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Best Elementary Schools in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas, is a place that is rich in educational institutes and better teachings. Elementary education is essential and most significant part of student life. This part of learning teaches the basics of all in the realm of education and knowledge.

The best elementary schools in Austin are listed among the top schools which score all-round betterment. These schools are great in their infrastructure facilities as well as education. These elementary schools abide by proper teaching methods and tools for providing education to children in their young life stages.

This article will list out some of the best elementary schools for children in Austin, TX. These schools will be best for the education of your children. These are listed below after proper reviews in all-around standards available and provided by the school for children. Give this write-up a reading and choose your preferred school for your kids. Kindly feel free to contact me for any further related queries.

1. Canyon Creek Elementary School

Canyon Creek Elementary School is an establishment where faculty and parents collaboratively maximize every child’s potential by implementing enthusiastic assistance and relevant education. There are a total of 413 enrollments under every grade in this academy. Canyon Creek Elementary is a definite, supportive atmosphere where education is maximized by great expectations, responsibility, and collaborative staff, learners, and fellowship. Canyon Creek unlocked its opportunities to learners in August 1998.

Founded In: 1998
Location: 10210 Ember Glen Drive Austin, Texas 78726
Ranking: 1
Contact: 512-428-2800
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2. Bridge Point Elementary School

Bridge Point Elementary School has assisted the elementary learners in the northern divisions of Eanes I.S.D. as of 1997. Bridge Point is the most comprehensive EISD elementary school with an enrollment of slightly covering 600 learners. Bridge Point presents a complete instructional curriculum for all learners, including core education, Art, Melody, P.E., and regular health classes. The school hours lie between 7:40 a.m.-2:50 p.m. Whole-school assemblies maintain a pervasive Social-Emotional curriculum. For passing scholars, Bridge Point implements plans to continue learning community.

Founded In: 1997
Location: 6401 Cedar St. Austin, Texas 78746
Ranking: 2
Contact :(512) 732-9200
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3. Valley View Elementary School

Valley View is a member of the highly-acclaimed Eanes Independent School District, established just moments from downtown Austin. Giving education to nearly 8,000 students, Eanes I.S.D. is recognized for outstanding student accomplishment in academics, fine crafts, sports, and likewise. A highly equipped team created the best public education, joined with the amazing fellowship and familial guide. Learners at Valley View are members of a completely comprehensive society where difference is observed. All children and grown-ups are observed as different people with great distinction and a great desire to attempt and discover intensely. 

Founded In: 1917
Location: 1201 South Capital of Texas Highway
Ranking: 3
Contact: (512) 732-9140
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4. Barton Creek Elementary School

Barton Creek Elementary School is vitally engaged to involve every learner in deliberate education at the most important level of scholarly distinction. In interest, a unique learning plan for learners classified with special requirements is presented. An expanded knowledge ability library promotes reading direction in all classes. Learners experience the advantages of accredited P.E., Music, and Art instructors in addition to a certified librarian, a certified academy counsellor, including a designated nurse. Diversity of the school and society learning extracurricular exercises are possible for the learner.

Founded In: 1991
Location: 1314 Patterson Road Austin, TX 78733
Ranking: 4
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5. Cedars International Academy

Cedars International Academy is an institution that includes different grades, and it also comes under one of the best elementary schools in Austin. It is a project-based education, open registration, tuition-free public code institution accepting classes Pre-K to 8th. They are a small section of coaches, faculty, and parents assigned to developing youngsters for tomorrow. Among high educational expectations, they build on the depths of every child. Cedars International Academy has remained a T.E.A. “Verified” School (2010 – 2012). Cedars partnered with New Tech Network to recommend building innovative training conditions. Educators promote cross-curricular plans, which provide versatility to help learners independently.

Founded In: 2001 
Location: 8416 North I.H. 35Austin, TX 78753
Ranking: 5
Contact: (512) 419-1551
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6. Kiker Elementary School

Kiker was built in 1992. The institution is entitled to Bernice Kiker, one of the first female heads in the Austin Independent School District. She was born in Dublin, Texas, though she existed in Austin until she went to Gloucester, Virginia, in 1992. Bernice Kiker was a bachelor of Southern Methodist University and earned her M.A. from Colorado State College. This school aims at providing excellence in elementary education. There are qualified teachers and staff for giving valuable education to all the students. The school holds a total enrollment of 1122 students who are provided exceptional teachings. 

Founded In: 1992
Location: 5913 La Crosse Avenue Austin, Texas 78739
Ranking: 6
Contact: (512) 414-2584
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7. Steiner Ranch Elementary School

Learners at this academy perform far more educational development given their latest year than comparable students in the country. Test rates at this academy are far beyond the state mean, implying that most maximum learners perform at or beyond degree level. The teacher-student ratio is 15:1, and around 97% of the teachers have more than three years of teaching experience. The team is always so helpful and included in the well-being of the kids, and the instructors are award-winning. Attendance is registered at 8:45 a.m., and learners entering after this course are considered absent, except they come with a doctor’s report for that very day. The school provides nursing as well as counselling services. 

Founded In: 1996 
Location: 4001 N. Quinlan Park Rd., Austin, TX 78732
Ranking: 7
Contact: 512-570-5700
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8. Rutledge Elementary School

Rutledge Elementary School is a top-rated state institution established in AUSTIN, TX. It has 972 learners in classes P.K., K-5 with a student-teacher proportion of 15 to 1. According to land examination numbers, 74% of learners are skilled in math and 76% in interpretation. The instructors and team are very generous and understanding and appear to consider the learners genuinely. There are possibilities for a test for the students, including an excellent G.T. program operated by three remarkable instructors who go out of their approach to produce certain the children in the plan have a great practice and get some valuable experiences. 

Founded In: 1882 
Location: 11501 Staked Plains Dr., Austin, TX 78717
Ranking: 8
Contact: 512-570-6500
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9. Blackshear Elementary School

Blackshear Elementary School started in 1891 to present available public training to African-American children, then identified as Gregory Town. Blackshear Elementary School was recognized as School No. 3, Gregory Town School earlier. This school is a public state institution instituted in AUSTIN, TX. It holds 406 learners in classes P.K., K-5 with a student-teacher proportion of 15 to 1. According to state examination records, 42% of learners are skilled in math and 42% in reading. 

Founded In: 1891
Location: 1712 E 11TH ST. Austin, TX 78702
Ranking: 9
Contact: (512) 414-2021
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10. Forest Trail Elementary School

Forest Trail Elementary School is a top-rated public school which is located in Austin. This elementary school has 553 students in classes K-5 grades, and the student-teacher ratio of this school counts from 14 to 1. According to reports of examination scores, 84% of learners are highly proficient in mathematics and 89% in reading. The average salary of a tutor ranges from $51,587. Even though the cost of the school is a little high compared to other schools, it is all worth it due to the facilities provided to the students.

Founded In: 1985 
Location: 1203 Loop 360 South, Austin TX 78746
Ranking: 10
Contact: (512) 732-9160
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