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Best EdX Courses for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering has undoubtedly been the top choice for someone who pursues engineering for their undergrad. There is huge competition in this field. To stand out, it is necessary to take special online courses to enrich valuable skills to help you land a great career in mechanical engineering. Most of the undergrads who pursue mechanical engineering will either enter into corporate jobs which are not even related to their stream or rather stay unemployed. You will find all the necessary skills to obtain which would be very useful in streams like automobile engineering, manufacturing engineering, power plant engineering, thermal engineering, and mechatronics engineering,

In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 mechanical engineering courses, offered by edx, one of the best online educational platforms. The edx is not like Udemy. The courses which are offered are highly reputed since it is sponsored by great ivy league universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, and Harvard. Isn’t it exciting? So without further adieu, let us find us some good course!

1. The Engineering of Structures Around Us by Dartmouthx on edx

The Engineering of Structures Around Us is a top-class program that can be completed within 5 weeks of the time period. You will learn the nuances of the subject through the engineer’s design of bridges and buildings in our communities.

The program will answer every unanswered question which pops for every mech engineer when they see a bridge. You will explore how structures work, why they were designed the way they were designed, and how they support loads. The course is absolutely free and the program is just 4384 dollars.

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2. Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on edx

Offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials is a top-class program that will cover all the necessary physical principles behind diodes, light-emitting devices, and memories.

The program can be completed within an estimated period of 15 weeks. The program can be completed within 11-13 hours of a week. It is not a beginner program. You will need some basic knowledge of Differential and Integral Calculus and other mechanical engineering subjects. The course is instructed by Polina Anikeeva, top alumni from MIT.

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3. Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering by Purdue University on edx

This is not a normal course. It is a master’s program offered by Purdue University. The program costs 22,500 dollars and it is highly recommended. The program is 30 credit hours which is also transferred. The course duration can start right from 1 year to 4 years.

The highlight of this program is GRE scores are not required to apply to the program. However, to apply for this program, you should have a GPA of 3.00. This mechanical engineering program is designed for experienced professionals and those beginning their career goals.

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4. Introduction to Haptics by Stanford University on edx

Introduction to Haptics is a top-rated Stanford University program where you will learn about the tool named haptics. It is a prevalent tool among mechatronics individuals. The device will allow users to feel virtual or remote environments. This hypothesis is commonplace in the field of robotics since AI is the future of our tech industry.

The haptics frameworks will develop an intuitive connection between equations that describe physical interactions. The course is free and it can be completed within 5 weeks. For lab classes, the participant will need to acquire/build the components of a Hapkit and assemble and program the device.

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5. Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials by Delftx on edx

If you are interested in aircraft, spacecraft, and other aviation machines, this is the best course for you. The program duration is 8 weeks and it can be completed with a  dedication of 4-6 hours per week.

In this course, you will be taken on a journey through the structural and material design of aircraft. You will have a lot of quizzes and design assignments that will help you master aerospace structures. The program requires a Basic knowledge of Physics to have a good perspective on the subject.

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6. xMinor in Materials for Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Devices by MIT on edx

This is an Xseries program that will help you learn xMinor in Materials for Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Devices. The expert instruction program is a bundle of 4 high-quality courses. The only disadvantage of this program is it is a very long program. It will take nearly one year to complete the program.

The MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers this extraordinary series where you will develop an understanding of the materials and devices essential to modern display technologies, such as the structure of liquid crystals and the design principles used to tailor light-emitting diodes.

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7. Reliability and Decision Making in Engineering Design by Purdue University

Reliability and Decision Making in Engineering Design is a first-class micro master program that has a lot of credibilities. The program is offered by Purdue University. This program is a bit different from the rest of the master’s programs. The program is an instructor-led course.

The Assignments and exams have specific due dates for this program.  The program will be completed in 9 months at a pace of 8-9 hours per week. It also comes with 6 academic credits. This MicroMasters Program will benefit a wide range of practitioners and active learners, whether entry-level engineers or transitioning into engineering management roles.

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8. Convex Optimization by Stanford University on edx

Stanford University offers this top-class program. Convex Optimization will recognize and solve the problems that arise in applications. The program is a short and crisp program that can be completed within 8 weeks. Ranging from convex sets, functions, and optimization problems; basics of convex analysis; least-squares, linear and quadratic programs, and semidefinite programming you will learn a  lot of topics.

This course should benefit anyone who uses or will use scientific computing or optimization in engineering or related work. It is a definite prerequisite to have basic knowledge of linear algebra and exposure to probability.

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9. A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations by Cornell university on edx

A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations is a top-rated program offered by one of the top ivy league universities- Cornell university. If you are looking for a complete practical program this is the right program for you. They teach you complete practical experiments and you will perform engineering simulations using a powerful tool from ANSYS, Inc.

This course teaches fundamental concepts and tool use in an integrated fashion using the power of online learning. The program is instructed by one of the top faculty of Cornell university- Rajesh Bhaskaran.

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10. Road Traffic Safety in Automotive Engineering by ChalmersX on edx

Safety is one of the most vital paths of a career for engineers. Even when the world has shifted to self-driving cars, traffic safety has become more challenging. The program covers all the topics like in-crash protective systems, collision avoidance, and safe automated driving.

Moreover, It includes methods to investigate the attitudes and behavior of drivers and other road users as well as recent solutions to improve active safety. This course is absolutely free but you have to pay a few bucks to get the certificate.

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