fail by not allowing their ideas to come up with real-life clients. To alleviate that, students will learn how to get out of the building and look for real areas of pain and unmet customer needs. Only then can an entrepreneur find the right solution and establish the right business model. The course is available for free in Udacity.

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9. 100 Steps to Startup by Ryeson

The 100 steps to startup are one of the best online courses for budding entrepreneurs. It breaks down starting a business into 100 explicit actionable micro-steps from ideation to revenue generation to product-market fit. The course contains bite-sized video lessons with durations of 3 to 4 minutes that explain each step, in detail and in a simple way. The course also contains many worksheets that’ll help you work on your business ideas. It also contains guided ‘take action’ videos which provide you with all the confidence you need while taking risks. The course focuses on small and medium-sized startups and does not require an ivy league education to complete. They provide a proven and predictable process of starting a business. 100 Steps 2 Startup was developed by Dr. Sean Wise and refined over 20+ years of work, research, and experience in working with high-growth startups.  The course costs 178 USD.

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10. Startup School by Y Combinator

Y Combinator is Silicon Valley’s most famous, and most successful, a startup accelerator. It also offers a 10-week online course that covers in-depth topics most interesting to high-growth startup founders. Instructors include the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Paul Graham, Sam Altman, and Drew Houston. This course is best for a pair of founders in a garage working on the next Google. The website provides you with more than 100000 USD worth of deals on AWS, GCP, Stripe, etc. You can also meet with other startup founders and share tips and obtain tips on how to develop your business. The course also gives you weekly updates so that you can keep track of your progress. The icing to the cake is that the course is also absolutely free.

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