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Best edx Business Courses

edx is one of the top-rated online educational platforms where you can find excellent on-demand learning experiences. The highlight of this platform is it has a separate edx for business where you can learn valuable skills that would help you earn a considerable amount of money.  You can build practical skills that are essential for running companies as well as small businesses.

The platform comes with 400+ business and management skills courses to explore and choose the right course for you. So let me do half of the job for you; in this article, I have enlisted the top 10 business courses offered exclusively on edx. These courses are sponsored by top ivy league institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of technology and Harvard University. Further, the platform has also affiliated with companies like AWS and Microsoft to offer their top-notch programs instructed by industrial experts. This article covers all the vital topics from entrepreneurship, economics, finance, marketing, and product development to supply chain management and statistical analysis. So what are we waiting for? Let us jump right in!

1. Advance Your Career in Supply Chain Management by MIT on edx

Offered by the top ivy league university- Harvard, Advance your career in Supply Chain Management is a highly recommended program. If you have supply chain management in your business, this course will be of great help. You will learn all the methodologies like probability, statistics, optimization, which are necessary for a supply chain manager.

The program is a long program that can be completed in 1 year and five months if you have a dedication of 8-12 hours per week. Although it is not a single course, it comes with six graduate-level expert instructed programs. You will also learn how technology is used within supply chains.

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2. Agile Project Management by University of Maryland on edx

Agile Project Management is a top-rated program that will deliver innovative solutions to unleash your team’s potential. This course will help you become a great project manager who could get things done efficiently. The expert program is a five-skill-building course bundle that will take nearly five months to complete the program.

The program will be taught with real-life that case studies by placing reliance on the fields of Software, Aerospace, Finance, and Construction. After completing this program, you would have learned Scrum mechanics and translate other Agile frameworks such as SAFe, Disciplined, and LeSS. John Johnson instructs the program. He is a Strategic Program Manager of the University of Maryland.

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3. Corporate Finance by Columbia University on edx

If you want to make sound financial decisions for your company, this is a god-sent program for you. It is offered by none other than the top university- Columbia University in New York. After completing this program, you will make the best financial and investment decisions.

For the valuation framework, you will learn all the necessary topics like the valuation of stocks and bonds and evaluating investment opportunities to become a sound corporate finance consultant. You can become a professional in the fields of investment banking, private equity, consulting and general management,

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4. Business Model Innovation by Delft University of Technology on edx

To improve, sustain and grow your business, it is indispensable to have valuable skills. In this program, you will learn all the necessary tools to innovate your business model. It is an 8months course. You can complete the course in the stipulated time if you dedicate 2-4 hours per week.

Everything is covered in this program, from designing a new business model to evaluate your business model’s robustness towards trends and uncertainties. The Delft University of Technology offers the program, where experts from DelftX have designed this comprehensive program. This program is highly recommended because companies like Bosch even endorse it.

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5. Financial Decision-Making for Leaders by Babson on edx

If you are in a field where you are the leader, chances are you have to make sound financial decisions that would make you entirely responsible for the whole business. This is a four bundle program that can be completed within four months.

You can tackle complex problems with proper quantitative analysis taught by this top-rated program. Whether you are working within an organization or have your own business, this course is highly recommended. This is a valuable life skill that can be used anywhere in the professional world. Everything is covered in this program from funding, valuation, key performance metrics, financial forecasting, data analysis, and models of consumer choice and demand.

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6. Digital Transformation Leadership by Boston University on edx

Strictly this program is only for advanced students who have completed undergrad. This program is a micro master’s program offered by the top university from Boston- Boston Univ. It is a long program that will take nearly nine months to complete.

The program will not only stick to the concepts of agile development, but you will also learn techniques for oversight of rapid prototyping, experimentation, and risk management to manage digital projects. The program is tailored by 11 experts from Boston Uni, where one instructor is Darrell Griffin. He is the CEO and President of the top platform- PerformancE edge.

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7. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Quantitative Tools for Quality and Productivity by Technical University of Munich on edx

This is not a micro master program; it is a top-rated professional certificate to help you earn the yellow belt certificate in Six Sigma. Don’t worry; this is not some karate belt program. The Six Sigma methodology is a powerful analytical and management tool highly endorsed in the business world. This course is highly recommended.

The main aim of this program is to motivate employees and improve quality and productivity. The credibility of this course is high since it is affiliated with the TUM School of Management Executive Education Center. Primarily this program is offered by the Technical University of Munich.

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8. Project Management by Rochester Institute of Technology on edx

This is not yet another project management course. This program is a micro master’s program that will help you advance your career. In an industry where 1.5 million jobs are added yearly, it is necessary to stand out.

This program will give you all the necessary tools and techniques to manage the comprehensive project management life cycle for a project. The program comes with three courses and a final capstone exam for which you have to pass with good marks to receive the certificate. The program is offered by the Rochester Institute of Technology. The course is instructed by Leonie Fernandes and other industry specialists.

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9. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies by Harvard University on edx

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies is a normal top-rated program offered by Harvard University. The course can be completed in just 6 weeks if you dedicate 3-5 hours per week. The program is absolutely free and you have to pay some money to get the certificate affiliated with Harvard Univ.

With more than half a million students enrolled, this program is a top beginner-level program that will teach you awareness of the opportunities for entrepreneurship in fast-growing emerging markets. This program is highly recommended if you are not looking for length programs.

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10. Corporate Innovation by the University of Queensland on edx

Corporate Innovation is yet another micro master’s program offered by the University of Queensland. It is one of the top-rated universities in Australia. This expert-level program will take around 11 months to complete. The program will give you an evidence-based approach to having innovation for your company.

You will learn innovative processes and commercialize new technologies, products, and services which is vital for all the businesses in the current period. The program is offered with real-life case studies. You can escape the boredom of constant lectures. Many industrial experts instruct the programmers out of which Anna Jenkins is considered to be the top Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at this university.

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