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Best Drawing Courses Online Free

The word Drawing brings a smile to every lip as it is one of the most relaxing and sort of hobbies that anyone can pursue. Drawing can be taken as a career too by those who are really talented in the art. It helps the imagination to fly wide and reach destinations that may be unattainable in reality. The mind becomes active when the hand represents the thoughts inside the mind. The inspiration for most of the drawings would be from the surroundings. It helps develop the brain activity keeping it fresh, coordination of the eye and hand, and conceptualization of ideas arising inside the brain. The importance of drawing is that it enhances the ability to think and improves the creativity inside the artist. The person would be aware of the positioning of shapes, use of strokes, and improving logical thinking and ultimately making the brain remain healthy.

The time taken for the creation can be comforting for adults and can take them away from worries and anxieties transported to a better quality of living with a sense of self-satisfaction, confidence, and the sagacity of triumph. The people with artistic talent are found to be sharper than those without it. The way of expression through art is something unique and the appearance of facts and ideas that cannot be taken away. The expression through words may be more complex than expression through art. Art is interlinked with life in all walks, it can’t be avoided, and it is ubiquitous. The sense of goodness increases in the presence of art allowing opening our minds and heart to change and to accept anything positively.

Art is made use of in many ways in different sectors. Be it for campaigning, self-expression, modeling, designing, creating posters for awareness, and many other society improvement activities.

Scientifically, drawing is the art that makes use of pencils, pens, charcoals, and other drawing tools to deliver an illustration of talent as well for putting forward a career using drawing. The career options may be designing, architecture, interior planning, animation, or artist as a job. Drawings can be traced back to the past from the period of early humans like cave paintings to drawing on walls, clothes, using charcoal, vegetable sources, and other natural means. The present-day art is so much advanced that it has been done making use of technology. Drawings can be of vivid ranges; illustrator, artist, graphic designer, advertisement creator, animator, and so forth. 

A variety of drawing classes are available online to pursue drawing as a hobby. Online classes are available for the ease of taking the classes for those who are following any other profession.

1. Basic Skills – Getting Started with Drawing by Skillshare

The art of drawing is something that can be achieved through clear tricks and practice. The course led by Brent Eviston delivers the basic skills to understand the basics of art and the techniques of designing. The program is designed such that each of the basics is delivered one by one slowly and sequentially. The class is succeeded by a project for the learner to test the understanding of the skill taught. The correct positioning and use of pencil in the right way, the method of drawing shapes, and analyzing any subject of drawing in the form of simple shapes are included in the initial classes. The way of teaching is lucid and understandable so that the learning process becomes easier. The providers claim to teach the very special techniques which are not possible for them to acquire from any other similar outer sources. There is a complete series of drawing along with shading programs to be followed to move from the basics to the higher levels. The course offers tips to improve shading, facial expression, contouring, identifying proportions, and volume building into the figure that has been created.

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2. Improve Anime Drawings with Leonardo DaVinci Method by Udemy

How exciting it would be to draw like DaVinci! The way to enhance the drawing skills like Leonardo would be irresistible for anyone interested in drawing. The course aims at improving the skills to draw anime. The guidelines provided by the providers seem to use a much similar technique to that of Leonardo. It has produced excellent results as per the reviews from the previous learners. Those who are beginners interested in drawing and those who would like to enhance their already existing skills can decide on the course in the first place.

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3. Computer Graphics by UC San Diego on edx

The course can be considered a bit higher with reference to the drawing. Graphics is the technique used to create three-dimensional drawings. Graphics in computers is the life of today’s technology. It has become a crucial part of every activity related to computers, be it; games, movies, designing, or imaging. The fundamentals of the graphics are included in the program, to begin with, the viewing of an object from space. Programming languages are found positioned in further classes with the help of mathematics. 3D scenes are controlled to produce customized scene viewing.  Ultimately superior quality realistic images are created by the learner with shadows and reflections along with a strong foundation of computer graphics. They’ll enable all these qualities in just 6 weeks which is categorized into 4 parts of Basic Math, Transformations, Lighting, and Raytracing. The learner who has passed out successfully would even be awarded a certificate from UC San DiegoX.

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4. Drawing Lessons for Beginners by Kline Creative

The instructor John C. Kline, a Fine Arts graduate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts is dedicated to lending a free hand to those who aspire to be an expert in drawing.  He himself has been a professional for years and is for sure an excellent teacher to put across the essentials of drawing for a beginner. He emphasizes the 2D works and the medium on which the learner is interested to move further. He trains in using charcoals, pastels, and methods of printmaking and coarse drawing.

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5. Pencil Portrait Drawing by Artyfactory

The course explained here is aimed specifically to understand the basics of drawing an eye. An eye is one of the most important expression factors in a picture, be it an animal or human. The feelings and emotions are well said through the eyes. The coaching is to make the learner understand the tricks and tips to be followed to draw an eye. The method is cut into 4 chunks of matter for better and deeper understanding. Each step is explained with utmost care and precision to make sure the learner is completely involved in the learning process. Beginning with the work at the eyelids through the iris, lashes, shapes, shadowing, shading, lower eyelids, and eyebrows and to complete it with the exact expression of what was meant by the artist. The ultimate glistening to the pupil is provided to be the cream of all. Such an inspirational one that can turn any beginner into an expert is a must choose from the lot.

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6. Introduction to Traditional Drawing by Drawspace

What all modernization happens, the importance and value of tradition can never be forgotten. Similar is the case with traditional drawing techniques. The free course of 5 weeks will surely help improve the basic skills to improve the drawing. The traditional ways of drawing with special stress on shading, bordering, outlining, and all the necessary skills to develop a drawing will be acquired through the course. The instructor is no small personality at all; Brenda Hoddinott is an international figure in drawing, who had been in the field for quite a long period being an educator, designer of the art curriculum, creator of art instructions books, and an award-winning artist. So what is the wait for! Go for it.

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7.  Draw with Pen and Ink by Free Online Art

The art of drawing itself is a promise to oneself, so it will be more deep and dedicated when it is done with pen and ink. The course takes the learner through various levels of understanding while dealing with pen and ink in drawing. It not only improves the drawing skills but also enhances the confidence of the artist, as the line once drawn with ink cannot be erased or changed. So the training here begins with pencil practice. Slowly drawing over with pen and gradually moving on to the permanent drawing with ink and pen. They also introduce to the vivid pen ranges and their specialties that have to be utilized for the work.

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8. Interactive Computer Graphics by University of Tokyo on Coursera

Drawing using a computer can be termed in a modernized way as graphics. The better the visualization will be with the creativity of the artist. The tools that are required to do the work in computer and to research in the related domain are included in the course. The rationales and algorithms which form the foundation are introduced to the learner. The student is sure to gain the abilities to perform 3D Computer graphics, 3D animations, handling computer-supported design systems, grip up with algorithms, robotics, and 2D graphics too.

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9. Design: Creation of Artfacts in Society by University of Pennsylvaniya on Class Central

Designing is the ultimate version of the drawing. A designer has to be an artist at an initial stage. Drawing skills enhance the designing abilities of an individual. The theories and practical features of the course are detailed with learning materials and lecturing sessions. The course follows a wide range of sectors of involvement as designing, graphics, apparel, engineered goods, and architecture. The basics of the course can be applied to any desired field of business. The course is designed to benefit beginners as well as professionals in their own required ways.

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10. Pictures of Youth: An Introduction to Children’s Visual Culture by University of York on Future Learn

 The need for children to have a better understanding of visual analysis is extremely significant. The course is an insightful program into the opening of the accepted kinds of visual culture for the youth including children.  There would be a better understanding of children’s picture books and comics. The vast assortment of works in the field and their interpretation techniques and how they need to be visualized and accepted are also included during the course of study.

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